Carson, Trump show people fed up

It’s no fluke that Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson are leading the Republican polls. I, for one, think it will not only continue but spread to other elected offices — the Senate, Congress and state and local offices.

The reason is simple. Many people, myself included, are fed up with the Washington political machine. It stopped serving the people years ago. Now it merely serves the best interests of those who are able to pay the premiums. Special interests, lobbyists, and large corporations are at the helm of our machine. As long as that is the case, we are doomed to lives of basic survival.

My prediction is that the next two elections will have many surprises. More incumbents will fall prey to the insurgent mentality. When the founding fathers set up our system, they did so with the idea that a person would be elected, serve a term or two, and go back home to continue with their lives and professions. Service was meant to be an interruption, not a career. They realized that if politics were a career it would only spawn corruption and greed and not serve the people as it should.

Tracy Willits, Omaha

Tired of politicians’ promises

From a jubilant town of parades, bands and fireworks on July Fourth to a state of major concern for the property owners of Ralston today.

Comments and promises by the mayor of Ralston to constituents a few years ago concerning the Ralston Arena have fallen short. Yes, it makes a difference to people who hold their leaders to a much higher standard.

Donald Bimes, Bellevue

Don’t let state kill in my name

It’s not about the victim. It’s not about the crime. It’s not about the supposed perpetrator. It’s about us as a people.

Any state that executes its prisoners is no better than those it puts to death.

Joe Marek, Omaha

Teach, reinforce discipline on kids

This is the time of year, I think a lot about teaching. I am a retired upper elementary teacher who loved her work. I find it very distressing to read in the paper about the increase in crime by our young people today. I also hear from teacher friends how difficult it is to discipline in the classroom because of restrictions put on them by society.

There are many things I remember about teaching. One was the fact that the kids really wanted to be disciplined, and they loved being good. Strange perhaps, but true. No, I didn’t have to be a mean teacher to discipline. The kids instinctively knew that everything was better for this. Why does is it seem to be a negative in today’s society? Can these kids grow up knowing that discipline is good, not just for them, but for everyone?

Let’s not be afraid to use strict discipline when needed at home and in our schools. This, backed by loving parents and educators, will benefit our cities and all of society.

Teresa Cox Turner, Bellevue

Ask NRA about gun violence spike

We seem to be experiencing quite an increase in gun violence since the NRA lobby in Washington has blocked the passage of any new gun control legislation. Is this a coincidence?

Charlotte Mars, Beaver Lake, Neb.

Offutt planes fly over rural areas, too

In response to Frank Binder’s letter (Aug. 31 Pulse) about why Offutt planes fly over the city, the Air Force already flies low over rural areas. My husband and I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years. It affects our health.

In fact, we were at a farm auction about two hours from our home, and here comes the Air Force. I said to my husband that we can’t get away from them. They fly over a larger area than you think. Since none of us is likely to be moving away, there is no solution. I would like to know the reason why they fly so low. I guess sleepless nights and possible crashes are the prices we pay for having the base here.

Anne Davis, Randolph, Iowa

Give women the equality they want

It appears that the women of the world have invaded every square inch of the man’s world. We have allowed women to join men’s-only golf clubs. We have allowed women to enter men’s locker rooms so they could be equal with male sports reporters. We have women flying combat missions in fighter jets and helicopters. We have two women who have made it through Ranger training. Women have served on submarines the past two years, and are now pushing to join the Navy SEALs.

With all of this political correctness, isn’t it about time that all women 18 years of age be required to register for the draft?

Ken Krzycki, Papillion

UNL leaders need thicker skin

Jon Schuetz would have made an excellent public address announcer for Husker football. His comments regarding University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman’s mishandling of the Steve Pederson-Bill Callahan fiasco were correct.

Unfortunately, Perlman’s actions cost the UNL athletic department and its supporters millions of dollars. Sadly, he was never held accountable for his blunders. Schuetz is another casualty of blunt honesty.

James J. Vihstadt, Papillion

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