Drew McIntyre performs as The Great Drewdini magician Aug. 17 at Bellevue Little Theatre’s Bellevue’s Got Talent.

When they’re not writing essays or taking tests, students are embarking on extracurricular activities to awaken their special skills.

With one magician and one longtime soccer player, two St. Bernadette students have showcased their talents on stage and on the field.

Drew McIntyre

Second grader Drew McIntyre was in New York when he discovered the magic kit that changed his life.

“I started performing and found out I liked it,” Drew said. “I liked that I could amaze people.”

He now performs as the Great Drewdini with his mother, Becky, as his assistant.

“She brings out props and that kind of stuff,” Drew said of his mom.

He’s performed all across the area, including his debut at the Bellevue Little Theatre’s Bellevue’s Got Talent in August.

“I like the cheering, applause,” Drew said of performing in front of crowds.

Drew has also performed in front of different classrooms at St. Bernadette, and even took part in a theater workshop at BLT, where he discovered his love for performing in front of large crowds.

Some of his favorite tricks include card tricks and walk around magic.

In the future, Drew plans to continue working on new tricks and performing in front of people.

Ruby Macias

Though eighth-grader Ruby Macias didn’t make the cut to join one Omaha-based soccer team, it didn’t stop her love for the game.

Macias has played soccer for about nine years, and started to play with an Omaha United Soccer Club boys team, which she is still on.


Ruby Macias, right, faces an opponent at a soccer game. Macias, an eighth grader at St. Bernadette Catholic School, has been playing soccer for around nine years.

“I like that I can take out my problems [through soccer],” she said. “It’s a stress reliever for me.”

Along with playing with Omaha United, Macias has also helped out with secondary teams or clubs.

Over the summer, Macias tried out for another secondary team and didn’t make the cut.

But another team, Nebraska Fútbol Club, who Macias said is “one of the best in Omaha,” scouted Macias.

“I heard they wanted me on the team and that was exciting,” she said. “It filled me up because I was really sad for a couple of weeks.”

The team instantly welcomed Macias, she said, and were confident in her assisting in a tournament in Chicago.

“There were about 23 teams in our age group division and we got third place,” she said. “We even beat one of Chicago’s top teams. I would say I played rather well.”

In Chicago, Macias was even scouted during the team’s third game, which she said was a great feat for her since “not many girls my age get scouted.”

Macias said she plans on continuing playing with her main team and secondary teams, as well as try out for high school and college teams.

“Chicago was a good experience with getting to know the team more, because I had only been with them a couple months,” she said. “I like how they’re together as a family and they’re really hyper — I’ve never met a team as hype as them.”

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