Zorinsky trees (copy) (copy)

The wooded area at Zorinsky Lake Park. 

Wildlife in the city

We are so lucky to live in the city and yet walk around Zorinsky Lake and see deer, turkeys, foxes, eagles, falcons and hawks up close. As people we are always invading animals’ space, driving them out of their habitat. Do we really want to cut down 40 acres of trees and lose that ability? I hope not.

Duane Linn, Omaha

Meat boosters go overboard

In two recent items, The World-Herald is certainly showing its bias in favor of the beef industry. The Dec. 12 article about Deb Fischer supporting stricter labeling and the Dec. 13 Jeff Koterba cartoon both use the word “fake” to describe flavor-improved, plant-based foods.

“Fake” implies that this new industry had deceived the consumer, but where is the evidence of this deception? “Imitation” is the proper description of these products.

It seems that the beef industry is so afraid of losing some revenue to competition, instead of enhancing the merits of its own product, it must demonize the perception of the other guy’s product. I don’t wish hard times on any industry, but reputable businesses survive by adapting to market vagaries instead of begging the government to handicap their competitors.

I’ll still eat some animal meat, but the further that meat producers push their negative campaign, the further they’ll push me from their product.

Don Wells Jr., Omaha

Dems lack the evidence

In response to the Dec. 13 Pulse letters authored by Herb Vermaas and Peg O’Dea Lippert: What are the crimes committed by our president? You pen letters condemning what he has done. Could you please explain what those transgressions were? Apparently not. You could both be Democratic representatives in Congress. They couldn’t either.

Del Ostergaard, La Vista

Worse than the Grinch

In the wonderful story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” the heart of the Grinch grew three times larger, he felt remorse for what he had done, and he returned all the stolen gifts and food. The poor old Grinch did have a heart, and he was able to change.

Now we have a president of the United States who verbally attacks his critics and others whom he seems to dislike. But, the absolute topper has to be his mocking of Greta Thunberg, the teenage girl from Sweden recently named Time magazine’s person of the year. Oh, how proud President Trump must be of his caustic remarks. Unfortunately, unlike the Grinch, he really has no heart and is incapable of change. As expected, the Nebraska congressional delegation remains silent. Some things never change.

Tom Walsh, Lincoln

Democrats’ empty charges

A Pulse article on Dec 17 called out Rep. Steve King for standing by President Trump. The writer stated that King “gave no proof’ that the president did anything wrong. Actually it’s just the opposite — the Democrat’s have no proof that the president committed an impeachable offense. Their burden of proof is that Trump did something wrong.

After James Comey was put on the spot in an interview by journalist Chris Wallace, it’s clear that the left has had an agenda to get rid of Trump before he took office.

The Democrats had no witnesses who had firsthand knowledge of anything. What they did have was “witnesses” who heard things second- and third-hand, and they had professors who gave opinions.

Let’s get this to the Senate and call some real witnesses — start with Comey and finish with Obama and everybody in between.

Ken Krzycki, Mesa, Ariz.

Trump lacks basic decency

The late great Paul Harvey used to say that “ignorance is contagious.” He was right. Many believe anything that comes down from their “leader,” whoever that may happen to be. For example, a Pulse writer recently said about “communist Democrats” in our House of Representatives, “For two years they have only tried to impeach. There has been no infrastructure bill, no prescription drug bill, no bills for border security.” And “we can no longer reach across the aisle to these Marxists.”

Wow! The fact is that the House has passed and sent over 300 bills to the Senate, where they have been killed immediately by Mitch McConnell and his Trump allies. Of those bills, 275 are bipartisan. Not the least of these is a bill requiring universal background checks for firearm purchases.

To me it is sad that even credible journalists pass or miss the opportunity to set the record straight on some of this misinformation/lies. For example, on Dec. 6, Joseph Morton wrote correctly about Trump, “even some who aren’t his biggest fans would prefer Congress to focus instead on policy matters.” True, people believe this. But, Congress is working on many fronts!

And speaking of this mass misinformation, brainwashing campaign, it is a hoax that Trump is a Republican! Republicans have always believed in free trade, treating our allies as allies and fiscal responsibility — not treating our adversaries as allies and failing to demonstrate just plain decency! Trump cares about Trump, period. Read something, people, starting with your hometown newspaper.

Larry L. Kennedy, Omaha

Of socialism and bailouts

How come when people say health care and education for all, everybody starts screaming, “Omg that’s socialism! we can’t have that in America!” But you don’t hear a peep out of them when we the people have to bail out big banks and the big auto corporations and now give farmers welfare. Sounds like socialism at its finest to me.

And while we the people are giving money to farmers, our president is taking food stamps away from the poor just before Christmas. I think a smart and healthy nation would be a lot better than a sick and stupid one. America, we are better than this, and please listen to the facts.

Pat Petersen, Council Bluffs

The Swamp targets Trump

Oh, the whoppers that battling politicians tell in the pursuit of power. The speaker of the House of Representatives claimed she had to impeach the elected president of the United States to protect democracy and to prove that no one is above the law.

To protect her so-called “democracy” the politician claims that the results of an open and transparent free democratic election must be overruled by her political party. Apparently in the politician’s so-called “democracy,” the will of the people is trumped by the will of the ruling class. To the leader of the Washington swamp, it is unacceptable for the people of the United States to elect a Washington outsider to the most powerful office in the swamp.

If the speaker of the House really wanted to prove that no one is above the law as she claims, she would not be persecuting an American who apparently has committed no crime, but would lead a campaign to bring to justice Hillary Clinton and her gang for their high crimes.

Jay S. Purdy, Omaha

A kind soul

I want to thank this nice man for paying for my snowblower gas at a Ralston gas station off Harrison Street. He made my day, and it’s great to know there are very nice people in this world. Happy holidays to the man who helped me out. God bless you.

Shelley Bartruff, La Vista

Christmas miracle

I received my Christmas miracle this morning when I read the column by Erin Grace about the 3-year-old girl who received a liver transplant. My miracle isn’t that she got the transplant. Instead, it’s the father’s will and determination and although they were turned down so many times, he could still be grateful for the help he did receive. Oh, if the world could be more like him.

Jean Patton, Papillion

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