Lpc Properties LLC to Paradise Homes Inc., 17237 Bondesson St., $65,000.

Midstates Holdings LLC to Crouch, Justin, 11906 N. 156th Ave., $166,000.

Prososki, Nicholas and Kairi to Peterson, Joshua N. and Stephanie R., 15921 Mormon St., $355,000.

Scorsone, Frank and Robin to Coffy LLC, 14451 Sunrise St., $194,712.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Lincoln, Lance J. and Marsha S., 16308 Hanover St., $334,139.

Corritore, Michael F. to Thompson, Michael and Eva, 14526 Mormon St., $182,000.


Nowka, Anson, trustee of Anson and Amy Nowka Family Trust to Vellek, Matthew A. and Meegan, 21810 Hascall St., $765,000.

Nilius Builders Inc. to Kenedy, William W., 2527 N. 187th Ave., $452,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Balasubramaniyan, Sanjaykumar, 5004 N. 208th Ave., $385,394.

Kaven, Richard T. and Leona to Flott-Puls, Lynnette M. and Puls, James R., 911 S. 185th St., $455,000.

Horsham, Chad Allen and Stacy Marie to Giorgis, Jadie and Jennifer, 2032 S. 212th St., $97,000.

Funke, Jeffrey R. and Julie A. to Ritter, Brett R. and Erin, 4011 N. 208th St., $285,000.

R & A. Builders Inc. to Baine, Michael J. and Lisa, 2262 S. 218th Ave., $136,000.

Jackson, Brad to Serpos, Abdelaziz Tidjani and Laye, Senade Ramata, 2429 N. 191st Ave., $215,000.

Shirley, Brandon J. and Natalie J. to Gayer, Eric C. and Sheree L., 1613 N. 208th St., $270,000.


Stratman, Michael D. and Pamela A. to Reinhardt, Mark A. and Patricia A., 81 Ginger Woods Terrace, $565,000.

Somer, Vern D. and Judith A. to Lund, Thomas L., trustee of Thomas & Jean Lund Revocable Trust, 25 Ginger Cove Road, $400,100.


Bryant, Diana L. to Koenck, James Allen, trustee of Koenck Trust, 913 S. 251st St., $1,060,000.

Stack, Tami and William J. to Larsen, Jeremiah Dane, 25909 Pacific St., $420,000.


Billingsley, Cameron M. to Yardley, Owen and Laurie, 312 S. 16th St., $148,500.


McCreary, Noel Jr. to Kindschuh, Ebony and Anthony, 6729 Laurel Ave., $153,000.

Uden, Nicholas D. to Ramm, Harris E. and Jessica E., 3104 N. 58th St., $185,000.

52nd & Evans LLC to Meneses, Eleazar, 5146 Evans St., $93,000.

Shafer, Jonathan D. and Amanda A. to Pem, Sein and Lee, Zar, 4511 Decatur St., $105,000.

Inglis, Dale O. and Virginia M. to Trisara Ventures LLC, 1825 N. 48th Ave., $122,500.

Filipi, David H. and Jody L. to Ochsner, Aaron T., 6338 Binney St., $145,000.

Padilla, Cecilia Marie Ferrari and Kevin Joseph to Padilla, Tenia Marie, 3702 N. 63rd St., $86,000.

Dubuc, Mary R. to Aaze, Drake D., 2820 N. 66th Ave., $59,000.

Paykan 89 LLC and Tenn Dexter LLC to Spataru Vi LLC and Spataru Vii LLC, 2929 N. 60th St., $6,125,664.

Solko, Jordan M. to Manley, Ross, 6328 Wirt St., $145,000.

Ida Inc. to Tran, Hoai Long Vu and Nguyen, Helene Vincent N. H., 6007 N. 47th St., $115,000.

Williams, Jonathan to White, Mark B. and Barbara A., 4851 Blondo St., $235,000.

Kranz, Bill and Mary to Carrizales, Julio Cesar Aguilar, 3344 N. 53rd St., $130,000.

Callahan, Michael and Nicole to Lempp, David, 2320 Country Club Ave., $295,000.

Shonka, Ryan J. and Cashell to Richardson, Kyle D. and Lesley V. Colosimo, 2724 N. 47th Ave., $235,000.

Russell, Larry J. and Felicia to Tfi LLC, 2612 N. 45th St., $52,500.

Massow, Roland Jr. and Tammy to Straka, Mark D. and Bonnie R., 2402 N. 60th St., $209,950.

Monahan, Linda S. and Schmalenbach, Linda S. to Pratt, Peyton T. and Renee L., 2008 N. 63rd St., $30,000.

Oviatt, Dale S., trustee of Elsie M. Oviatt Revocable Trust to Garcia, Yesenia, 2902 Fontenelle Blvd., $105,000.

Ruma, Nancy A. to Sweeney, Shawta, 6768 Evans St., $133,500.

Rucker, William M. to Reynolds, Michael C., 5115 Seward St., $17,460.

Cherry, Joann to Bor Inc., 4120 N. 64th St., $98,000.


Wesselmann, Jason M. and Amanda C. to Oh, Eunah Chang and Oh, Laura Yaerin, 3401 Martha St., $85,000.

Maliszewski, Joseph T. and Wendy R. to Johnson, Seth Andrew and Heubel, Anne Christine, 2323 Hanscom Blvd., $280,000.

Kelco Residential LLC to Jgc Investments LLC, 825 S. 37th St., $650,000.

Wenham, Nicholas to Collins, Donna Lee, 2532 S. 40th St., $160,000.

Cap, William J. Sr and Julie A. to Callo, Joel and Mora, Maria Gabriela, 2418 S. 31st St., $224,000.

Z & S. Properties LLC to Elkins, Robert and Concepcion Magilton, 3702 Jackson St., $135,000.

Feld, Kerry trustee to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 3834 Grover St., $34,092.

Reo Asset Management Company LLC to Hbi LLC, 3834 Grover St., $89,250.

Casale, Louise L. to Casale, Louise L. and Edds, Shawn M., 1110 S. 27th St., $23,000.


Hines, Nathaniel L. and Dawn to Wilson, Nancy J., 5023 Hickory St., $206,000.

Padilla, Juan and Daniel to Patlan, Virgil and Rheanna, 2902 Westbrook Ave., $167,000.

Nicole James Properties LLC to Bloom, Joseph A., 2138 S. 61st Ave., $185,000.

Dall, Karen, trustee of Schindler Family Trust to Freeman, Matthew C., 1326 S. 51st St., $134,950.

Altman, Jason and Janelle K. to Keys Please LLC, 519 S. 68th St., $180,000.

Supermaxx Investments LLC to Hc Kings Court LLC, 5011 Poppleton Ave., $815,000.

Engler, Christopher W. and Amanda N. to Nearman, Roger A. and Debra K., 4948 Pine St., $189,000.


Juan, Octavio Gonzalez and Gonzalez, Lorena Serrato to Ruiz, Miriam Balcazar, 2115 F St., $150,000.

Cullinane, Daniel J. to Cullinane, Chad T., 3755 S. 16th St., $18,000.

Certified Property Management Inc. to Segoviano, Roberto Marquez, 5626 S. 22nd St., $130,000.

Bartlett, Robert and Diane to Varela, Luis Enrique, 5218 S. 19th St., $71,200.

Pinnacle Bank Trust to Reo Asset Management Company LLC, 4022 S. 13rd St., $67,600.

H & R Investments and Morris, Roxie to Beeside Properties LLC, 2531 Washington St., $57,000.

San Patricio Inc. to Pesek Corral Holdings LLC, 4826 S. 24th St., $450,000.

FA Properties LLC to Fulgencio, Salvino Nambo and Juan Luis Nambo, 4102 S. 25th St., $176,000.

Prado, Ricardo H. to Cruz, Evangelina Bravo De Lane, 6214 S. 41st Ave., $109,000.

Hall, Michael J. Sr and Jena L. to Guardiola, Esteban and Dymek, Jennifer, 4512 S. 41st St., $240,000.

Kirby, Pamela J. to Qualified Property Solutions LLC, 1031 Atlas St., $26,000.


Burden, Richard K. and Pamela L. to Loza, Franciso Xavier and Marquez, Araceli Munoz, 3615 Hoctor Blvd., $85,000.

Vision Properties LLC to Sanders, Patrick, 2202 S. 12th St., $35,000.

Holmes Rentals LLC to Sutera, Scott and Ashley, 1423 S. 6th St., $115,000.

Koch, Richard to Wyatt, Cody J. and Graner, Steven C., 1207 S. 10th Court, $310,000.

Habitat for Humanity of Omaha Inc. to Ramirez, Ilse, 2411 S. 15th St., $120,000.


Papajosh LLC to Western Iowa Construction LLC, 4411 Commercial Ave., $26,000.

Feltman, Deborah I. to Inter City Properties LLC, 2004 Binney St., $60,000.

Kountze Park Crown III Limited Partnership to Smith, Juanisha, 2223 Larimore Ave., $24,110.

Cac Enterprises Inc. to Maly, James R., 3807 N. 18th St., $12,750.

Brooklins, Flora M. to Cubas, Jose Antonio, 5001 N. 24th St., $50,000.

Ruff, Hubert II to Villa, Cruz Ivan Paniagua, 2413 N. 18th St., $17,000.


Leithoff, Carl and Scott, Joshua J. to Western Iowa Construction LLC, 4921 N. 34th Ave., $26,000.

Scott, Joshua J. and Anna to Western Iowa Construction LLC, 4419 Spaulding St., $26,000.

Scott, Joshua J. and Anna to Western Iowa Construction LLC, 4606 N. 36th St., $26,000.

Scott, Joshua J. and Anna to Western Iowa Construction LLC, 4131 Spencer St., $26,000.

Borland, Jack and Sadie to Pille, Ian T., 3321 Franklin St., $115,000.

Cac Enterprises Inc. to Maly, James R., 2201 N. 39th St., $12,750.

Zavala, Jose Guadalupe Rosiles and Tapia, Raquel Contreras to Cokes, James, 3613 Himebaugh Ave., $117,000.


Gunter, Stanley H. to Sterling, Jeanette Anne, 2751 Martin Ave., $121,500.

Snelling-Perrigo, Kathryn R. and Snelling, Kathryn R. to Msd Properties LLC, 2728 Titus Ave., $65,000.

Mout, Noze Dar and Ja, Lying La to Alvarez, Maria Montes, 3073 Ernst St., $120,000.

Mutual of Omaha Bank Trust to Bel Fury Investments Group LLC, 3133 Reynolds St., $50,500.

Brink, Edward E. trustee to Heartland Holdings B. LLC and O. & H. Investments, 6858 Minne Lusa Blvd., $74,829.

Fuscher, Jarod C. and Amanda Lynn to Girouex, Vincent, 2712 Redick Ave., $120,000.


Sokolovska, Yuliia and Serendnytsky, Taras to Ervin, Cynthia and Robinson, Jacqueline, 8388 Webster St., $249,000.

O’Brien, Deanna M. to Theis, Daryl, 1213 N. 89th St., $162,500.

Samar Realty LLC to Morgan, Tiffany J., 753 N. 78th St., $135,000.

Gruenig, Charles Brown and Bernice Joyce to Barboza, Michaela Paula and Jordan Cooper, 1705 N. 84th St., $147,500.

Mixan, Keith Alan, personal representative of Roberta A. Mixan to Keeton, Elizabeth, 8203 Seward St., $153,000.


Thurber, John W. and Karen R. to Seeba, Scott H. and Michelle L., 14810 Lake St., $310,000.

Smith, Michael Paul and Bock-Smith, Tiffany Marie to Robinson, Tierra and Deandre W., 14518 Stone Ave., $300,000.

Jing, Wei and Zhang, Ling to Davis, Phillip A. and Melanie F., 14830 Ruggles St., $238,000.

Easy Space Usa LLC to Empire Homes & Remodeling Inc., 3308 N. 178th St., $80,000.

Dorr, Alex and Ana Martos-Correa to Murphy, Shade P., 16469 Grant St., $189,000.

Lane Building Corp. to Prososki, Nicholas and Kairi, 2617 N. 167th St., $290,437.

Peterson, Joshua N. and Stephanie R. to Schoenberger, Todd, 6618 N. 148th St., $207,500.

Riesselman, Jayne M. to Cunningham, Dennis A. and Ann Marie, 17343 Redman Circle, $315,000.

Deacy, John T. and Laura L. to Torres, Latrice, 14919 Laurel Ave., $287,500.

Kingdom Investments LLC to Geras, Bryan and Alyx, 4158 N. 147th Place, $139,000.

Ridgeland Homes Inc. to Riddell, K. Bruce, trustee of K. Bruce Riddell Family Trust, 16607 Ogden St., $349,400.

Schierer, Jacob and Samantha J. to Sorys, Jonathan D., 14650 Sahler Court, $142,000.

Colburn, Tatiana and Stephen to Netzel, Kyle A. and Arens, Megan N., 16326 Meredith Ave., $213,000.

Khan, Reshad A. and Rahman, Irin A. to Nelson, Dalton Rm and Meylor, Amanda Jean, 16413 Grand Ave., $237,000.

Demyan, David and Michelle to Cruz, Anthony E., 4222 N. 163rd Ave., $240,000.

Clark, Chance F. and Jennifer L. to Rydberg, Terri Ann Longstaff, 14662 Ames Ave., $239,500.

Whalen, Theodore J. and Wendy S. to Summer, Darren, 2713 N. 173rd Avenue Circle, $420,000.


Cazinha, Erica M. and Jacobsen, Judy A. to Morford, Samantha M. and Julian, Jacob R., 4406 S. 62nd Ave., $124,500.

Lanphier, Patrick G. and Jean M. to McAllister, Justin and Rivard, Brianna, 4610 Drexel St., $197,500.

Modlin, Jeffrey K. to Uttecht, Larence H. Jr., 4464 S. 60th Ave., $93,000.

Porter, Kandice M. to Hernandez, Nayeli and Doukas, Bailey, 4811 S. 46th St., $124,000.

Rybin, Shaun to Gonzalez, Saul Munoz and Amador, Verenise Nathaly Macias, 5629 S. 50th St., $138,000.


Zimmer, Scott and Melissa to Krishnakumar, Sajinesh Kumar and Sasidharan, Sailekshmi, 16645 Jackson St., $355,000.

Meek, Louis G. Jr. and Cheryl L. to Spieker, Terri, 15665 Fountain Hills Drive, $235,000.

Austin, Scott W. to Dean, Sheryl, 1717 N. 159th St., $235,000.

Young, Benjamin D. and Lauren A. to Grauman, David J. and Heidi M., 412 S. 159th Ave., $328,000.


Vigliotte, Nicole to Shelton, Cliffton D., 8208 Potter St., $168,000.

Monroe, Virginia S. to Nash, Jason, 8206 Hanover St., $151,000.

Martin, Nancy R. to Min, Hsa Gaw, 8417 Girard St., $143,500.

Fisher, Jordyn L. and Iverson, Jordyn L. to Vanree Property Management LLC, 8312 Read St., $131,500.

Robinson, Tierra D. and Murphy, Tierra D. to Swindle, Aaron and Box, Nicole, 8022 Fillmore St., $173,000.

Freeman, Natali and Vilt, Joshua to Balquier, Jovanna, 8016 Fillmore St., $177,000.

Schlickbernd, Jeffrey and Joyce to Munson, John Richard, 7610 Howell St., $175,000.

Haralson, Perry E. and Jennifer S. to Wehner, Patrick Michael, 8824 N. 81st Ave., $175,000.

Celebrity Homes Inc. to Iqbal, Sulthan Syed Ibrahim and Perveen, Rubena, 8454 Craig Ave., $206,353.


Puls, James R. and Flott-Puls, Lynnette M. to Monson, John, 2018 S. 87th St., $484,500.


Funk, Katelyn to Zach, Darcy, 5025 S. 92nd St., $172,500.

Higgins, John E. and Karla M. to Avila-Solis, Karen Alejandra, 5018 S. 95th Ave., $135,000.

Brown, Brittany Ashton-Burr and Nathan Jonathon-Charles to Payne, Catherine, 6821 S. 81st St., $175,000.

Williams, Donna L. to Pitcher, Jody J. and Newton, Ann M., 10112 P St., $200,000.


Dolleck, Sharon L., personal representative of Rogers, Thelma to Schoville, Perly, 2847 S. 163rd Place, $160,000.

Banta, Myron and McGaha, Emily to Pritchard, Curt and Jessica M., 1606 S. 161st St., $165,000.

Stephens, Vincent E. and Jennifer L. to Clark, Edwin Tod and Teresa J., 19302 Williams St., $472,500.

Mertz, Michael J. and Barbara T. to Hogan, Patricia, 2124 S. 164th Ave., $216,000.

Pyzik, Barbara to Basilico, Steven S., 1867 S. 163rd Circle, $189,000.

McGill, Joseph G. and Julie A. to Vandersnick, Mary Catherine, 3564 S. 193rd St., $420,000.

Sharon Marie Samek, trustee of Thomas J. Samek Trust to Henry-Turner, Kris A. and Kelly M., 3451 S. 161st St., $380,000.


Matrix Properties LLC to Holzer, James, 3022 Nicholas St., $165,000.

Osborn Property Group LLC to Wilmoth, Thomas R. and Lundine, Heather N., 131 S. 39th St., $100,000.


Ringwalt, Mary Theresa, personal representative of Houston, Helen L. to Cejka, John and Tonya, 5007 Davenport St., $260,000.

Grlf Partners LLC to Dundee Creek Apartments LLC and Schaaf, Carol Neimann, 1309 N. 49th Ave., $2,250,000.

Vesta Properties LLC to Lierman, Lynette S., 1407 N. 58th St., $169,900.

McCarthy, Theresa A., trustee of Margaret A. McCarthy Family Trust to Richard, Ryan E. and Erica M., 304 S. 56th St., $300,000.


Kimi Takechi Revocable Trust and Takechi, Stephan to Hoich, John L., 4656 N. 78th Ave., $55,000.

Will, Richard P. and Kristine to Lambertus, Mark and Rebecca, 9711 Corby St., $172,000.

Abrego, Victor Hugo Cruz and Ortiz, Martha Angelica to Callahan, Michael James Jr. and Nicole, 2217 N. 99th St., $268,000.

Fellows, Michael M. to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 2513 N. 84th St., $40,000.

St. James Church of Omaha to Heise, Angelia, 9012 Larimore Ave., $145,000.

Hammack, Leon W. and Amy A. to Harris, Treasure and Denver, 5218 N. 96th St., $177,000.

Brincks, Diane M. and Dale J. to Ingwersen, Karen Lee and Nicholas John, 9905 Emmet St., $195,000.

Cochrane, Taylor L. and Hahn, Taylor L. to Myro Properties LLC, 9141 Sprague St., $169,500.

Wray, John C. III and Laura to Rankin, Alexander and Gonzalez-Balza, Andrea, 9671 Maple Drive, $198,000.


Gibson, Jeffery G., trustee of Gerald E. Takako Gibson Revocable Living Trust to Stock, David A. and Lisa K., 4207 S. 198th Ave., $295,000.

Tam, Tommy L. and Lauren A. to Nunnally, Isac J., 16022 S St., $244,000.

G6 Omaha Ventures LLC to Chintapalli, Muralidhar Vsv and Myneni, Venkata Mohana Kameswara R., 5508 S. 159th Ave., $200,000.

Goggin, Jeffrey L. and Kelly L. to Funk, Katelyn S. and Hagedorn, Eric J., 19759 N St., $359,000.

Henrichson, Roger L. and Kim L. to Keeler, Timothy and Manley, Shannon, 15853 Orchard Ave., $246,000.

Lieth, Alexis to Frazee, Donald and Kimberly, 16015 Orchard Circle, $196,000.

Ashton, Adam and Teresa to Claussen, Peter IV and Carrie, 16121 Washington Circle, $289,900.

Lisiecki, Sean to Reed, Elizabeth, 5863 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd., $68,400.

Friday, Charlene M. and Kevin L. to Fortenbury, Elaine, 19106 K St., $210,000.

Rose, Dallas R. to Liquori, Charles D., 18730 T St., $186,500.

Swain, Kenneth A. and Dohrman-Swain, Kristine J. to Heldridge, Scott Robert and Heldridge, 17327 Monroe Circle, $425,000.


Deboer, Michael and Tabitha to Nielsen, Ryan J. and Malia D., 14611 Monroe St., $205,000.

Bognich, Michael J. and Michele M. to Rothe, Dustin and Amanda, 4265 S. 149th St., $255,000.

Stark, Richard L. and Darlene to Kruger, Michael S., 14804 N St., $195,000.

Mainelli, Jerry W., trustee of Mainelli Living Trust to Cooksley, Trent M. and Maria F., 12230 T St., $145,000.

Cohn, Lance K. and Carley to Desoe, Cheryl, 14627 Madison Circle, $217,000.

Andersen, Terry L. to Greve, Matthew J. and Amber E., 14618 Weir Circle, $175,000.

Reimers, Jamie S. and Debra R. to Odell Enterprises Inc., 5106 S. 129th St., $130,000.

Kralicek, Connie K. to Andersen, Terry, 5163 S. 150th Place, $195,000.

Schuler, Thomas J. to Miller, Alex, 5113 S. 142nd St., $162,500.

Perry, P. Charles and Jeanne A. to Beers, Matthew J. and Shelby J., 12107 Sandra Lane, $148,500.

Nielsen, Katherine and Scott to Schuler, Thomas J., 6305 S. 149th St., $205,000.

Store Master Funding Xv LLC to G&I Ix Apollo El Dorado LLC, 4340 S. 140th St., $4,351,702.

Matthews, Briana and James to Romero, Angie and Adrian, 10830 V St., $17,895.

McNally, Donald W. to Noland, Helen, 10862 Polk St., $53,000.

Nguyen, Brandon V. to Oestmann, Trevor, 5737 S. 114th St., $151,000.

Johnson, John A. and Susan L. to Mattea, Nancy, 5068 S. 130th Circle, $187,500.


Venditte, Anthony M. and Camela to Rudebusch, Derek and Laura, 8202 N. 127th Ave., $487,500.


Bivens, Kristen and Patrick to Bivens, Tim, 12723 Marinda St., $265,000.

Beatus, Carrie A. and Brian J. to Deane, Wanda, 3511 S. 130th St., $165,000.

Bhatia, Subhash C. and Shashi K. to Royce Enterprises Inc., 12802 Woolworth Ave., $150,000.

Owen, Marion to Sideris, Chad Z. and Nicole L., 2105 S. 122nd Ave., $177,100.

Stevens, Kenneth G. and Ronda L. to Cook, Barbara L., 2024 S. 151st St., $297,000.

Forney, David to Casillas, Noemi Y. and Adan M., 2828 S. 146th St., $205,000.

Yannone, Bryan and Jennifer to Vollertsen, Joshua and Christine, 1610 S. 129th St., $1,150,000.

Nelson, Patrick to Siadek, Eugene and Cindy, 2320 S. 118th Court, $149,900.

Schildt, Michael J. and Katherine to Taylor, Shilo and Jeff E., 13491 Oak St., $199,000.

Campagna, Beverly J. to Dawkins, Bruce, 12528 Martha St., $185,900.

Albrecht, Justin to Kellberg, Debra, 2324 S. 125th Ave., $124,000.

Julian, Judith Ann, personal representative of Simons, Andrew J. to Pieper, Matthew, 3225 S. 119th St., $168,000.


Edquist, Keith B. to Farwell, Shawn and Lori, 6627 Plum St., $78,000.

Hansen, Rosemary Catherine Melichar to Holmstedt, Tara M., 4655 Clay St., $140,000.

Oak Point Properties Inc. to Magar, Govin, 6527 Girard St., $45,000.

Red Ladder LLC to Burse, Lindsey K., 7947 Raven Oaks Drive, $140,000.

Fickel, Linda E. and Robert S. Sr to Maliszewski, Joseph and Wendy, 4518 Manchester Drive, $238,000.


Macwithey, Richard E. and Theresa A. to Perilo, Efraim F. and Sharon K., 12822 Lafayette Ave., $445,000.

Nass, Jason M. and Leigh R. to Padilla, Juan, 11125 Leavenworth St., $170,000.

Casey, Nathan R. and Elizabeth J. to Sherman, Josh and Sam, 14517 Seward St., $205,000.

Douglas, Michael D. and Bethany A. to Nass, Jason and Leigh, 236 N. 118th St., $240,000.

Hauptman, Casey J. to Fristoe, Lance Wade, 1823 N. 146th St., $230,000.

Mack, Jerry L. and Candee L. to Lewis, Stan, 14955 Farnam Circle, $200,000.

Timmins, Mary T., trustee of Mary T. Timmins Revocable Trust to Davitt, Kelly M. and Lori A., 11724 Howard Road, $232,000.


Skelton, Glen Thomas, trustee of Glen & Leola Skelton Revocable Trust to Robinette, Brandon E., 12708 Camden Ave., $190,000.

Loya, Geronimo Raul and Teresa to Thiem, Jordan and Sutton, Dylan, 6225 N. 114th St., $224,000.

Miller, Linda K. to Wight, Jessica L. and Andrew J., 13009 Ames Ave., $160,000.

Anderson, Richard L. and Amy S. to Cauble-Sixel, Heather L., 5021 N. 138th St., $280,000.

Beed, Glen H. and Sue E. to Schlichte, Jeannine Cora, 12314 Miami St., $260,500.

Hayden, James M. to Weske, Lindsey M. and Derek T., 6727 N. 110th St., $215,000.

Lyon, Joshua P. to McConnell, Russell II and McKenna, 4340 N. 143rd St., $283,000.

McQuaig, Michael A. and Cory to Sturdivant, Raven K., 6317 N. 128th St., $170,000.

Lira, Karri and Eusebio to Bruckner, Nicole M., 4656 N. 127th St., $158,000.



Johnson, Nicholai and Sarah to Konrad, Eric and Noelle, 2002 Georgia Ave., $164,000.

Heartland Holdings A. LLC to Dumont, Janice, 2512 Madison St., $125,000.

Jordan, Jennifer L. and Dushan, Gregory J. to Senkbile, Zachary J. and Sietsema, Hillary A., 1330 Camp Gifford Road, $240,000.

Dunaway, Cheryl A. to Halagarda, Christopher and Michelle, 1119 Kingston Ave., $168,000.

Rice Scott A. to Felix Luis, 1414 Willow Ave., $138,000.

Heartland Holdings A. LLC to Remack, Robert and Agnes, 507 Nob Hill Terrace, $167,000.

Mills, Sandra K. and Robert D. Busse David to Mussack, Patrick D. and Kasey L., 1231 Bellaire Blvd., $110,000.

Spence, Edward A. to Molnar, Steven, trustee of Molnar Investments 401K Trust, 1701 Cascio Drive, $126,000.

Schmokel, Daniel W. and Lisa J. to Blazek, Thomas R. and Nancy P., 312 Marian Ave., $178,000.

Mangette, James C. and Michelle L. to McDonnell, Robyn L. and Melendez, Ryan S. McDonnell, 1228 Bellaire Blvd, $123,000.

Rieple, Matthew A. to Kelly, Alec M., 1610 Warren St., $183,000.

Financial Strategies Bldg LLC to 1012 Lincoln LLC, 1012 Lincoln Road, $250,000.


Advantage Investment Properties LLC to Kage Properties LLC, 20266 Patton St., $1,775,000.

Charleston Homes LLC to Woods, Peter and Angela, 16905 Glenn Circle, $383,000.

Bourke, Matthew M. and Barbara A. to Kelly, Jeffery R. and Emily C., 520 Sherwood Drive, $350,000.

Hansen, Alex J. and Renee E. to Bac, Joseph Edward, 11840 S. 219th Ave., $248,000.

Buttermore, Jeffrey J., trustee, and Griffard, Nicole K., trustee of Griffmore Revocable Trust to Steinacher, Craig Jason and Cortnie Marie, 8117 S. 193rd St., $361,000.

Wilson Curtis J. to Lovings, Thomas E. and Brandi L., 702 Patrick Circle, $325,000.

Knapp, Benjamin D. and Heidi A. to Lawless, John B. and Kaitlyn M., 20116 Maple St., $371,000.

Waller, Jonathan A. and Trina D. to Radke, Benjamin and Holly, 21013 Lincoln Blvd, $310,000.

Fuehrer, Michael R. and Horne Fuehrer Allyson to Egbarts, Lea, 12515 S. 218th St., $225,000.

Sherwood Homes Inc. to Fitzgerald, Angela M., 7717 S. 194th Ave., $300,000.

Henry, David and Diane to Kallweit, Steve and Marcy, 804 Pawnee Drive, $176,000.

Hofer, Vincent and Carla E. to Meek, Louis G. Jr. and Cheryl L., 7914 S. 193rd St., $350,000.

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