Cindy Downing presented at the Bellevue Public Library to educate the community on her animal communication abilities Saturday. Downing performed readings on several photos of animals and was able to tell pet owners what their animal was saying.

Cindy Downing visited the Bellevue Public Library Jan. 11 to do some reading.

Except this reading did not involve books.

Instead, Downing, a psychic medium, looked at guests’ pet photos to let owners know what their animal was thinking.

Downing said in an interview she has had her abilities since childhood when she began talking to animals.

She can do readings in person, over video chat or from a photograph.

“I grew up Catholic so my parents would tell me, ‘No, don’t do that,’ and that it wasn’t real,” Downing said.

It wasn’t until 20 years ago when Downing was diagnosed with breast cancer that her abilities started to manifest again.

Downing said through her abilities she learned that her now deceased parents accept her gift and she knows her siblings are open to the idea of her talents being true.

Downing has talked to animals of all shapes and sizes, alive or dead, fur or no fur, from dogs to iguanas.

There are some instances where Downing prefers to do a reading of an animal from a photo instead of meeting them in person.

Snakes, for example, are a personal fear for Downing.

“I think if someone were to bring me an actual snake and it was in my presence I would be more nervous,” Downing said.

When talking to animals, Downing said she gets goosebumps.

“That’s my sign from them that what I am saying at that exact moment is what they want the person to know,” Downing said.

Downing gets the emotions from the animal she is reading reflected back to her and gets a general gut feeling when reading them.

“I do hear them, not in my ears but in my head,” she said. “People ask me if I hear different tones and I say, ‘No, it’s all the same tone.’ ”

Downing said she has skeptics, but she does not concern herself with convincing them that her abilities are real.

“I feel like I am here to plant the seeds of the possibility that animal communication is real,” Downing said.

This was the first time Downing has done a demonstration at a library.

She said she was pleased with the turnout Saturday and would be open to come back to the library.

Downing did readings of dogs, cats and two horses Saturday.

“I read the photo of the horse and the first thing that came to me was the horse said it did not like the photo,” Downing said.

“The horse’s person then admitted she did not like the photo either but only picked it because I asked for photos where both eyes were visible.”

Downing lives in Papillion. For more information about her services, visit whisperinmyear.net.

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