Dracy, Danielle to Boettcher, Alexei R., 15312 Davidson St., $142,000.

Jergovic, Marc and Jessica to Najera, Carlos Jr. and Ramirez, Lucia, 7804 N. 154th St., $179,000.

Kruse, Derek S. and Dana L. to Holling, Jason and Karas, Justin, 9013 N. 157th St., $290,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska LLC to Miller, Jeffrey T., 16373 Mormon St., $300,000.

Reese, John D. and Sharon J. to Reese, Travis J. and Jene N., 20010 Military Road, $157,000.


Castle Brook Builders LLC to Kmiecik, Ronald M. and Katie J., 20618 Pine St., $70,000.

Dave Paik Builders Inc. to Peterman, Susan K., 18899 Marcy St., $230,995.

Fireside Construction Co. LLC to Haenggi, John P. and Jessica, 940 S. 184th Avenue Circle, $446,833.

Jacobsen, Azur and Hood, Adam to Brasch, Mark A. and Tiffany J., 20954 Greenbrier Drive, $208,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Prairies Homes Inc., 1903 S. 220th St., $85,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Thomas David Builders LLC, 1609 S. 219th St., $110,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. Inc. to Anthony Co. Builders LLC, 1507 S. 219th St., $100,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha LLC to Lin, Gary and Stephanie, 18340 Farnam St., $265,000.

Majestic Homes LLC to Going, Scott M. and Sara S., 23650 Laci St., $575,000.

Navarro, Ricardo and Lorrena C. to McIntosh, Laura, 1422 N. 209th St., $220,000.

Pacific Windgate II LLC to Castle Brooks Builders LLC, 20618 Pine St., $60,000.

Smith, Whitney D. to Gehrki, Bernard J. Sr. and Bernadette, 3419 S. 228th Terrace, $830,000.

Woodland Homes Inc. to Groteluschen, Cole W. and Kresky, Christina M., 19406 Ruggles Circle, $335,470.


Browning, William A. and Josephine M. to Cole, Everett W. and Nancy R., 203 N. East St., $45,000.


First State Bank to Home Building Consultants, 23431 Agee Lane, $26,800.


Burke, Brian E. to Urwin, Larry R. and Waters, Sue E., 6752 Seward St., $113,000.

Dierking, Andrew M. and Meredith E. to Leach, Edwar D. and Kathleen K., 5008 Bedford Ave., $95,200.


Egan, Christopher P. and Janez to Hall, Ethan and Sadie, 3116 Vinton St., $37,000.

Massmade LLC to Kowal, Christopher E. Jr. and Katharine T., 2610 S. 32nd St., $136,500.


Chohrach, James B. to Gottula, Bryan D., 4536 Marcy St., $124,900.

Glade, Alexander J. and Holly C. to Walker, Timothy W. and Jennifer B., 820 S. 54th St., $165,000.

Schleisman, Thomas W. and Janice L. to Schleisman, Timothy J. and Linda S., 2135 S. 49th Ave., $100,000.


Anzaldo, Sebastian A. and Janice M. to Brown, Victor and Jeffrica, 4213 S. 37th St., $138,000.

Bystrom Deborah L., personal representative to Housand, Charles and Pamela, 5015 S. 41st Ave., $20,000.

Papay, Cecile T. to Laughlin, Shawn, 4163 I St., $72,000.


Logue, Edna M. to Ashcraft, Brian G. Sr., 2450 S. 20th St., $20,000.

Naegele, Robert G. and Karen D. to Ceballos, Juan L. and Perez, Johanna, 2020 Oak St., $24,000.

Rodriguez, Charlene F. to Saathoff, Janelle A. and Karla M., 217 Center St., $22,000.


Banco Popular North America to Avail Holdings LLC, 2189 Parker Circle, $50,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Cotton, Helena M., 3918 N. 23rd St., $110,000.


Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Yi, Hla and Bu, Naw, 3186 Meredith Ave., $84,100.


Block Eugene R., personal representative to Huskins, Margie, 3313 King St., $72,000.

Huey, Jack L. and Johanna J. to Petsche, Scott, 8103 N. 29th St., $53,000.


Haller, Phyllis I. to Wheeler, Dennis L. and Marta K., 9312 Decatur Plaza Circle, $130,000.


Advantage Development Inc. to Gollehon, Steven R. and Kimberly K., 2206 N. 176th Ave., $379,000.

Barr Homes Inc. to Markise, Robert L. and Deborah A., 6406 N. 163rd St., $282,531.

Blondo Street Development LLC to Belt Construction Co. Inc., 2202 N. 176th Ave., $50,000.

Conkright, Todd A. and Jenifer [CQ] L. to Gatewood, James E., 15122 Camden Ave., $123,000.

Copper Ridge Development LLC to Eccles, Cary D., 5806 N. 157th Ave., $251,000.

Herlitzke, Cheryl A. and Jason L. to McKee, Janae L., 2917 N. 144th Terrace, $130,000.

Janssen, Philip S. to Kilgore, Alexander S., 14479 Saratoga St., $140,000.

Jensen, Anthoney J. and Kristy L. to Stehno, Richard N., 4314 N. 169th St., $133,500.

Kaurman, Lois R. and Stephen L. to Andrade, Camilo E. and Nohora M., 3315 N. 147th Court, $122,500.

Larsen, Charles E. Jr. and Kathy J. to Hebenstreit, Julia R., 2625 N. 155th St., $202,500.

Long, Douglas J. and Ann R. to Long, Robyn L. and Loos, Kyle E., 2919 N. 152nd St., $169,000.

Luth, Ronald W. and Betty A. to Engelhaupt, Kayla M., 16506 Burdette St., $129,500.

Moore, Jolita F. to Wiemer, Daniel A., 14818 Redman Ave., $178,500.

Nocita, John G. and Tina M. to Danker, Lynnsey and Hargens, Joseph, 4604 N. 148th St., $140,000.

Osborn, Janice R. to Allen, William E. and Charlene A., 5710 N. 157th Ave., $235,000.

Prust, Kevin L. and Deborah L. to Summers, Shannen M., 4736 N. 167th St., $172,000.

Sadat, Nasrin and Sayed to Karimi-Asl, Alexander, 3310 N. 147th Court, $111,000.

Wichman, Kevin and Brenda to Tiritilli, Eric and Stephanie, 4404 N. 154th St., $280,000.


Equicredit Corp. of America and Nations Credit Financial Services to Rodriguez, Leopoldo P., 5423 N St., $35,000.

Gilfillan, Lyle W. and Susan M. to McCormick, Shawn D., 5906 Weir St., $90,000.

Julian, Joey R. and Penny I. to Czerwinski, Mark and Michele, 4718 P St., $75,000.


Gyhra, Richard A. and Rose A. to Singh, Shailender and Sandhya, 16717 Mason Circle, $340,000.

Hansen, Jeff M. and Jodi M. to Anderson, Thomas M. and Jennifer S., 310 N. 163rd St., $286,000.


Carne, Bradley A. and Catharine G. to Douglas, Whitney R., 8335 Hanover St., $130,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Pipal, Cory E. and Michaela, 7328 N. 90th St., $132,400.

Daniel, Douglas S. to Johnson, Cassandra R. and Brian O., 7701 N. 80th St., $124,000.

Majeres, Jeremy M. to Thatcher, Ian, 7422 N. 107th St., $167,000.


Fosse, Kerry A. and Carol L. to Olson, Benjamin J. and Colleen L., 2319 Brookside Ave., $307,000.

Frantz, Mark R. and Chris L. to Tomlinson, Ryan L., 3229 S. 90th Ave., $119,000.

Roberts, John S. and Nancy to Daughton, Joan, 3622 S. 107th Avenue Circle, $171,900.


Lochiano, Stephen A. and Ellen J. to Lewis, David L. and Sheri, 10205 R St., $109,950.

Rankin, Gail L. to Schoening, Casey J. and Keith W., 5324 S. 106th St., $142,000.

United Equity LLC to Koskovich, Paul, 7625 Belmont Drive, $287,000.


Buddecke, Donald E. Jr. and Dana M. to Backhaus, Luke, 2024 S. 198th St., $227,000.

Johnson, Adam M. and Natalie N. to Assmann, Allan and Kelly, 2110 S. 186th St., $381,500.

Lane Building Corp. to Youngblood, Frederick C. and Myrick, Melissa R., 19715 Frances St., $232,000.

Rowe, Clinton and Amy to Dalka, Andy and Kelly, 16012 Dorcas St., $165,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Vaka, Jagan M. and Sappa, Durga P., 3704 S. 182nd St., $305,000.

Shoultz, Brandon W. and Kristi A. to Sedlacek, Robert A. and Susan K., 19261 Atlas St., $298,100.

Swanson, Shane D. and Motley, Michelle R. to Timmermier, Scott L., 2311 S. 166th St., $225,000.

US Bank to Chartier, Chase P. and Sally A., 2623 S. 166th Circle, $155,000.

Whit Smith Construction Inc. to Dermann, William K. and Sharon F., 1511 S. 198th Ave., $382,000.


Long Ball LLC to Price, Andre and Wesley, 130 N. 38th St., $145,000.


Schwietz, John L. to Olson, Stephen II, 5016 California St., $153,000.


Ali, Sharif H. to Lowry, Josh, 9732 Jaynes Circle, $109,000.

Bolejack, Ronald E. Sr. and Melissa A. to Lee, Randi and Joshua, 9911 Bedford Ave., $150,000.

Brown, Dody J. and Timothy J. to Kuta, Kasi L. and Fitzgerald, Jeremy M., 9442 Tomahawk Blvd., $98,000.

Jensen E S., personal representative for Jensen, Eileen S. to Jensen, Benjamin L. and Susanne, 4312 N. 85th Circle, $115,000.

Mazzeo, Genevieve L. to Lear, William K. and Lenae A., 3815 N. 100th Ave., $149,000.

Moyer, Rosalind R. to Schmitz, Shannon D., 4633 N. 83rd St., $115,000.

Tine, Jose L. and Carolina to Engelkamp, Hannah R., 4217 N. 100th St., $149,900.

Wells Fargo Financial Nebraska Inc. to CC Renovations LLC, 4941 N. 93rd Ave., $75,000.


Anderson, Ryan P. and Susan R. to Kuppili, Praveen and Guntuboyina, Sridevi N., 19506 W St., $162,000.

Becker, Nicholas D. and Alison J. to Wente, Danile J. and Julie A., 19410 V St., $142,500.

Hanks, Randall L. Trust to Kuch, Logan and Korcek, Brittany, 16312 R St., $200,000.

Neville, Amanda and Frank W. to Castle, Matthew P. and Kristina L., 19619 Gail Ave., $125,000.


Caneilli, Justin M. and Justine P. to Rodarte, Matthew C. and Tiara M., 14612 Jefferson St., $174,000.

Middleton, Marjorie J. to Peterson, Grant M. and Melissa S., 6615 S. 116th St., $185,500.


Allbery, John L. and Leslie S. to Peitzmeier, Joe A. and Diane R., 11816 Deer Creek Drive, $390,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Ryan, Kristopher M. and Webert, Kayla M., 7119 N. 142nd St., $200,900.

Deer Creek Holdings LLC to Vanecek, Troy E. and Ryan, Jillian L., 8201 N. 123rd St., $51,000.

Gleed, Kent J. and Lynne F. to Lillo, Joe and Joani, 7429 N. 124th St., $550,000.


French, Ronald L. and Donna E. to Conkright, Todd A. and Jenifer L., 1408 S. 126th St., $190,000.

Spanjer, Benedict L., trustee for Engberg, Juanita M. Trust to Spanjer, Jacob L., 13499 Kingswood Drive, $96,300.


Aobj LLC to Hochstein, Eric, 6825 State St., $225,000.


Groteluschen, Cole to Cushing, Joy L., 822 S. 122nd St., $204,000.

Vance, Jamie and Rusty A. to Brown, Daniel R. and Kathleen L., 15311 Wycliffe Drive, $155,000.


Chadwell, Michael A. and Gabrielle L. to Wolverton, Jeffrey D. and Carlson, Sarah M., 5622 N. 116th Circle, $126,500.

Howatt, Theresa J. to Sudbeck, Rory, 12666 Grand Ave., $105,000.

Krause, Cassandra L. and Paul W. to Schulenberg, Gary and Linda, 3011 N. 120th Ave., $160,000.

Powers, Ronald J. and Peterson, Julie A. to Troutman, Daniel J. and Amanda M., 12903 Hartman Ave., $138,950.

Severa, James D. to Sloan, Randy L. and Novotny, Ann M., 6119 N. 108th Avenue Circle, $150,000.

Thies, Timothy F. and Tina L. to Rydberg, Daniel S. and Rose M., 6005 N. 116th Circle, $148,000.

Walker, Stephen W. and Debbie to Wismer, Mitch and Jolene, 13617 Corby St., $30,000.

Young, Shelia F. to Whipple, Shari, 10827 Ellison Ave., $115,000.



Chandler, Lawrence F. III and Renee M. to Rosburg, Sarah A. and Danczak, Lawrence D., 203 Sherry Drive, $157,000.

Mills, Kathleen A. to Van Den Top, Scott T., 2031 Calhoun St., $89,000.

Peterson, Daniel R. and Kathleen D. Trust to Linn, Darcy D., 711 Terrace Ave., $108,000.

McVey, Kevin J. and Deborah L. to Kelly, Neal P. and Kezia A., 809 Combs Road, $240,000.


Charleston Homes to Cooper, Douglas S. and Jennifer A., 10606 S. 214th St., $208,000.

Kautz, Lisa G. to Stenger Brothers Properties, 11213 S. 213th Circle, $121,000.

Hildy Homes to Duggins, Adam and Katherine, 11612 S. 201st St., $348,000.

Goodwin, Samuel and Karren J. to Oseka, Antone and Channon, 11806 S. 211th St., $200,000.

Mayer, Chad E. and Amy M. to Wade, Patrick M. and Janice A., 12187 S. 219th Avenue Circle, $209,000.

Rahmanzai, Mohamad F. and Alia K. to Tomair, Sean D. and Alexa R., 12215 S. 217th Ave., $180,000.

Charleston Homes to Wyman, Donny S., 17212 Morgan Ave., $215,000.

Cambridge Homes to Hettinger, Tiffany 19627 Brookside Lane, $324,000.

Landmark Performance Corp. to Novak, Robert D., 20071 Emiline St., $433,000.

Lebsack, Christina L. and Jason A. to Perry, Steven W. and Kristi K., 20201 Lindale Drive, $425,000.

Oakwood Homes of Nebraska to Frazer, James S. and Colleen M., 21141 Quarry Lane, $302,000.


Allen, Todd R. and Stephanie C. to Silvester, Steven and Morse, Paula, 10612 S. 112th St., $242,000.

Baker, Richard P. and Kayla to Parhar, Dasveer S., 11105 Prospect St., $230,000.

Baker, Daniel R. and Jeanne M. to Labens, Lawrence E. and Julie A., 1119 Woodview Circle, $193,000.

Digilio, Vince J. and Kathryn A. to Snyder, Daniel and Sara, 12516 S. 81st St., $300,000.

Hoke, Christopher J. and Hoke Lockman, Chande L. to Heckathorne, Kelsey and Franck, Jerod, 1908 Southview Drive, $165,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Meagher, Frank P. and Trisha R., 2211 Big Sky Drive, $286,000.

Wilken, Cecilia J. and Joshua C. to Anzaldo, Jonathan C., 309 Pioneer Road, $140,000.

Doyle, Jonathan I. and Diane E. to Kempf, Ryan M., 623 S. Adams, $240,000.

Loterbour, John G. and Catherine and Mefford, Chad and Amy to RME Properties, 721 S. Madison St., $132,000.

Mann, Danielle M. and Ryan T. to Wilson, Shaleen R. and O’Riley, Megan E., 802 Buckboard Blvd., $162,000.

LSF8 Master Partecipation Trust to Zaluda, David S., 803 S. Grandview Ave., $102,000.

Vandusen, Joyce A. to Cardin, Nicholas and Tamara L., 904 Donegal Circle, $155,000.


Phillips, Rickie D. and Tamra S. to Osborn, Corey W. and Kristy M., 922 Maple St., $313,000.


Colon, Jason M. and Azusa to Hammett, Curtis B. and Amber J., 11664 Trumble Loup West, $163,000.

Meissner, Zachary C. and Abigail M. to Schnabel, Zacariah P. and Allison M., 13502 S. 33rd St., $150,000.

Womack, Allen L. and Terri S. to Allen, Helen L., 14417 S. 35th St., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes to Wagner, Richard A. II and Kristy L., 2202 Hummingbird Drive, $242,000.

O & H Properties to Highbargin, Lowell Q. and Megan E., 2913 Ponderosa Circle, $135,000.

Warson, Clair C. and Sharon K. Trust to Batko, John S. Jr., 2914 Rahn Blvd., $244,000.

Gullickson, Ronald N. and Victoria to Bacon, Donald H. and Leigh E., 2917 Lynnwood Drive, $175,000.

Ramsey, Charles F. and Mary C. Trust to Kumor, John M. and Jessica L., 3504 Leawood Drive, $140,000.

MCS Rentals to Sears, Ryan T. and Angie J., 3735 Schuemann Drive, $180,000.

McKee, Keith D. and Carleen E. to Foster, Darrick L. and Beth L., 4416 Anchor Mill Road, $235,000.


Allen, Helen L. to Mlnarik, Kara A., 7222 Michelle Ave., $180,000.

Gruver, Jacob P. to Gustafson, Jesse J. and Megan C., 7223 Braun St., $135,000.


Schapker, Stephen C. to Labart, Wayne A., 1513 Beechwood Ave., $135,000.

Horizon Realty to Pettis, Joshua M. and Sara B., 1805 Apollo Lane, $252,000.

Philson, Andrew D. and Peggy G. to Dyer, Lauri A, and Prismantias, Lindsey, 211 Sea Pines Drive, $155,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ladd, Kahli and South, Ryan, 2123 Alexandra Road, $244,000.

Kitrell, Lyle F. to Kersten, Jon E. and Cheryl A., 2403 Aberdeen Drive, $138,000.

Simpson, Alan R. and Jeaneanne R. to Woodworth, Ronald H. and Dolores E., 2408 Aberdeen Drive, $174,000.

Sipe, Sarah E. to Tinnell, Daniel W. and Jaimie L., 4607 Clearwater Drive, $185,000.

Celebrity Homes to Preston, Jeffrey A. and Michelle L., 8814 S. 68th St., $191,000.


Morbach, James A. and Michelle M. to Menard, Yves G. Trust, 10304 Spyglass Drive, $380,000.

Parpart Corp. to Garner, Gregory and Jennifer, 16405 Heather St., $180,000.

Celebrity Homes to Baskin, Heath A. and Lindsey M., 16416 Cary St., $228,000.

Brentwood Homes to Hahn, Deric J., 16564 Birch Ave., $250,000.

Towey, Dillon T. and Jenilee F. to Ingrisano, Craig and Melissa, 17126 Colony Drive, $267,000.

Best Construction Co. to Dial, Ray, 17334 Josephine St., $252,000.

NVESTCO LLC to Peterson, Ryan, 17847 Margo St., $129,000.

Celebrity Homes to ATM Storage City, 7036 S. 183rd Ave., $164,000.

Schukar, Brian and Jill to Grytdahl, Ryan S. and Kammie L., 7111 S. 180th Ave., $175,000.

Ideal Designs Remodeling & Construction to Schaecher, Adam W. and Angela R., 9814 S. 176th St., $368,000.

White, Jacqueline K. to Poole, Michael E. and Simons Poole, Gale A., 9885 Cinnamon Drive, $349,000.


Campbell Reynolds LLC to Talamantes, Rene M. and Kimberly L., 13408 Emiline St., $118,000.

Meisinger, Bryan J. and Jennifer to Rust, Kelli and McAuley, Jeff, 14011 Barretts Drive, $114,000.

Karloff, Dale and Emma L. Trust to Briley, Chris D. and Montgomey Briley, Rebbeca K., 15111 Harrison St., $180,000.

D&J Vogel Construction to Livingston, John and Jessica, 15401 Chalco Pointe Drive, $245,000.

I & I Holding to Wooster, Colton W. and Hoffmann, Jessica E., 9007 David Circle, $94,000.

Naughton, Sharon M. to Naughton, Sharon and Dana and Gabriel and Julliet and Cecilia, 9013 David Circle, $24,000.


Kabina, David R. to Manzella, Kali and Michael, 2715 Alberta Ave., $163,000.

Blakely, Charles S., personal representative for Blakely, Mary A. Estate to Lolow, Patrick J., 2823 Lillian St., $68,000.

Moore, Terry L., personal representative for Moore, Charles R. Estate to Johnson, Collins M., 3015 Pleasant Drive, $125,000.

Arthur, Robert W. and Terry L. to Tripar Investments, 3916 Gertrude Terrace, $88,000.


Susnjar, Margaret M. to Susnjar, Jacob E., 7206 S. 52nd St., $113,000.



Porttrey, Rachel M. to Harker, Joshua D., 2500 S. 13th St., $111,000.

Morris, Jo A. to Grubbs, Mark D., 712 Fifth Ave., $19,000.

Jensen, Esther M. to Liberty Investment Properties, 3614 Fourth Ave., $70,000.


Garcia, Yanelis D. to BP Quality Homes, 5006 Cedarbrook Drive, $185,000.

Western Iowa Investments to Kjeldgaard, Duane C., 21815 Martinwood Drive, $105,000.

Higgins, Michelle J. and Philip A. to Kollin, Jennifer M. and Lonny L. II, 12673 Oakridge Court, $475,000.

Wright, Charles D. to Prange, Haley, 7 Becky Lane, $118,000.

BP Quality Homes to Garcia, Yanelis D., 5018 Cedarbrook Drive, $210,000.

Anderson, Kathryn A. to Rockwell, Larry D. and Marliss C., 1030 Arbor Ridge Circle, $147,000.

Boehme, Brenda A. and Martin A. to Solorio, Octaviano, 243 Morgan St., $95,000.

Council Bluffs Savings Bank to Welcome Homes, 1401 Ohm St., $38,000.


Krueger, Caroline F. and Timothy D. to Dailey, Robin S. Trust, 1119 Ave. O, Carter Lake, $90,000.


Boose, Carolyn and Scott to White, Jason T. and Susan M., 109 Walnut St., Avoca, $75,000.


Lennon, James M. to McCormick, William C., 24296 Quail Lane, Crescent, $51,526.


Waters, Bonita M. and Roger to Turner, Melvin H., 35033 Tamarack Road, Minden, $19,500.


Calhoon, Robert B. Estate to Rollins, Mitchell, 743 Walnut St., Oakland, $58,000.


Tiarks, Diane C. to Anderson, David N. and Lindsay L., 31105 Aspen Road, Silver City, $195,000.


Wahle, Frieda E. Trust to Wahle, Curt L., 28154 Idlewood Road, Udnerwood, $214,000.


Saltzman, Catherine to Mertz, Cheyenne and Eric, 902 Pearl St., Walnut, $70,000.

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