B Pay hikes for the mayor and City Council. If those making the decision (the current City Council) believe more money means a broader and more qualified pool of candidates will want to serve Bellevue and its residents, then by all means vote yes for the pay increase. If those making the decision believe a pay hike is justified and needed because the current wage could use a boost for the long hours and headaches that come with holding office, then a yes vote is in order. Bellevue is facing a number of difficult decisions about its future and there are issues upon issues that need to be addressed. Ample pay for those making those decisions is the right thing to do.

C- Super Bowl. Too many penalties. Too many field goals. Too many lousy commercials. No wonder I caught 40 winks on the couch.

Presidential election campaigning. Donald criticizes Ted, Ted criticizes Marco, Marco criticizes Jeb, Jeb criticizes Donald . . . I’m curious as to how the bickering benefits America. What I find fascinating about presidential politics is every candidate promises us the moon, but we know those promises mean little unless Congress buys in. The day these same candidates quit speaking in sound bites is the day Americans come out on top.

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