Payton DeTavernier, a junior at Papillion-La Vista South, won a shoot-off to capture the Cornhusker Cup.

Payton DeTavernier thinks it’s especially cool that she became the first girl to win the Cornhusker Cup on a historic weekend for the Cornhusker Trapshoot.

The event in Doniphan, Nebraska, was celebrating its 50th year of competition.

“Everybody was excited,’’ she said. “Especially my family, friends and my team and coaches.’’

DeTavernier, a junior at Papillion-La Vista South, claimed the top prize in a shoot-off with Omaha Creighton Prep’s Alex Papa. It was an unforgettable moment, she said, when everyone said how proud they were of her accomplishment.

She shot a 75 Friday and finished with a two-day score of 147 to force the shoot-off. She broke 39 targets and Papa 37. It went two rounds after they both broke 20 in the first shoot-off.

Despite being part of such a historic moment, DeTavernier says she wasn’t nervous. She’s learned to overcome any jitters in five years of competition.

She’s always been the outdoors type and started shooting after her dad noticed a team flyer at a junior high open house. She won the junior high title in eighth grade.

She had the high girls score in the 2018 event.

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Payton DeTavernier took home three trophies to add to her collection.

“I knew the stakes were pretty high,’’ she said, and then focused on one target at a time.

DeTavernier took home three individual trophies. She also earned second place in individual 16-yard singles and won first place in the girls handicap.

She competes for the Papillion-La Vista squad, which was second in handicap and singles and won the overall state championship title.

Andre Perkins, Jade Chapman, Jacob Slieter and Christian Cole, who all attend Papio South, were on that Titan 1 top high school team. Omaha Creighton Prep Blue was second and Norris third. Chapman was the high overall girl.

DeTavernier says there is no secret to her success. She said she gets a lot of support from her parents, Brandi and Dan, and from her squad, which is coached by Rick Jones.

“We practice a lot, we shoot more than the other teams,’’ she said. “We’re all really bonded together.’


“Everybody was excited,’’ Payton DeTavernier said. “Especially my family, friends and my team and coaches.’’

Results from Saturday’s competition:


Top 10 individuals: Cornhusker Cup winner Payton DeTavernier, Papillion-La Vista (won shoot-off), 147 of 150; 2. Alex Papa, Omaha Creighton Prep, 147; 3. Tom Peltz, Omaha Creighton Prep, 145; 4. Hunter Howe, Claybuster 4-H, 145; 5. Dagen Voightman, Louisville, 145; 6. Bryce McGill, Norris, 145; 7. Jacob Slieter, Papillion-La Vista, 144; 8. Vincent Kuehlthau, Papillion-La Vista, 144; 9. Connor Gregg, Omaha Creighton Prep, 143; 10. Jaron Cooper, Sutherland, 143.

Top Three Ladies: 1. Jade Chapman, Papillion-La Vista, 141 of 150; 2. McKenna Schwisow, Wilber 4-H, 140; 3. Morgan Krinke, Lincoln Pius X, 139.

Top Three 4-H Teams: 1. Claybuster 4-H A (Jeremy Cripps, Chase Krzyzewsky, Jerrod Fulk, Blake Greckel, Hunter Howe), 691 of 750; 2. Oak Creek 4-H 2, 687; 3. Wilber 4-H 1, 674. 

Top High School Teams: 1. Papillion-La Vista Titan 1 (Andre Perkins, Jade Chapman, Jacob Slieter, Christian Cole, Payton DeTavernier), 710 of 750; 2. Omaha Creighton Prep Blue, 709; 3. Norris 1, 695; 4. Papillion-La Vista Monarch 1, 689; 5. Omaha Skutt Green, 685; 6. Omaha Skutt Black, 681.

Top Three Ladies Teams: 1. Omaha Marian Blue (Anna Feldman, Samantha Tracy, Malerie Birkel, Elizabeth Brisbin, Alexandria Rowe), 631 of 750; 2. Lincoln Southwest Teal, 627; 3. Omaha Duchesne Black, 626.


Top Three Ladies: 1. Payton DeTavernier, Papillion-La Vista, 72 of 75; 2. Anna Feldman, Omaha Marian, 71; 3. McKenna Schwisow, Wilber 4-H, 70.

Top Three Individuals: 1. Alex Papa, Omaha Creighton Prep, 73 of 75; 2. Jacob Slieter, Papillion-La Vista, 73; 3. Bryce McGill, Norris, 73.

Top Three 4-H Teams: 1. Claybuster 4-H A (Jeremy Cripps, Chase Krzyzewsky, Jerrod Fulk, Blake Greckel, Hunter Howe), 340 of 375; 2. Oak Creek 4-H 2, 332; 3. Blue River 4-H Red, 332.

Top Three Ladies Teams: 1. Papillion-La Vista Lady Monarch (Coco White, Zoe Timberlake, Sabrina Buls, Audrey Irvine, Alayna Saint), 318 of 375; 2. Omaha Marian Blue, 318; 3. Omaha Duchesne Black, 316.

Top Six High School Teams: 1. Omaha Creighton Prep Blue (Alex Papa, Matthew McGovern, Aidan Buechler, Tom Peltz, Mitch Finocchiaro), 349 of 375; 2. Papillion-La Vista Titan 1, 348; 3. Norris 1, 344; 4. Papillion-La Vista Monarch 1, 340; 5. Omaha Skutt Black, 333; 6. Raymond Central Blue, 331.

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Yardage Winners

18-19 Yards: 1. Gavin Anderson, Centura, 70 of 75; 2. Landen Rezac, Waverly, 69; 3. Thomas Buchanan, Blue River 4-H, 69; 4. Ethan Hunt, Lincoln North Star, 68; 5. Jed McFarland, Louisville, 68; 6. Kailey Gustafson, Fremont, 67; 7. Graham Kovarik, Western Nebraska 4-H, 67; 8. Ben Njus, Conestoga, 67; 9. Keagan Callahan, Lincoln Pius X, 67; 10. Hayden Hadford, Omaha Creighton Prep, 66.

20-21 Yards: 1. Haley Long, Blue River 4-H, 70 of 75; 2. Carson Craig, Ashland 4-H, 70; 3. Trevor Hall, Lincoln Southwest, 70; 4. Sawyer Kunc, Wilber 4-H, 70; 5. Chaisson Hirth, Millard South, 69; 6. Cole Kerans, Louisville, 69; 7. Zac Silos, North Platte, 69; 8. Esdon Weers, Beatrice, 69; 9. Carson Schaneman, Blue River 4-H, 69; 10. Dalton Stones, Papillion-La Vista, 68.

22-23 Yards: 1. Benjamin Wilson, Fremont, 72 of 75; 2. Dylan Sash, Millard Wes, 72; 3. Jared Thonen, Omaha Skutt, 71; 4. Connor Jensen, Papillion-La Vista, 71; 5. Alex Hunter, Norris, 71; 6. Kaden Bryant, Lincoln Southeast, 70; 7. Layton Belohrad, Millard West, 70; 8. Kyle Gregory, Fairbury, 70.

24-25 Yards: 1. Vincent Kuehlthau, Papillion-La Vista, 72 of 75; 2. Tom Peltz, Omaha Creighton Prep, 72; 3. Connor Gregg, Omaha Creighton Prep, 71; 4. Tyler Uhri, Falls City, 71; 5. Cole Sorenson, Waverly, 70; 6. Hunter Howe, Claybuster 4-H, 70; 7. Dagen Voightman, Louisville, 70; 8. Sean Kile, Norris, 70.