Passion for health drives gyms to help

Derek Hummel stands with new equipment at his gym, Hummel Health & Fitness. The gym recently doubled its size and equipment to better serve members.

With the start of a new year comes many a new year's resolution, a large portion of which focus on living healthier.

Local gym owners and trainers are eager and passionate to help Gretna residents who have made such goals, but not just for a healthy body, but a healthy life.

“It's not sales, it's not signing new members, it's getting people healthy,” said Anytime Fitness owner Paige Peterson.

Peterson said that Anytime, 11863 South 216th Street, has a variety of options for new and current members, including free weights, weight machines, six day boot camps, yoga classes and a variety of cardio machines, along with two trainers there to assist as needed.

She also said that new members can take advantage of paying $10 a month for the next three month, which includes a free fitness consultation. Additionally, all classes are included in the membership.

A new class the gym offers is a 12 week running course, which can either be taken on a treadmill or followed on a written program. Through the course, members will hopefully reach the goal of being able to run a 5K while on a treadmilll.

mill “Because obviously it's too cold to get outside,” Peterson added.

Peterson said that Anytime is unique in its smaller membership and focus on the small goals and victories, even something like coming to the gym is a victory she said.

“I'm not into selling memberships, I'm selling a lifestyle,” she said.

One way of helping members keep a healthy lifestyle is through accountability.

“If you join this gym and don't go for awhile, you're gonna hear from us,” Peterson said.

She said that the current nationwide gym attrition — or exit rate — is 54 percent and that Anytime seeks to lower that through calling members and reminding them of why they joined: to get healthy.

Peterson took over the Gretna Anytime Fitness in March and also runs one in her hometown of Oakland, Neb. However, in that short time she has come to greatly appreciate the town and its people.

“I have absolutely fallen in love with the people who've walked in,” she said. “I can't wait to help people.”

She said that it's through this appreciation of the town and passion for health that she is driven to continue to serve the people of Gretna.

Another gym owner who has this passion is Derek Hummel of Hummel Health & Fitness, 20266 Patton Street.

“My biggest thing is to reintroduce myself to Gretna,” Hummel said.

HHF opened its doors in September, but has already doubled its work space to 4,000 square feet to include new dumbbells and weight machines.

“I'm here to help everybody achieve their goals,” Hummel said.

He said his gym is unique in its small group, garage style training abilities, recently adding a second trainer to facilitate more groups.

The focus is on the small groups, consisting of two to four people and varies in workouts from strength, resistance or bodyweight training. These groups meet three times a week for one month.

“To me, this is anything somebody needs to get optimal results,” Hummel said.

“If your goal is to change your lifestyle, we can help.”

He said the small groups work in building accountability while eliminating the intimidation factor that can be found when going to a larger gym. The groups also provide more individualized training as the trainer is always present and active when exercises are taking place.

Additionally, HHF is also looking to help Gretna High School athletes with athletic training.

“Gretna didn't have anything like that,” Hummel said.

He said providing such services helps teenagers from driving further away for the same training.

The gym also provides cardio kickboxing and a 5 a.m. boot camp and in the summer can become an open air gym.

“This is my life, this is what I love to do,” Hummel said on helping others.

He said he gets a reward from seeing people walk out of the gym happy and a bit healthier.

“You leave with a sense of accomplishment,” he said.

For more information on the two gyms, Peterson said to check out Anytime Gretna on Facebook or find the gym on, while Hummel welcomes people to check out

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