Stark for NU regent

As soon as I heard the news that Jack Stark was running run for the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, I felt it was a no-brainer to get behind him.

My support of Jack Stark comes from who he is as an individual and how he had impacted my life first as a student athlete and even today as a husband, father, family member, community advocate and organizer. He’s charismatic and does all he can sticking by your side to understand you and help your well-being.

Jack started helping me during my playing days at Creighton as part of the men’s basketball team. Jack’s impact on me personally was through how he approach me being a student athlete. Jack helped me to understand things about myself and how to deal with different things in my life; basketball was secondary. For me, once we sorted out the other, basketball became easy to perform.

His support not only allowed me to be a top performer but also helped me deal with everyday issues as a young man.

I think overall that Jack brings a different strength to the board. With our students being our future, Jack has a concern not just for athletes but for all who are trying to get an education and make a difference.

He brings a perspective that will allow strategies to get students the proper support they need to stay focused on their goals.

Josh Jones, Omaha

Sasse has right values

When it comes to politics in Nebraska, values matter. I know I won’t agree 100% of the time with our elected representatives or how they go about doing their job — but that’s why I look at a candidate’s values before anything else.

That’s why I voted early for Senator Ben Sasse. He’s thoughtful and takes his work seriously — not to mention that he’s a pro-life leader, committed family man and diehard Husker fan. Plus, as a Midland graduate, I’m very thankful for the work he did turning the university around and launching an awesome MBA program. Ben Sasse is committed to his values and fighting for them — and I think that’s great for Nebraska.

Jordan Johnson, Omaha

Sasse a thoughtful leader

Dialogue is important — especially in this day and age. I think Ben Sasse thinks so too.

Whether it’s on issues like the economy, national security or the right to life, Sen. Sasse always approaches debate with the kind of attitude that hearkens back to a kinder and more understanding America.

He’s always honest about what he believes — Sen. Sasse is a rock-ribbed conservative and he’s never hid that. But, he never treats his sparring partners in the Senate with anything less than the full dignity and respect they deserve. That’s a rarity in this time of division, but I’m glad Sen. Sasse understands how important it is to be considerate.

Not every state is so blessed with thoughtful leaders as ours has been. That’s why it’s so important to get out there on May 12 and vote to send Sen. Sasse back to D.C. to keep doing all the good work he’s been doing.

Laurie Baumert, Norfolk

Bacon for Congress

As the election season marches on, I’ve noticed an interesting trend in the congressional election in the 2nd District. Don Bacon has received the endorsement of unions, a group which typically support Democratic candidates. He’s received the support of the Transportation Communications Union and the Carpenters Union. Bacon is a Republican, but he’s defended union rights in office.

His opponent, Kara Eastman, supports “Medicare for All,” a single-payer government takeover of health care that will take away union-negotiated healthcare benefits, not to mention the private health care plans of every other American.

Don Bacon’s record of listening to and reaching out to union workers is par for the course for Congressman Bacon’s record of reaching out to all voters and working across the aisle. I’m proud we have a congressman who is a conservative but will work with people all over the political spectrum and isn’t afraid to break with his party when he believes it’s right.

Amanda Kepplin, Omaha

Bacon right about health care

I am concerned with Kara Eastman’s plot to take away 180 million Americans’ current health insurance. Her “Medicare for All’’ government takeover of health care will only cause more problems in our admittedly flawed health care system. The system needs reforms, yes, but Kara Eastman’s plans will only worsen our problems.

Single-payer systems in other countries often lead to rationing of care and extraordinarily long wait times. Look at how well the DMV and post office run to see a preview of what happens when the government runs an industry with no competition from the private sector. Eastman’s health care plan will lead to a government takeover of a sixth of the American economy.

Most worrying about Eastman’s plans is that it will take away every American’s private health insurance. This includes employer-based plans and all union-negotiated, hard-earned health care benefits. She’s running to replace Don Bacon in Congress, a problem-solver who wants to fix Obamacare by increasing transparency and thereby lowering costs.

My hope is that voters will reject Eastman’s radical health care plans and vote for Congressman Bacon for a voice of sanity on this issue.

Ashley Michels, Omaha

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