A+ Lou Bozak. Congratulations on your upcoming induction into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame along with Dan Morrissey. I remember those early days of Bozak and Morrissey in the 1970s, making my way to the Wine Cellar in the Old Market to hear my cousin’s band, then over the next four decades fighting crowds at Arthur’s, the Ranch Bowl and in recent year the Ozone just to get in to hear some of the best music in the metro area. A few years back Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band told us rock ‘n’ roll never forgets, and I’m extremely happy for you and Dan that the folks with the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame didn’t forget how great Bozak and Morrissey has been to the state’s music scene.

B Kansas City Chiefs fans. While you are no where near annoying as Cubs fans, it was fun watching all the posts on Facebook leading up to and after the Super Bowl win over the 49ers. Congratulations, and here’s hoping it’s not another 50 years before you celebrate again.

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