Though being sun-kissed and breathing in the salty sea isn’t always an option for Midwesterners, they can still lounge back with their toes in the sand.

Earlier this month, Canvas Salon and Day Spa opened Bellevue’s only salt therapy room.

The salt room, which has pink Himalayan salt sand floors, is designed to provide wellness benefits from to those who book a salt therapy room session.

From mental health and respiratory conditions to skin benefits, the new spa addition has a lot to offer, said Erin Jenkins, owner and hairstylist at Canvas Salon and Day Spa.

The idea to put the salt room in sparked when Jenkins was looking for a healthy way to help her son who suffers from cystic fibrosis, a chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system.

With salt that widens airways and breaks up mucus, Jenkins thought it was perfect for her son.

According to the Salt Therapy Association, people who partake in salt therapy get relief from respiratory conditions.

“I did some research and saw it’s great for him particularly, but it’s also great for anyone who has allergies, asthma or COPD,” Jenkins said.

The Salt Therapy Association also said it helps people who struggle with depression or anxiety as well as skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and anyone looking for better skin in general.

Here’s how it works: a halo generator crushes and grinds medical-grade sodium chloride into a fine powder which then is dispersed into the air through vents. The salt is then inhaled which helps combat respiratory issues. Particles not inhaled land on the skin.

During a salt therapy session, which is safe for all ages, Jenkins said, visitors just need to lay back in the chairs and relax.

“It provides you with 45 minutes of nothing,” she said “It’s a great place to pray or meditate or just unwind, take a nap and decompress.”

The room is a technology-free zone to help visitors become completely relaxed without the distraction of their devices, Jenkins said.

Though the initial goal was to help her son, Jenkins said she is excited to offer salt therapy to people in the community.

“I started off just looking for healthy options for Tyler and now I know I can provide healthy options for lots more people,” she said.

While the room is new and still attracting first-time users, Jenkins said she has received nothing but positive feedback.

“My whole vision for the salon has always been to provide a place of health and wellness,” she said “It’s an exciting new thing that we can offer here locally. Everyone should give it a try.”

Canvas Salon and Day Spa is located at 11513 S. 42nd St. #200. To book an appointment in the salt therapy room, call 402-932-5959.

Email: Phone: 402-537-4849

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