Protect store workers

I am concerned that some stores have not complied regarding COVID-19 restrictions. I have loved ones who are employed in retail and they have been subjected to exposure by crowded stores that remain open to the public with no restrictions.

I respectfully request all stores comply with limiting customers to 10 to shop for 15 minutes to get only essentials. The public does not have to go shop just to “pass the time.” Stores can offer curbside pickup, protect their staff with enough PPE, require public to wear masks and limit the hours they are open.

One store has chosen to cut their staff but leave store open, which endangers remaining staff who cannot safely work. Pet stores that are deemed essential can still offer service without endangering their staff. Target employees are thinking of a “sickout” to protest working under dangerous conditions.

I have written emails and called repeatedly to pressure corporate offices to do more to protect their staff. So far, there is no change in their policy.

Nancy Schroeder, Blair, Neb.

Let’s pick up the trash

With the cancellation of Earth Day activities because of COVID-19 and people being inside, it’s an excellent opportunity for families and groups to organize and pick up trash in the city. Omaha is awash in trash. The City of Omaha could provide bags and coordinate with groups to pick up the filled bags. People would get outside for exercise and fresh air while fulfilling a civic duty; the city would be a more attractive place, and your Mother (Earth) will be happier.

John Varga, Omaha

Sasse is pro-life

There are many reasons why I’m voting for Ben Sasse. He’s dynamic, eloquent and courageous. More importantly, when our society is disposing of those most vulnerable, he is protecting women who are being blinded, used and deceived. I see the terrible lies women are told and the many ways women are being hurt. Ben Sasse’s work in the Senate to protect the sanctity of life is not only impressive but also tremendously valuable for our society to recognize life, is the most important and basic right.

Ben Sasse has been a tireless pro-life advocate. He’s worked with the Trump administration to stop taxpayer money from funding abortions in other countries with taxpayer money. Pro-life groups from the Susan B. Anthony List and Nebraska Right to Life have praised his leadership and endorsed him. But, most importantly, he introduced and fought for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act — to protect babies born alive after an attempted abortion.

When leftists in places like New York and Virginia are taking away legal protections for the basic rights of babies and many times for their own mothers, we need a strong voice to speak out for the voiceless. I encourage you to vote for Ben Sasse. Thank God we have the opportunity to elect a senator like Ben Sasse who’s willing to stand up for life every single day.

Maria Whitmore, Shelby, Neb.

Consider the non-meat options

Robert Rieck in his Public Pulse article of March 10 (“Food for thought”) presents some interesting figures regarding the inefficiencies involved in present food production in this country. One particular example of inefficient food production is beef production.

In comparison to the time when cattle were mostly grass fed, they are now largely confined to feed lots with large amounts of corn fed to them. The generally recognized requirements are 16 pounds of grain and an average of 2500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. At a time of increasing world concern for food and water, this does not appear a very efficient use of resources.

At the same time, mention should be made of the continuing high beef consumption as well as other meat products with their animal fat and cholesterol and non-fiber content. It is no coincidence there has been little decrease in cancer rates despite the ongoing cancer research.

All things considered, it would appear time for the conversion of more of the grain resources into other forms of non-meat protein and foodstuffs. In America, push more fruits and vegetables and leafy greens in the diet and more water intake.

Dale Monsell, Omaha

Stop the scapegoating

The coronavirus has nothing to do with the Second Amendment, nor immigration, nor Hillary Clinton. Neither is the World Health Organization responsible for President Trump’s failings. Trump needs to provide our nation with leadership in this crisis instead of looking for scapegoats and whistling to his dogs!

Randall T. Langan, Cedar Rapids, Neb.

Check policy

Those who are so offended at having President Trump’s name on their stimulus check should not accept it. Or better yet, donate it to charity.

Harlan Holmes, Omaha

A spoiled child

I just watched fearless leader Trump melt down at what was supposed to be a coronavirus briefing but turned into a Trump campaign rally/propaganda session! I believe that Dr. Anthony Fauci or other medical experts should be the only ones speaking at these briefings and Trump should not be allowed in the room! He is unhinged, incoherent and not able to lead during this national crisis!

I find it amazing that the Republican Party, which is basically made up of good people, still supports a man who acts like a spoiled child!

Jim Kubik, Omaha

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email