Thanks to these professionals

I would like to share my sincere gratitude for how state, county and city leaders are handling the COVID-19 situation. Local hospitals are to be commended, too. They have shown themselves to be serious and competent, showing that they are on top of the situation and committed to keeping the public well informed. In particular, I would like to thank Dr. Adi Pour, director of the Douglas County Health Department. Your efforts and approach give us confidence. Keep up the good work!

Bawn Froning, Papillion

A chance to reconnect

With all the cancellations and closing caused by this horrific coronavirus, the silver lining may be that families now have the opportunity to spend time together in their homes. So shut off your TV and the Internet and bring out the board games, a deck of cards, puz-zles and reconnect with your family.

And don’t forget to pray in thanksgiving for your blessings and for all those in need. Amen.

Gary T. Thomsen, Omaha

President Trump handled it right

Before deciding that President Trump has botched the response to the coronavirus and voting in Democrats, keep in mind that when the president stopped incoming flights from China, Joe Biden called him a xenophobe.

Imagine if the outbreak occurred with a Democrat in charge. The outbreak would be far worse because of open border policies.

Chris Lewis, Omaha

COVID-19 hysteria

I read the front-page article in Saturday’s Omaha World-Herald justifying the paper’s hysterical coverage of the COVID-19 virus. The article made me wonder where that coverage was during the H1N1 virus epidemic in 2009/2010 when almost 13,000 American died and hundreds of thousands were hospitalized.

Also, regarding local news, I’m still waiting to read in The World-Herald how a teenager from Crofton, Neb., could have gotten the COVID-19 virus in February when the virus was first reported to have started in China in December 2019. I’m guessing either the test was faulty or the virus has been around longer than we think and it has been misdiagnosed as the cold or a strain of the flu.

I’ve asked myself, who has profited from the hysteria more than the media.

Mark Heavrin, Omaha

Trump is bumbling this

Trump was asked at a press conference if he took any responsibility for the closing of the White House pandemic response team and the lags in testing for the coronavirus. He called it a “nasty question” and said, “I don’t take responsibility at all.” He blames someone else for all his missteps.

Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Trump says, “The buck stops there.”

In 2018 he disbanded the NSC pandemic unit that experts had praised. Dr. Beth Cameron was in charge and was mystified when Trump shut it down and didn’t replace it. Trump has worked to cut $15 billion from national health spending. He cut National Security Council staff substantially.

At the press conferences I found it strange that all the people Trump had on stage with him kept saying how great a job he’s doing and stroking his ego. To stay on the staff you have to keep complimenting him or be gone. I haven’t seen the head of the CDC lately, Dr. Robert Redfield. He got grilled by Rep. Katie Porter the other day. She made him admit to something he didn’t know about helping people pay for testing.

Trump also said that Google was setting up a national testing website. When asked, Google said they had no clue as to what Trump was talking about. This is typical of Trump: making untrue statements, then saying he didn’t say that.

Bob Clark, Audubon, Iowa

Formula for failure

(Donald J. Trump) + (COVID-19 virus) = SNAFU.

John Klindt, Hastings, Neb.

Let’s fight this together

Partisanship is the ultimate bad penny. It always shows up. No national emergency or global pandemic will ever lay to rest that age-old itch to politicize and thus capitalize on what some politicians and news pundits are calling “Trump’s Katrina” or “Bush’s 9/11.”

Consider that in the light of chasing ratings and election posturing while the American public are looking to both Democrats and Republicans to truly work together, quickly. We need to put aside this un-American partisan stagnation in the face of the most time-sensitive window for action and the most prolific, stealthy virus in many decades.

Jeff Gonzales, Omaha

Understand tax fundamentals

I am replying to Jerry Pascale’s letter of March 15, in which he points out that Nebraskans pay higher taxes than Texans, luring our citizens there to retire. As I’ve pointed out before, we are obliged to pay for our public services as best we can.

In 2019 state and local governments in Texas received $16.3 billion in revenue from oil and gas. As of 2018, they had received $133 billion since 2007. No wonder they don’t have to pay income taxes and their property taxes are low.

In Nebraska, we aren’t likely to find more oil or strike gold in the near future. We can try to adjust our tax structure to make it fairer, but we just have to accept that money-wise retirees are going head south and west. Either that or provide the substandard education and other public services of our Southern states. Our choices are limited.

Robert Davis, Omaha

Guns and crime

Jim Sanford (March 9 Pulse) thinks everyone should carry a gun, and if so, there would be no crime. Really? Human beings are impulsive, we are easily threatened and angered — especially in this day and age. In addition, our country suffers from a high rate of alcoholism and drug addiction. The crime rate would skyrocket — people would fire first in a rage simply because they had access to a gun.

What Jim fails to realize is that “everyone” means the insane, spousal abusers and every authoritarian nut job out there. I think what Jim means is that if everyone like him had access to a gun there would be no crime. Wishful thinking — because that isn’t how it works.

Cheri Christensen, Omaha

Government temptation

Certain presidential candidates preach giving us many things for free, including free health care and free college education. It seems that President Gerald R. Ford may have put it best when he said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.”

Steve Goergen, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email