Springfield Platteview bond

Thank you for your April 27 article (“Will economic chaos hunt bond issues in Millard, Springfield Platteview?” by Joe Dejka) concerning our school districts’ upcoming bond issue vote.

I am a longtime resident of Springfield Platteview District. Our elementary school in town is exploding with new students, and we had added trailers to meet the student population. Many new houses are being build in the surrounding areas. A new school is very much needed to meet the expanding student population and we have a great opportunity to build a new school with no additional tax increase.

I encourage everyone to who lives in the district to vote FOR. It is important for our students and staff. Vote For on May 12 to be there for our kids.

Susan Tafini, Springfield, Neb.

Wrong time for bond proposals

Everyone wants what they want when they want it. Sometimes even I do. And a lot of times I have to put off and wait for what I want. Sometimes — a lot of times — finances get in the way of what I want.

Alert: We are all coming out of a six-week lockdown. People have not been able to work. They don’t have money for any number of things they want or need. A lot of people are behind in their rent or mortgages and are hoping to get caught up financially in a few months from now. The last thing people need right now is an insatiable school district or city government wanting to raise taxes on the financially exhausted citizenry.

Talk about being “out of touch” with reality and what is going on in society.

Oran Digman, Omaha

Unemployment worry

I have been waiting 30 days for my unemployment to be paid. I have issues on my claim and have been told to wait for someone to call me — with no timeline given. Last week in his press conference, Gov. Ricketts said that only 40% of Nebraskans had been paid claims and that Nebraska was still ahead of other states.

As of now, I am on furlough from my job in the travel industry until July 31. My husband is a veteran and still at work, and we have three girls. I can imagine many of the other waiting Nebraskans are in a similar situation. To have 60% of Nebraskans waiting after 30 days to be paid on an unemployment claim is unacceptable.

I have attempted to call and email the Department of Labor, but those on the phone cannot assist; I have to wait for someone to call me. Yet without a timeline and being unable to speak to anyone on my issue, I feel forgotten by the state.

If we cannot count on Nebraska to assist with benefits our employers have paid in on during times of crisis, when can we count on them?

Jessica Wagner, Fremont, Neb.

Raikes is best for district

The recent letter by former Gov. Kay Orr misrepresents Helen Raikes, an honest and hardworking citizen who is stepping up to serve Nebraska. The wife of the late State Sen. Ron Raikes, Helen Raikes is an independent candidate for Legislative District 23. She has the intelligence and heart to take leadership on Nebraska’s property tax problem. She has the collaborative skills to help bring together our warring contingencies — partisan politics, rural-urban and farmers and schools — to come up with real and lasting solutions. She has a real plan to relieve ag producers of their heavy property tax burden. Her views on all of these topics can be seen at

It is a disturbing truth that tactics aimed at smearing and misrepresenting certain candidates are already being employed in the 2020 election, supported by funders and spokespersons from outside the district. Last week the state Republican Party mailed a flier to District 23 citizens containing misleading information about Helen Raikes, similar to the tactic used in District 1 to smear Janet Palmtag.

Leesa and Doug Zalesky, independents, Wahoo, Neb.

Chuck and Shirley Neimeyer, Republican and Democrat, Ashland, Neb.

Jerry and Jan Newsham, Democrat, Independent, Ashland

Jerry and Arlene Johnson, Republicans, Wahoo, Neb.

Bolz for Congress

In this time of great uncertainty, ideologues and rhetoric rarely correspond with coherent leadership. In these relentless winds, we grasp for leadership and find it at our local levels. One such leader is Kate Bolz. She has already been endorsed by the Lincoln Fire Fighters Association, Local 644. She is committed to helping Nebraska families and communities, as demonstrated in a long history in state politics, and is deeply needed in Washington.

We have hope in leaders that put aside partisan differences to make real change.

While health care was previously a highly partisan issue, COVID-19 has shown us in stark relief how we must rally behind extended health care for everyone with the Affordable Care Act. We must rally behind those that support unemployed neighbors and at-risk and underprivileged communities. We must seek leaders that have proven their abilities in actions and experience. This leader, for Nebraska Republicans and Democrats alike, is Kate Bolz.

Brandon Helding, Lincoln

A perspective on leadership

Max R. Moore offered a perspective on leadership and leaders’ actions in the April 26 Pulse. Here is different perspective on leadership.

1. A wise leader is on the job 24/7. “On the job” does not mean extensive television watching or golfing 117 times since inauguration at a cost of approximately $133 million to the American taxpayer.

2. A wise leader uses the media as a sounding board, not to seek adulation or praise. A wise leader does not consider the media “enemy of the people” but listens to and considers criticism.

3. A wise leader works with leaders around the country and the world to set standards of support and leadership based on shared benefits, not personal opinion.

4. A wise leader does not cut an early pandemic warning system and then blame others. A wise leader dispenses assistance internationally to combat pandemics.

5. A wise leader does not commit over 18,000 documented falsehoods and/or outright lies when speaking to the American public, nor scapegoat immigrants.

6. A wise leader does take thoughtful, calculated actions needed to combat crises of every kind by using the input of agencies headed by competent individuals who speak truth to power and who offer their best advice without fear of retribution or removal from office.

7. A wise leader is decisive, making decisions based on sound advice from those whose knowledge and experience exceed that possessed by the leader. A wise leader does not proclaim to be a “stable genius” that thinks, “Only I can solve the problem.”

Robert L. Meyers, Omaha

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email