Toni: The controversial water cooler


Most people would agree that updating anything is for the best.

America is all about getting the new and improved versions of everything, right?

However, my coworkers have struggled this week with one of the smallest of changes.

Last Friday we got a new water cooler, and it has caused a real uproar.

While I am in favor of the new and, in my opinion, improved water cooler, others wholeheartedly disagree with me.

They are all under the impression that the water doesn’t taster better, or at least the old water tasted good enough. They are also having a real issue with the rate in which their bottles and cups are being filled.

A certain staff writer – *cough,* Vince Mancuso *cough, cough* – even took the time to figure out how long it takes to fill his 750 millileter water bottle.

I don’t know about you, but 22.04 seconds doesn’t seem too bad to me. (Patience is a virtue, folks.)

Also, apparently the fact that the new cooler is a darker color it makes it harder to see where the water comes out. (Excuse me while I roll my eyes.)

The only argument I do agree with is that the water is on the warm side. However, it has been confirmed by two people that we are getting another new machine tomorrow to hopefully fix that issue.

Let’s hope this water cooler doesn’t cause a revolt.

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