Eighth grader Callie Anderson, left, and ninth grader Evangelina Romesser work on developing characters during an RPG Club meeting Thursday at the Bellevue Public Library.

For teens looking to dive into a world full of adventure and creativity, the Bellevue Public Library has just the thing.

This year, the Bellevue Public Library introduced Role-Playing Game Club, a club where participants assume characters they’ve created in a fictional setting.

After creating characters, they play a role-playing game that can vary in genre from mythical to action/adventure.

Crystal Anderson, head of the young adult department at the library, said she is excited to have another club that sparks creativity.

Anderson said the club, open to teens who are in seventh through 12th grade, was introduced based on a need in the community.

After hearing from middle schools involved in role playing that high schools don’t offer the same outlet, she wanted to give them options.

“I was filling a need and it’s also another way for them to creatively engage with each other,” Anderson said. “I’m happy to start a new club based on that.”

The first meeting was held Thursday which members designed characters and were introduced to “Mutants & Masterminds,” a role-playing game that involves superheroes.

As the club progresses, participants will need to adjust their characters.

Now, each of their characters have superpowers, but as the club moves to another game such a “Dungeons & Dragons,” those same superpowers may not exist in that particular setting.

But whatever the setting is, Anderson is eager to see characters develop overtime.

“You can have a core part of your character and customize it as needed,” she said. “My favorite part is meeting new teens and coming together with a shared interest and being a part of that enthusiasm and watching them be creative.”

Beginners and experienced players are welcome to join, Anderson said.

“I hope we can have the kind of environment and structure where more experienced players can mentor the beginning players,” Anderson said.

“We understand that you may be starting out and we are prepared to do some RPG 101 with everybody.”

Regardless of experience, Anderson said the group is accepting to all.

“It a welcoming environment, there’s no judgment,” she said.

In addition to fun, RPG Club will provide a safe space for teens to explore their interests, Anderson said.

“There’s so many outlets as a teen, but accessibility can be an issue for expressing themselves. For example, writing fan fiction can be a great outlet, but there aren’t too many opportunities for engaging with peers in person,” she said.

“The library is happy to provide those opportunities and give them a community space for them to make friends, meet each other and just have an outlet to be creative and express themselves.”

Because the club is in the early stages, there is no set date and time for meetings. For more information on upcoming meeting times, call the library at 402-293-3157.

Bellevue Public Library is located at 1003 Lincoln Road.

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