Hey kids, did you see Saturday’s Husker game? That was fun, wasn’t it?

You might have heard stories from your parents or from grandma and grandpa, but that used to be the way Nebraska played all the time. Did you know the Huskers won at least nine games every year for 33-straight years? And they would beat teams like a gazillion to three?

What’s that, Billy? Yes, I know Nebraska has won just nine games in two years, but why don’t you get off coach Scott Frost’s back, OK? Were you watching Saturday? Did you see all the young players out there making plays? There are good things coming, I’m tellin’ ya.

Back in the day, the Blackshirts played like they did against Maryland just about every week. They’d pick off passes, gather up fumbles and sack quarterbacks all the time. It was fun.

You’re way to young to remember, but back before the Big Ten Conference, Nebraska played in something called the Big 8. At the end of every season, the Big Red faced its most fierce rival, the Oklahoma Sooners. Now, that was a real rivalry, always playing for a conference championship, playing to see who’s No. 1 in the country. Nothing like Friday’s “Heroes Game” against Iowa.

Speaking of Iowa, did you know they grow more corn there than in Nebraska? It’s true. Anyway, Iowa is 8-3 and have beaten the Huskers four years in a row. That’s sad, isn’t it?

The Hawkeyes don’t do real well on offense as they only average 23 points a game. They don’t run the ball very well, but have a really good quarterback named Nate Stanley. On defense, though, Iowa is really, really good — one of the best in the country. The Huskers aren’t going to score 54 points again, that’s for sure.

OK, kids, raise your hands if you think Nebraska is going to win. Go ahead, don’t be shy. Noah? Abby? Oh, ye of little faith. There was a time the Huskers went to a bowl game every year, and Nebraska has to win Friday to go to a bowl game this year. But I think you’re right — the only bowling this season for Nebraska will be the kind with 10 pins and rented shoes.

Iowa 27, Nebraska 17.

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