B- College football schedules. As I was glancing at the Huskers’ upcoming slate of games, why is it teams are already scheduled 10 years from now (Oklahoma in 2029)? While Oklahoma, Arizona and Tennessee may be the exception to the long-range planning, is it really necessary to have South Dakota State (2024), Akron (2025) and North Dakota (2026) locked in this far in advance? No wonder there are so many blah games on Power 5 teams’ schedules.

D Green arrow to turn right. This must be the all-time most complicated rule of the road. How is it so many drivers sit still when the traffic signal flashes the green arrow that allows one to turn without stopping? Yes, we should all proceed with caution, but that doesn’t mean come to a complete stop before proceeding. It’s no wonder people lean on their horns. And while I’m at, I believe all cars come with a device called a turn signal, and they can be used to let other drivers know you plan on turning one way or another.

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