A+ KidSpeak. One of my favorite features in the Bellevue Leader returns today on Page 7 with fifth-graders from Twin Ridge Elementary. We’ve been doing KidSpeak for more than a dozen years and I look forward to its return each and every school year.

A Cha Cha Slide. Bellevue Public Schools may not have set a world record last week on the Bellevue West football field, but the fact 2,600 folks showed up to shuffle their feet is amazing in itself. I do have a question: How in the world did the folks in Blackpool, U.K. manage to get 3,231 dancers together at one time?

F Commercials during college football games. Is it really necessary to have seven commercials every time there’s a change of possession? I understand the need for the networks to make money, but seven commercials between plays is a bit too much.

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