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Zachary Welch of Ainsworth and Oren Smith of Parsons, Kansas, have been drawn as lottery winners of two Super Tag multispecies big game permits. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission drew the names July 10.

It takes just a few drops of water for the microscopic larvae to hitch a ride to the next fishing hole. And that’s how zebra mussels, which originated in the Caspian Sea in Central Asia, spread, probably from ships’ ballasts, all the way into the Great Lakes of North America. The Missouri River is infested. Now, in Nebraska, another body of water appears to be on the list.

In the middle of a summer thunderstorm, when the heat dies down and a cool breeze wipes away the morning, the best place to be probably isn’t waist deep in the middle of a stream watching lightning flash in the clouds above. But I hadn’t caught a fish yet that day. So I didn’t plan on going anywhere.