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Taxes and sewer use charges

What disappointing news to receive before the holiday season: Property taxes went up again. The Legislature must find a solution this year since Nebraska is a high-tax state.

The City of Omaha is also raising the sewer rates. I had to laugh at MUD’s note in the flyer: “The combined bill is a cost savings to both Omaha sewer users and MUD ratepayers.” Some of us don’t live in the city of Omaha, so we do not get to vote for city representatives who make these decisions.

Social Security will have a small cost-of-living increase this year. More for the state to tax and Omaha to get for sewer rates. We need to revamp our tax system!

Aldona Tanner, Omaha

Religion and government

Recent Pulse letters have expressed support for and opposition to Gov. Pete Ricketts’ Christmas Day Proclamation.

Under our Constitution, we believe that all Americans should be able to speak freely about the ideas contained in their own personal religious faith, without interference from government or any other powerful authority.

We also believe that our Constitution does not allow our government to take sides and promote one religious establishment over another. We expect our government to protect religious liberty for all of us, no matter which religious teaching we choose to, or choose not to, follow.

Ricketts is apparently a Christian; therefore, he is free to speak his own mind on this subject. However, Ricketts is entrusted with the power of his office to speak and act for all the people of Nebraska. Our governor must not be permitted to abuse this power by declaring that our state promotes and honors his personal religious belief or does not so honor other faiths equally.

Opposition to his proclamation is not a “war on Christmas.” On the contrary, all abuses of power by elected officials must be opposed whenever found. This is our job, as vigilant citizens all, to stand up and speak out to protect our individual liberties promised by our Constitution.

James E. Boucher, Valley

Democrats sow division

A bunch of Democrats should be prosecuted for giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They evidently are too ignorant to realize that all this crazy rhetoric against the president in public just emboldens Iran when they see that our Congress is not united against them. It shows that some of the Democrats care more about party and election than country.

I am an 84-year-old registered non-partisan, as Nebraska calls it, and I am sick of this hatred of President Trump by the Democrats taking precedence over our government operating as it is supposed to. They are as much at fault for our divided country as anyone.

Harold Hansen, Clay Center, Neb.

Trump doesn’t consider risks

This is in response to Bill Allen’s Jan. 7 letter (“Give the president credit”) in which he said, “Why don’t Trump haters see what’s happening now instead of what could happen?” That’s exactly the problem with what the president did — he sees nothing beyond the immediate gratification of what happens in the moment, with no thoughts of any effects.

There’s a good reason why both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama passed on opportunities to kill Soleimani — they didn’t feel the risks would be worth it. Anyone who knows history would understand the consequences of actions like that. Just look at the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria. It’s commonly believed that this assassination led indirectly to the start of World War I.

Another problem with this killing is that there was much unrest in Iran, as people there were getting fed up with all the problems of the current leadership. They are now pretty unified in their hatred of the U.S. for this killing.

Errol Waits, Omaha

Impeachment ill serves the country

The president has tried to do his duties despite all the things Nancy Pelosi and Democrats have done to try to get him out of office. And what could Democrats have been doing for our country during that time rather than focusing on President Trump’s possible impeachment? Homeless needs in Pelosi’s own state of California would have been a good thing on which to focus and would have given many people hope for living.

There are so many red flags seen by many voters in all the things Democrats have done to try to get back at the president since their candidate did not win the election in 2016. It is quite distasteful to see all of the “sour grape” activities we have been forced to see and hear, and have them twisted into something that would be an impeachable offense.

The voters chose Mr. Trump for president because they wanted our country to be a democracy as the Constitution directs, not a socialistic one that would take the power from the people. Then we would not be a government of the people, by the people and for the people as our forefathers desired.

Sharon Struve, Omaha

Wall is poor use of federal funds

Regarding a front-page story of Jan. 2 headlined “A decade marked by brutal crimes and bizarre criminals”: Did anyone take notice that they weren’t all murderers who had entered the U.S. illegally? Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend the billions that the wall is costing to provide shelter for the homeless, stock food pantries, fund teacher pay raises and update aging bridges? Think of other possibilities.

Anne Carroll, Omaha

The need for climate action

Thank you for including articles about climate change in the news that inform those who have been reticent about getting involved in their own backyard today. We need to encourage our federal representatives to pass HR 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, as the measure that would put a fee on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas. It starts low and grows over time.

This will drive down carbon pollution because energy companies, leading industries and American consumers will move toward cleaner, cheaper options. As a recent article stated, the trend is that scientists are not only speaking out about the science of climate change but are also offering solutions.

Kathy Jeffers, Omaha

Christmas spirit on display

I was shopping at Walmart on Dec. 17 along with my son. Two young ladies ahead of me turned and asked if they could pay my order. I was very appreciative of them doing this! Such good hearts for these young ladies.

Mae Grill, Louisville, Neb.

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