prairie queen rec area

The Papio-Missouri Natural Resources District opened the Prairie Queen Recreation Area in Sarpy County in 2015. 

NRD lakes are a great amenity

I would like to thank the Papio Missouri River Natural Resources District, the last government agency to actually build infrastructure, for developing area lakes and recreation areas. These structures proved invaluable during last year’s historic 500-year flood, as the greater Omaha metro area was spared the devastation of major flooding.

This year, during the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, the NRD’s recreation areas were once again instrumental in keeping our citizens safe and healthy by giving them a recreational outlet to not only exercise their body but protect their mental health as well. This was especially important as most other recreational opportunities were closed or severely restricted due to local, state and federal directed health measures.

As we recover from the economic devastation brought about by this virus, proactive agencies like the Papio NRD will need to step up and continue to build infrastructure to benefit not only our citizens but also our economic well- being.

Garry Knopik, Omaha

Give conservative media a try

What if you are on the jury at a trial and you hear testimony only from one side, the prosecution? You do not hear anything from the defense. Of course, you would think the person on trial was guilty, correct? If you only watch the mainstream media, including CNN and MSNBC, you are hearing only one side of anything that has to do with our president, Donald Trump. If that is your case, I can’t blame you for not supporting, or having anything good to say, about our president and the way he is running our country.

I would like to suggest you do something very radical. For one whole day, or maybe just in the evening, watch Fox News to hear the other side. I realize this may be hard for you to do, but I think it would be good for you to at least hear something from the conservative side. If you really want to be bold, take three hours out of your day and listen to Rush Limbaugh. Some of you cannot bear the thought of this, but just give it a try. I occasionally watch and listen to non-conservative media. It is good to hear from both sides.

Does President Trump always make the correct decisions? Of course not. What person or president has? Does he strive to do what is best for all Americans? I believe so. He is our president. Let’s get behind him and support him. Left, right, conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat. We are all in this together!

Tom A. Strand, Grand Island, Neb.

Fox News is faux news

Cheryl Bartek (Pulse, April 23) is concerned that Fox News is the only media outlet reporting on the World Health Organization and the Communist Party of China being investigated by Congress about coronavirus misinformation. Maybe the reason only Fox News is reporting it is because it is just another Fox conspiracy theory. There is a reason why Fox dropped its slogan, “Fair and balanced.”

Look at Fox’s hype of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19. Is the reason Trump and i.e., Fox, promoted this drug so often and enthusiastically because Trump owns stock in the drug’s manufacturer, Sanofi? Did Fox News report this conflict of interest on the part of Trump? What about the Veterans Administration study that recently reported more deaths among coronavirus patients treated with hydroxychloroquine than not? Is that study the reason Fox News stopped promoting the drug?

Maybe Ms. Bartek should seek information other than faux news.

Mary Ruth Stegman, Omaha

Second opinion

Pulse writer Laurie Galeski (April 26) may not feel very comfortable with information from some “epidemiologist experts,” but some of us “armchair epidemiologists” realize that even experts disagree in approaches to solving problems and interpreting data. Has Ms. Galeski ever heard of getting a second opinion?

We “armchairs” take the extra time to do the necessary research through various news organizations, Internet research (not “social media”) and a variety of newspapers. This takes a lot of time that we are willing to spend to get to the truth.

I also strongly agree with Pulse writer Max R. Moore (April 26) on his listing of traits of wise leaders. He was right on target.

Dan Hedrick, Omaha

What a wise leader does

I agree with Robert L. Meyers’ April 30 Pulse perspective on leadership. Max R Moore’s perspective on leadership on April 26 is not shared by very many people, but Robert L. Meyers’ perspective should be read and thought about quite seriously. Robert L. Meyers’ seventh point, “A wise leader is decisive, making decisions based on sound advice from those whose knowledge and experience exceed that possessed by the leader,” is especially true.

A good leader should not use the media to seek respect and praise. He should listen to the media and consider criticism, and he should not belittle media persons or any handicapped or special needs person, which has been done by our country’s leader. He also should not take money out of his own veterans charity and use it for his political needs. He got caught and fined for taking out money, but doing this type of thing does not make him a respected leader.

A wise leader also should not give his own personal opinions on how the pandemic is progressing and on how a medical pandemic problem should be taken care of. He contradicts himself later, saying he didn’t mean that when it’s quite obvious he did mean it on the day of the taped message.

A big thank you goes to the Omaha World-Herald Public Pulse person for showing both perspectives in the Public Pulse.

Robert G. Christensen, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email