Bill Jacobs and Frances Revord gather at Hastings Banner Park for a family celebration June 29. Jacobs, 71, and Revord, 97, are son and mother and met for the first time after Jacobs found out about his biological mother through a DNA test.

At 97 years old, Frances Revord met her biological son for the first time in 71 years.

After receiving a letter in January from Bill Jacobs, who lives in Michigan, she found out about the baby she gave up for adoption in 1947.

“I was happy when he sent me a letter,” she said. “I wrote a letter, but my handwriting was so bad I put it on my computer and typed it.”

Now residing at Heritage Ridge assisted living, Revord met Jacobs for the first time at a large family gathering Saturday at Hastings Banner Park.

Along with Revord’s family, Jacobs brought his wife, Janine; his two daughters, Angie and Jen; and his grandson, Jake.

“I feel absolutely fantastic,” Jacobs said of meeting Frances and the rest of his large family June 29.

After taking an ancestry DNA test out of curiosity a few years ago, Jacobs received a surprise message in December 2018

“I didn’t know anything about my father and other than an assumption, I didn’t know anything about my mother,” he said. “We were contacted by a couple gentlemen in Minnesota and they said they were doing research based on the DNA database, and they thought I was a cousin of theirs.”

And as it turned out, the two gentlemen in Minnesota and Jacobs found out they were much more than that.

“We share a father and I’m their half-brother,” Jacobs said.

In the 1940s, Revord was working in Detroit assembling planes for World War II.

Following her time in the workforce, she traveled home to Minnesota. Soon after, she found herself pregnant and knew she wanted to give the baby a better home.

“I could not take a baby home — my mother was taking care of my eldest son from the first marriage, so when I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was going to give it away,” she said.

“I never told my mom I was pregnant. I told her I was going back to Detroit to work, and she said, ‘Fine,’” Revord said.

Revord’s mother, however, did find out because her baby’s father wrote her mother a letter confessing everything.

Seven decades later, Revord said she feels “terrific” meeting Jacobs, her grandchildren and daughter-in-law.

Revord has 10 children — three of whom have passed away.

When Revord found out she was pregnant, she moved back to Michigan because she didn’t want her mother to find out.

Jacobs said he was happy to hear of Revord’s good health.

“I’m thankful for her and the decision she made back when she had me and gave me up for adoption, because I was adopted by a phenomenal family,” he said. “I wanted to let her know that the decision she made by giving me life was a great decision.”

Revord said meeting Jacobs was a great time for her.

“(I was) happy to meet him for the first time and have the kids all meet their new brother,” she said.

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