Spikers gets new look, new owners

Katie and Jake Corton aim to bring a new reputation of family friendly, community focused service as the new owners of Spikers, a sports bar and grill.

If there is one thing new owners Jake and Katie Corton seek to bring to Spikers it is a sense of new.

The Cortons, who took ownership of the sports bar and grill on Husker Drive in October, said that they aim to continue to provide the excellent service found at Spikers while creating a new reputation for being family friendly, community driven and a great place to be.

Jake worked for national restaurant chain Texas Roadhouse for 12 years, serving as a partner in the 156th an Dodge streets location for the past four years.

He said that it was through his time at Roadhouse that he learned business owners can be both a successful business and a part of the community.

“I’ve always been more motivated by the community relationships than the business side of things,” he said.

Katie, who worked alongside Jake at Roadhouse, said that the two had played sand volleyball at Spikers in the past, which is where they learned about the restaurant becoming available.

“We just decided to go on our own,” she said.

The Cortons have made only a few changes to the interior, deciding to repaint the restaurant to create a more warm and friendly environment, something they hope will attract people from all walks of life.

“We want to reinforce that this is a place you can come for a good dining experience,” Jake said.

He said that whether it be a family dinner, Little League baseball banquet, or just a place to watch a playoff game, Spikers is ready and waiting to serve.

Another change is the launch of a new menu, which Jake said would be coming within the following weeks.

The new menu will be a build-your-own type, Jake said.

He gave the example of a hamburger, chicken sandwich or crispy sandwich. Patrons can pick and choose their toppings and create their own unique meals.

“It gives people the ability to create their own entrees and personal favorites,” Jake said.

He said that Spikers will also keep an eye out for reoccuring favorites or “ultimate” burgers that may get some lucky customer a sandwich named after his or herself.

“You never know where that stuff can go,” he said.

The Cortons will also be updating Spikers sand volleyball, with the spring season beginning on March 10.

“I know people are getting anxious,” Katie said.

She said that some of the updates are bringing back six-on-six games, as well as four-on-four.

“And the players will get nightly drinking specials all night long,” she said.

Katie said they will also be hosting six on six tournaments.

She said that as former players, she and Jake know what it’s like to be on the other side of the experience and what can entice players to come back.

“It’s good to appreciate the players,” she said.

Katie said that Spikers is also more than happy to help any charity or nonprofit event, as well as host corporate picnics, family gatherings or even cater.

She said to look for summer updates, with a potentail volleyball Business Bash tournament between Gretna businesses, concerts and a barbeque cook off.

Jake said that the business also aims to create more weekly events that people can look forward to such as a karoake or card night.

“That’s our goal, that’s our vision,” he said.

The two said that they greatly appreciate the warm welcome they have already received within the Gretna Community.

“Since being in Gretna, it’s by far the most inviting, friendly environment I’ve ever been in,” Jake said.

“It’s a very friendly community, and we’re glad to be a part of it,” added Katie.

To show that appreciation, Jake said that residents can bring in a clipping of this article and receive a free appetizer.

“Come on in and see us,” he said.

For more information on Spikers, go to SpikersVolleyball.com or visit Spikers Sports Spirits on Facebook.

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