School officials should help

It is becoming very tiresome listening to school officials telling us that property tax relief plans are a poor idea. Fine, if this plan or that plan is not workable, help craft an answer. Just decrying any proposal is not solving a problem.

The school system has a vested interest in finding a workable solution as much as property owners. I want excellent school systems, but we are struggling with ever-increasing property taxes. People are fleeing the state because of our high tax burden, and this outflow will only increase.

I have voted for every school bond, but I cannot envision voting for more bond issues when my taxes have increased 64% in eight years. When taxpayers stop passing school bond issues, maybe the state educators will wish they had helped find a workable solution.

Mike Dohmen, Hickman, Neb.

Papal guidance

Maybe the solution to the Boy Scouts sex scandal would be to require the scout masters to be married. Oh wait, many of them are already married. But, that’s the solution most want to apply to the Catholic Church problem.

Maybe the problem lies in the focus in our society on the presentation of sexual activity as a personal choice rather than as a God-given response to someone in marriage with the possibility of a pregnancy. I think the wisdom of Pope Paul VI in “Humanae Vitae” needs to be taught, or retaught, to all of us. I think that document foretold the mess we are in today.

Vic Stevenart, Omaha

No to discrimination

I disagree with Gov. Ricketts’ assessment that approving of LGBT protections would place additional burdens on the state. It is the duty of the state to protect all citizens, and LGBT people have had more than their share of discrimination.

Sexual orientation and gender identification are not conscious choices. Religion is a choice. It isn’t logical to protect those who willfully discriminate. Bad religion discriminates, let’s stop supporting it.

Stanley Gocek, Blair, Neb.

Get real about Trump

Donald Busenbark Sr.’s Feb. 17 Pulse letter regarding the supposed achievements of the Trump administration exemplifies how dangerous it can be to ignore the facts to justify the conclusion one seeks. There is no doubt the economy has done well as we have been on an 11-year recovery since the Great Recession, but this is not the “best economy in decades.”

President Obama set us on this positive trajectory. There were 8 million jobs created under Obama in his last 35 months in office compared to 6.2 million for Trump during the first 35 months. Unemployment has reached historic lows, but the decline in the unemployment rate was much steeper during Obama’s term. Real wage growth was 1.3% from 2014-2016 but has only been 0.8% from 2017-2019. Conversely, the federal deficit has increased by almost $400 billion (nearing a staggering $1 trillion) and the number of uninsured Americans has reversed the sharp declines achieved during the Obama administration.

Trump’s trade initiatives resulted in a trade war with China that necessitated a $28 billion bailout of our nation’s farmers. Manufacturing jobs have increased under Trump but remain at 1940s levels and are nowhere near the glory days of the 1970s. The reality is that while manufacturing output is up, employment remains subdued.

Merely repeating what you have heard and read without questioning that information does not alter the truth. While it may be difficult in a political climate infused with so much data, one must remain a vigilant defender of the facts.

Don Erikson, Omaha

Hypocrisy about medal

Evidently Rev. Little (Feb. 19 Pulse) needs to go back and read Matthew 7:2-5 again. Rev. Little might not like Rush Limbaugh getting the Medal of Freedom because he doesn’t share Limbaugh’s political views, but is Limbaugh any less of a major influence in his career field (talk radio) then Barbra Streisand, Robert De Niro and Bruce Springsteen are in their career fields?

Streisand and De Niro have both said some pretty awful things or posted an image about conservatives — violent language and imagery — but the “good” Reverend seems to not have a problem with those folks having received the Medal of Freedom. Rev. Little’s hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds.

David Douglas, Omaha

Dangerous Trump must go

As I watch our country become increasingly more divided, I have come to the conclusion that our president and divider in chief is never going to change. What this president calls fake media — which is anyone that calls him out on his lies or disagrees with him — is the exact reason I think people should stop paying any attention to what this man of many lies has to say. I believe he feeds on conflict and chaos and uses his rallies to charge his one-way brain. Then he uses the energy to lie and belittle everyone that isn’t one of his controlled minions.

The way to beat this man is to not give relevance to the lies and divisions he puts out daily. There are millions and millions of us that have become increasingly aware of the destructive policies and agendas this man has pushed on our country. It is imperative we come together in November to vote this dictator-glorifying, egomaniac psychopath out of office for good. I don’t care who our candidate is, we cannot let this cancer destroy our democracy with four more years in office.

William Earlywine, Omaha

False attack on Limbaugh

I find it funny how the Feb. 19 Pulse writer presented his view, which in my opinion is hypocrisy at its highest form, since he is a man of God. The words he used to describe Rush Limbaugh show that he hasn’t listened to him more than two minutes or cared to read anything he published.

He highlighted this by his use of all the liberal talking points, with labeling and victimization right out of the left’s playbook. These words don’t have to be proven or justified, just thrown out and blatantly accepted with no substantiation required, because if it’s said often enough, it becomes “truth.” Funny, isn’t it.

Mervin Vannier, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
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