Let’s safeguard our liberty

In response to Ron Westergard and Thomas M. Rawley for their letters on May 17, a job well done! It’s about time that the silent folks speak up about what is going on with the semi-false narrative about this pandemic. I am also appalled by the way most folks are laying over and acting like cream puffs.

It is terrible that this virus is impacting folks with preexisting conditions, etc., but let’s check the back-end data and not the front-end models. The data collecting now will show what the truth is, the front-end models can be manipulated to provide the narrative that makes our society act like scared children toward the boogeyman.

I will never give up my liberties for “security” by government. If I do, then I do not deserve either one.

Kelly Kaluza, Papillion

Let’s help the needy among us

There is talk of another round of economic stimulus. I am in favor of doing something to really help the people who need help! Most of the money from my stimulus check will go to Omaha Gives because I did not need the stimulus, nor did millions of others who received it. Let’s focus on those who need it. The first check was nothing — it would hardly pay a month’s rent! One check is not enough.

Of course we need to restart the economy as quickly as we can prudently do so. But in the meantime we need to support both the private- and public-sector jobs. And we need funding to house, feed and care for those whose jobs won’t quickly return. Funding for this will need to be borrowed and will increase the debt we are now piling on our children and grandchildren. But we need to do what Americans have always done, and care for those who need our help. Things like Omaha Gives are great, but without a coordinated governmental plan they are not enough.

To do what is needed, we need to really increase the taxes on those who have the money, especially the very wealthy. Most of us believe in the teaching that says, “To whom much is given, much is required.” We need to restructure our taxes so the 10% who own 80% of America’s wealth to pay 80% of the taxes.

Doug Roberts, Omaha

OPS meals

Until spring break, every school in OPS district provided breakfast and lunch each school day to every student in need. Workers were hired to prepare and serve meals, and contracts were signed with companies paid to deliver food through the school year.

How is it that OPS could only manage to offer takeaway at four schools and for two days a week? I contacted my district representative and never heard from him. All of the surrounding districts rose to the occasion.

Ron Alexander, Omaha

An argument against abortion

In Saturday’s (May 16) column, Steve Chapman says of those protesting stay-at-home orders, “They insist they should be free to make their own choices on matters that affect their health. There are deep flaws in that line of thinking. First, it ignores the danger to innocent people from those who get infected from selfish actions.”

My choice over the lives of innocent people: Who knew that strong quarantine arguments made such strong arguments against abortion?

Walt Hamilton, Omaha

Henry Doorly Zoo and virus crisis

I am concerned about the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo still being closed. I worked there for nine years. The staff is outstanding, and I hate to see their jobs on the line.

Zoos should be able to establish safe environments for visitors, especially since much viewing is done outside. Visitors should have to wear masks in buildings that can be open. Those buildings that are too difficult to establish rules could stay closed.

As wonderful a zoo as Omaha has and with the school year cut short, kids in particular need safe outings.

Tom Lewiston, Bellevue

Sasse and Nebraska values

As I have a sister that is graduating from high school this year, I have been sharing in the excitement for her future and celebrating all her hard work. This time has also made me reflect upon my graduation day as a senior at Wayne State College, and the whirlwind of emotions that I was going through. I was hopeful for the future that was coming my way and was anxious to get out into the real world, with all of the ups and downs and the changes that I knew were going to come with it.

It is with these feelings of hope and optimism in mind that as a lifelong Nebraskan, I publicly denounce the commencement address that Sen. Ben Sasse gave to the high school graduates of Fremont High School. It does not matter where your beliefs put you on the political spectrum, Nebraskans should have a higher level of standard for our elected officials than this.

Mr. Sasse, your message does not represent Nebraskan values, and I hope your speech makes Nebraskans realize that you are no longer fit to represent our state. Our generation may not be able to climb a rope in gym class (because they stopped doing that a long time ago), but we know hard work and the value of our great state better than you ever will.

Adam Smith, Wayne, Neb.

Erin Grace’s wonderful gift

Changes is life, life has changes … yadda, yadda, yadda. But some changes are harder to accept, like learning that Erin Grace will be ending her role of columnist. Her column has been a must-read; sometimes a walk in another’s shoes, a triumph over adversity and sometimes just pure joy in a life.

What a gift Erin has, to give life to someone’s story through words. Best wishes, Erin, as you continue to use your gift in a new territory, but I will miss your stories greatly.

Bonnie Boone, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email