Trump’s troubling failure

I would like to respond to Sen. Sasse’s Feb. 5 letter published in The World-Herald. Sasse never explains how he knows Trump’s thinking about his dealing with Ukraine. Did he have a conversation with Trump? If this explains Trump’s actions, why wouldn’t Trump tell the American people this?

Sasse explains that Trump has been listening to bad advice from Rudy Giuliani. Shouldn’t we expect our president, who is a self-proclaimed stable genius, to be smart enough to not have corrupt stupid advisers? Trump doesn’t get a pass from me just because he eventually listened to his good advisers and relented in giving the military aid to Ukraine. If you found out that the CEO of your company had initially planned on embezzling money on the advice of another employee but then later decided not to, would you still want him leading your company? I wouldn’t.

I agree with Sasse that a conviction and removal of Trump would be terrible for the country and would further divide this country. I agree that the American people need to render a verdict in November. I am not voting for Trump. What about you, Sen. Sasse? Do you have the guts to tell us if you’ll vote for him? Or do we need to wait for your open letter to be published on Election Day?

David Finken, Omaha

Democrats were disrespectful

So sad to watch how Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats sat on their hands as President Donald Trump listed off all the wonderful achievements of the current administration — great economic growth, low unemployment rate, strong military, more jobs in the black community and on and on.

Yet the Democrats sat there wagging their heads back and forth like a bunch of spoiled crybabies. It’s embarrassing to see grown adults act so childlike. Ripping up the president’s speech only goes to show how little they care about the American people.

Tell me one thing that the Democrats have accomplished during the last three years? Nothing but knocking the president and trying to remove him from office. I’m amazed that anyone would ever vote for any of these people.

Donald Trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. God bless President Trump and God bless America.

Ed Volpi, Snyder, Neb.

Trump has set an awful example

In reference to the Feb. 6 World-Herald article “Fischer chokes up …”: Sen. Fischer said this week that she found it “unbelievable” when Speaker Pelosi shredded Donald Trump’s speech because it “contained the names of those who have given their lives for this country.”

I found this amusing, considering the senator’s unflagging support for a president who has repeatedly attacked veterans, generals and the families of decorated soldiers merely because he disagreed with them. We all must work to restore and maintain a civil political discourse, but the president’s own lack of respect and decorum — including his unprecedented vitriol for ordinary citizens — sets the wrong example.

Aaron McLaughlin, Omaha

Terrible insults against the president

Watching Pelosi rip the papers was symbolic of the Democrats dividing the country. So sad to see, but so characteristic of the Democrats. Four years of hatred, a pure case of bullying and disrespect toward the White House. This is what the kids see. Countless names hurled at the president.

It was wonderful for President Trump to state what he has accomplished and the hard work and great deals made to make America’s name great again. I’m proud to be a Republican and an American. Go Trump!

Luann Denholm, Fremont

Kirk Douglas, immigration history

Kirk Douglas died this week. He was born in 1916 to a desperately poor Russian immigrant family living in New York. We would do well to remember, in light of current efforts in the U.S. to reduce immigration and completely close our borders to certain nationalities, that his family would have likely been banned from entering the country if they had immigrated after the quotas imposed with the 1924 Immigration Act.

Like so many others born to poor immigrants, Mr. Douglas’ life enriched this nation. We should remember his story and the story of many others as we consider immigration policy today and in the future.

David Forrest, Omaha

A digital wasteland

Yesterday’s Internet was an exciting journey into the digital world. We could do calculation, gather information or join social networks easily and painlessly. It was rapid, inexpensive and provided valuable information. If we did not have that Internet, we would be back spending hours looking through books trying to find an answer.

The Internet began to decay as the digital world took over television, cellphones, tablets and computers.

Today the Internet is dead. It is not just worthless but it interferes in our lives in ways we do not welcome. There are greedy, corrupt forces out there that have killed one of the most valuable inventions of the last hundred years.

Recently, I sought a piece of information and was told I could have it free right now. All I had to do was agree to subscribe to a magazine for eleven dollars a month. I could cancel it at any time.

I knew some of the inventors of the Internet. They must be turning over in their graves.

Donald Costello, Lincoln

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email