An Omaha mother beaten and stabbed to death. Her 4-year-old son thrown into the Elkhorn River. Her 11-month-old boy tossed in the trash. The mother’s older son held without bail.

The shocking story that authorities are piecing together is difficult to comprehend.

Voicing determination, police and prosecutors say they will pursue justice and the death penalty as they assemble their case.

Yet some events, like this one, are so heinous that they can shake people’s faith in their fellow man.

The lives of Jesus Ismenia Marinero and young Josue Ramirez-Marinero were extinguished. The baby survived, somehow.

But even on these darkest of days, look hard enough at some aspects of a terrible situation and acts of virtue can be found.

Witness the miraculous survival of infant Angel Ramirez-Marinero. The 11-month-old boy spent hours alone in an apartment trash bin but now has been reunited with dad.

See the providence of a stranger in an apartment parking lot who heard rattling noises in the bin. He could have walked away but instead opened the container to find Angel bruised but alive.

See the outpouring of public support for the child on social media, a willingness to offer not just material support but help as foster parents or adoptive ones had they been needed.

Look beyond the horror of a second discarded child and see the common humanity. Look at the ways our community rallied and responded, from searching for the 5-year-old boy to mourning his loss. In that, perhaps a little peace can be found.

Sometimes, the strongest light in such darkness is a tiny ember of hope.

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