Andrea Maupin, who’s worked in the Bellevue Public Schools district for 40 years, is retiring this year to be with her family.

After 40 years in the Bellevue Public Schools district, Andrea Maupin is leaving behind many positions and many memories.

Maupin started as a teacher at Peter Sarpy Elementary in August 1979. She’s taught first, second, fifth and sixth grade during her 23 years as an educator.

She also worked for the district on the curriculum team, assessment team and is finishing her tenure on the technology team.

Family is the main reason Maupin decided to retire this year.

“I love my job, and I could go another 10 years if they’d keep me,” she said.

“My husband retired last year, I have five grandkids in town, my elderly mother is here in town and healthy, so I just decided to spend time with all of them and move on.”

Maupin said she loved working for BPS because all the relationships she’s formed over the years.

“When I was in the classroom, it was relationships with the students and their families, and as I came down here it became more relationships with adults,” she said.

“I trained teachers, secretaries, so I really get a chance to work with quite a few of our staff members. That’s what I’ll miss the most.”

Aside from missing relationships, Maupin said she’ll miss staying busy.

“I’ll miss the mental challenge,” she said. “Every day I learn something I didn’t know the day before.”

Maupin plans to travel more, exercise and do volunteer work.

Maupin said she loves BPS because of its strive for excellence.

“No two days are ever the same and we just constantly strive to get better and better,” she said. “It was fun to watch that all 40 years. I’m grateful for all the opportunities BPS gave me.”

Below is a list provided by the school district of BPS teachers and staff retiring after 15-plus years:

Sheila Ahlers, 28 years, Peter Sarpy Elementary fifth grade teacher.

Philip Alcocer, 26 years, Bellevue East High School science teacher.

Mark Benson, 29 years, Mission Middle School instrumental music teacher.

Lisa Bethel, 33 years, Wake Robin Elementary reading teacher.

Monica Brown, 17.5 years, Birchcrest Elementary ECSE para.

Alma Carter, 16 years, Central Elementary EDC site leader.

Deanna Deegan, 33 years, Central Elementary reading teacher.

Russell Ehrlich, 19 years, Fairview Elementary school psychologist.

Mary Fripp, 18 years, Two Springs Elementary reading teacher.

Marlene Furne, 34 years, Fort Crook Elementary reading teacher.

Cathy Hansen, 15 years, Peter Sarpy Elementary special education teacher.

Lori Henderson, 15 years, LeMay Elementary fourth grade teacher.

Pat Kousgaard, 18 years, Logan Fontenelle Middle School health para.

Cindy Kueffer, 21 years, Fort Crook Elementary health para.

Kathleen Latta, 33 years, Welcome Center payroll specialist.

Warren Lough, 17 years, Wake Robin Elementary night custodian.

Andrea Maupin, 40 years, Welcome Center instructional facilitator.

Bob Nikunen, 21 years, Bellevue West High School English teacher.

Becky O’Hanlon, 26 years, Avery Elementary reading teacher.

Mary Pell, 20 years, Logan Fontenelle Middle/Leonard Lawrence Elementary food service and extended daycare.

Cheryl Roth, 20 years, Leonard Lawrence Elementary special education teacher.

Sheryl Schworer, 30 years, Birchcrest Elementary first grade teacher.

Cindy Seager, 17 years, Bellevue West High School math teacher.

Terry Shelsta, 15 years, Bellevue West High School science teacher.

Dave Shillinglaw, 29 years, Bellevue West High School business teacher.

Carey Smith, 20 years, Leonard Lawrence Elementary second grade teacher.

Julie Sorensen, 33 years, Bellevue West High School VOC career ed teacher.

Mary Wallingford, 32 years, Bellevue Elementary fourth grade teacher.

Rhonda Wiebers, 28 years, Fort Crook Elementary second grade teacher.

Kathy Wiekhorst, 32 years, Early Childhood ECSE teacher.

Cindy Willis, 24 years, Mission Middle School food service.

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