The Papillion Police Department is trying to keep up with innovative technologies.

Papillion Officer Pat Nastase said the department is in the beginning stages of partnering with the Ring and Neighbor apps in an effort to help combat crime.

Nastase said the department has been thinking about partnering with the applications for around two months and needs to schedule a webinar with Ring to hash out logistics of how the applications work.

Ring is a video doorbell device a homeowner installs and connects to their home Wi-Fi network.

The application sends real-time notifications to a smart phone or tablet when someone is at the door.

Neighbors is another app made by Ring that utilizes video footage from ring doorbells and iOS or Android devices.

The Neighbors application works by taking the user’s address to create a radius around their home.

If anyone shares an alert in that radius about a crime or safety hazard, any user within that radius will receive a notification on their phone or tablet.

Users of Neighbors can customize the geographic area they want to receive notifications for (users must verify where they are located and cannot participate in other neighborhoods).

Nastase said the ability to access the resources of the community as another means to solve crime is what drew the Papillion Police Department to the applications.

He said these applications can help in combating crimes such as theft, general criminal mischief and help keep track of severe weather events.

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