Eroding our privacy

In 2001 my government took my right to privacy away with the Patriot Act. In 2010 they reduced my right to medical privacy with the Affordable Care Act. Now in 2020 they are striving to implement a tracking mechanism to track people (currently those who’ve had or have the coronavirus). But I know, as with the previous two deprivations of my rights, that this is only letting their foot into the door to track more people for more things.

I suspect if they do this it won’t be long before they are tracking truant children, people who have been ticketed for reckless driving, or perhaps those who may have a weapon in their possession.

I for one am against this proposal. Furthermore, I believe they need to restore my rights taken for their 2001 and 2010 acts. This includes you, Unicameral and Gov. Ricketts.

Steven Wiseman, Bellevue

Report card for prison chief

Here is the report card for Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Director Scott Frakes:

Salary Ranking Nationally: A+.

Prison Overcrowding Nationally: F.

Proactive Prison Reform: F. COVID-19 Action Plan: F. Staff Shortage Resolved: F. Staff Overtime Costs: F. Staffing for Inmate Rehabilitation: F. Cooperation with Nebraska Unicameral: F.

Recommendations for improvement: Proactive leadership.

Consequence: Unemployment benefits.

Sandy Davis, Papillion

Sasse has superior policy agenda

Reading the policy “proposals” of the Democrats challenging Sen. Ben Sasse in a recent article made me think more of April Fool’s Day than May Day. From banning private health care to universal basic income to the “Green New Deal,” it seems to me that these Democrats are running to be the Senator from Twitter instead of the Senator from Nebraska.

Regardless of who wins their primary, Nebraskans should soundly reject that agenda this November and give Ben Sasse another term.

Jacob Clarys, Omaha

Sasse boosts Nebraska ag

I’d like to remind voters that Sen. Sasse’s work for agriculture has moved the ball forward for Nebraska. He’s defended us from terrible, over-the-top rules like the Waters of the U.S. regulations and fought to expand trade — that’s probably why he’s earned the Nebraska Farm Bureau endorsement again.

He’s a good man, putting Nebraska first. If you haven’t voted yet, Ben’s the guy for Nebraska.

Chris Eickmann, Edgar, Neb.

Ashford is most qualified

I have already voted for Ann Ashford for Congress and invite you to join me in voting by mail. If not, go to the polls on May 12. As an attorney, Ann has spent her professional career working in the areas of health care and human resources. These experiences equip her with deep knowledge and understanding of the human condition. In addition to her commitment to represent the whole district, these skills combined with her calmness and thoughtful approach to issues — see her website — make her the most qualified candidate in the race.

As a longtime political activist, I have worked every national, statewide and many local elections for the past 16 years. Hardly a day goes by that a friend or acquaintance does not call, text or email to ask my recommendation as to how to vote in the upcoming primary election. Without hesitation I recommend Ann Ashford for Congress, District 2.


Peg O’Dea Lippert, Papillion

Best ideas for political leadership

Kudos to Robert Meyers (Pulse, April 26) for his perspective on leadership vs. that offered by Max R. Moore. Mr. Meyers offered common sense ideas and facts as opposed to insults, insinuations, name calling and derogatory inflammatory statements as used by Mr Moore. That type of senseless wording, garnered from conservative media and even the POTUS, is just not useful and serves no real purpose, because real leadership knows no party lines.

Both parties have their agendas and opinions, but the true leaders know how to work with that and make the right decisions for the good of the country, not just for the good of their party.

Clark Squires, Omaha

Trump shows he is a wise leader

In response to Max R. Moore and Robert L. Meyers in their attempt to describe what makes a “wise leader,” I believe I can sum it up in a few words.

A wise leader gets the things done that his supporters elected him to get done. President Donald J. Trump has done that.

I look forward to the November election so that he can continue what he has started, “making America great again.”

Del Ostergaard, La Vista

Erdenberger deserves support

My name is Niles Paul and I was a student of Jane Erdenberger during my time at North High. Mrs. Erdenberger, who is running for the OPS school board, was a special kind of teacher who made learning fun. She always went above and beyond the required curriculum and her responsibilities as a teacher.

Niles Paul, Omaha

Our society’s wrong priorities

How much are we willing to sacrifice for cheap, affordable meat? Here in Iowa we have polluted our rivers and streams, and we have confined thousands of animals to miserable, inhumane living conditions. And now are we willing to sacrifice the very workforce that makes this affordable meat possible? According to our elected politicians these plants must continue to operate, that corporate agriculture is critical to feeding the country and the world. Are they referring to First World people or Third World people?

According the U.N. secretary general, this pandemic has exposed not only the fragility of our economy but, sadly, the inequalities of our society. Hopefully he is right that out of this tragedy we can rebuild a better world.

Patricia Fuller, Council Bluffs

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email