This tax is anything but fair

A Fair Tax for Nebraska is a contender for the worst idea of the year. It is very regressive, socks it to the middle class and gives a giant tax break to the upper classes. A plethora of peer-reviewed studies show that under the Fair Tax, even with a prebate to the poor, as one goes down the economic ladder one pays,on average, a higher percentage of one’s income to the tax than those higher up the ladder. It is nothing more than a 20% sales tax.

The Fair Tax is an oxymoron even on a national level, much less in one state. People would just buy in surrounding states with a much lower sales tax. Rich people must be the ones pushing this tax, because they are the only people that would benefit by it.

James Enright, Omaha

Nebraska’s heavy tax burden

It is time to elect new legislators and new city and county officials who promise to get rid of: mail-order taxes, death taxes, farmers’ water use taxes or any water tax, over-the-counter medication tax and any form of food tax or tax on anything essential for life.

Give the Nebraska people a break and more buying power. Remove the burden especially for the elderly, disabled, handicapped, poor and low-income. Make Nebraska a pleasant state to live in and attract newcomers.

Let’s put these things on the ballot and let the people run the state. Also, give the returning war veterans a bonus check like some other states have done.

Robert Fonfara, Omaha

An admirable police officer

Omaha Police Capt. Kathy Belcastro-Gonzalez scores number one on a standardized test given by a third-party company by the city for a job promotion — and is denied. So does that mean that a score of 36 on the ACT does not get you a full-ride college scholarship? Or finishing first in the 400 meters at the Olympics means that you don’t get the gold medal, because you won’t be a good fit? Sounds like there is some vindictiveness going on.

She has proven herself on paper and in the community — what more do you need to be a positive role model for the city?

Michelle Kwasnieski, Omaha

LeClair’s out-of-bounds actions

The City of Omaha needs to hold its employees accountable for their actions. Steve LeClair was a trusted city firefighter, sworn by oath to protect the public, who betrayed that trust. He admitted assaulting the woman in the bar. I would not call it a “nudge” after watching the surveillance videos, but a punch.

He initially denied that it ever happened. That is ridiculous!

Reenita Jackson has been victimized three times:

The night of the assault.

When LeClair stated publicly that he did not do it, that she doesn’t remember well.

When the arbitrator told the City of Omaha to give him his job back, a decision by the arbitrator that said that assaulting a woman in a bar is OK.

This guy is the president of the City of Omaha firefighters union and is front and center with all things in the public eye. He cannot remain an effective leader of anything related to the public.

This needs to be a wake-up call for every city employee — everyone, really. These types of things have been happening forever and have gone away with a slap on the wrist. It is not OK to conduct ourselves this way, and it has to stop now.

Thank you for being such a great and strong mayor, Mayor Stothert.

Steve Anderson, Omaha

Moral clarity on Trump action

A note to Sen. Sasse concerning his recent open letter to The World Herald: Do the president’s mistaken beliefs justify his illegal actions against the Ukraine, in your mind? As an educator and parent, would let it pass? If your child believed it was OK to bribe his sibling, would you let it pass?

Relying on Giuliani does not give the president a pass. Giuliani was doing the president’s bidding in the Ukraine. Interestingly, you did not mention the names of Hunter and Joe Biden, the entire reason for the president’s attempted shakedown.

You are correct in one respect. Our children certainly do deserve better!

Barbara Anderson, Omaha

Democrats had no case

President Trump was exonerated by a majority of the Senate. Democrats are outraged. Seriously? Are they unaware of the hyper-partisanship for the past 20-plus years? The articles of impeachment did not allege a single broken law but instead contained nebulous charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress — previously always addressed in the courts.

During House hearings, Democrats prevented the president’s representation and prevented Republicans from including documents and deposing witnesses while Democrats deposed 17 witnesses and included 28,000-plus documents.

In remarks to the Senate, Democrat manager Adam Schiff said the House case against Trump was complete, overwhelming, indisputable and incontrovertible. Then he repeatedly demanded more witnesses and documents. He had every right to incorporate those in the House hearings, but didn’t. Can any intellectually honest person conclude the House process was fair?

The Democrats’ pyrrhic victory of impeaching Trump will backfire, as Trump will be re-elected. But worry not, liberals, as more explosive, “bombshell” charges against Trump will appear as soon as Congressman Schiff dreams them up.

Dennis Swanson, Glenwood, Iowa

A GOP election challenge

I wonder how these Republican can run in the next election on the issue of support of “law and order” when they put their president above the law?

David Seidel, Omaha

Medal of Freedom

Kirk Douglas was an honorable man. He was for me, as a youngster, the hero I wanted to be. His move “Spartacus” was an inspiration to me. Spartacus fought the eternal practice of slavery. As an American I knew slavery was eternally awful. The World-Herald article stated he was a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He deserved it. He was a member of our community. A decent man.

His award was besmirched by the shameful act performed by our president. Rush Limbaugh is not deserving of the award. Quite the opposite. Limbaugh is a serious misogynist extraordinaire. How many “Femanazi” women feel that their freedom has been enhanced by Rush? This is a narrow-minded man who was a ne’er-do-well until he found his niche appealing to racists everywhere. Rush Limbaugh doesn’t measure up to Kirk Douglas or anybody else who has earned the prize.

It is fitting that this individual was awarded the medal by another phony.

Daniel N. McMullen, Omaha

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