Bellevue City Hall

The union for Bellevue’s police officers has dropped one of its complaints against the city of Bellevue related to the city’s investigations of union members and their activities.

Jason Cvitanov, a Bellevue Police Officer’s Association officer, and BPOA’s attorneys, Thomas McCarty and Gary Young, motioned to dismiss the Prohibited Practice Petition because Cvitanov and the city had reached an agreement, according to court documents. It was the second of two complaints filed with the NCIR after the city initiated investigations of union members and officers.

McCarty declined to comment due to the sensitivity of the cases.

BPOA’s first complaint against the city is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on April 21 and trial on April 29 at the NCIR’s office in Lincoln.

The saga started May 16, 2017, when McCarty and Young sent a memo to BPOA members warning them of the Bellevue Police Department’s internal investigation process. A copy of the memo was provided to the city, and on June 13, 2017, it initiated investigations into BPOA, its attorneys and union officers Cvitanov, John Stuck, Jr., Zeb Simones and Dontrell Ducker.

That prompted the union and its officers to file the first complaint with the NCIR. The city responded on June 20, 2017, with another investigation into the union, and more specifically Cvitanov, who was placed on administrative leave.

BPOA and Cvitanov filed a second complaint with the NCIR eight days later, and the NCIR ordered Cvitanov reinstated on July 10, 2017.

It is this second complaint, with a focus on Cvitanov, that he and the union attorneys asked to be dismissed.

Their motion was requested Aug. 13, which the commission granted and dismissed the case the next day.

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