A troubled society

It is very sad and disappointing that our society can behave the way it does. I do not agree with what happened to Mr. Floyd and believe that the officers should be prosecuted. However, I also do not understand why the protesters believe that burning down buildings and looting stores is going to solve the problem, as two wrongs do not make a right.

This only shows the ignorance of our society, as it appears that all that we saw during the ’60s didn’t open our eyes enough to fully grasp that we are all God’s children and although we may look and/or act differently, we all were created equal.

May God bless our country and provide us with the wisdom to move forward in hopes of creating a better society.

Rick Fetter, Council Bluffs

Speak out against injustice

America, who are we? Land of the free? Think again.

If you care more about the looting and riots in Minneapolis than you do about George Floyd being killed like a dog in the street — you are an oppressor.

If you are a police officer silencing the media by arresting a black reporter with a press pass — you are an oppressor.

If you are the president of the United States and your response to this series of tragedies is a tweet saying “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” — you, Mr. President, are an oppressor.

If you have forgotten about the men, women and children left in cages at the border because they are not citizens — you are an oppressor.

If you are staying silent because you don’t want to make someone angry or upset; if you stand by and watch men be slain by the police; if you allow the government to silence us — you are an oppressor.

Stand up for your neighbors, stand up for your friends. Stand up for people of a different gender, race, sexual orientation or identity. Stand up and speak out, because who knows how much longer we as citizens of the United States have to do so.

If you are an ally, use your voice and call Minnesota officials to demand justice for George Floyd. Let your voice be heard that you do not stand for violence and police brutality.

Kathryn Titus, Omaha

Minneapolis double tragedy

Burning and looting do so much to undermine and discredit a legitimate protest — period.

Stephen Bloodworth, Omaha

Voting integrity

Tom Black (Public Pulse, May 20) states that “there is no evidence that voting fraud is a threat.” “Dirty” voter rolls are an invitation to voter fraud. Los Angeles County, California, agreed to remove up to 1.59 million ineligible names from its voter rolls. There are many U.S. counties where the number of registered voters exceed what Census records show can be the total number of eligible age residents. Mailing ballots to “dirty” voter rolls is an invitation to fraud. Nebraska mails ballots to citizens who request a mail-in ballot.

Herman D. Weist, Omaha

That old GOP obsession

I fail to comprehend what Republicans are so terrified of people (gasp!) exercising their right to vote. What is it they’re afraid of?

I have voted by mail for years. About six weeks before the actual election day the election commissioner sends out postcards asking if you want a mail-in ballot. You return the postcard with “yes” or “no” marked. If you want one, a couple of weeks before Election Day, you get the ballot, you fill it out in the comfort of your own home, you sign the back of the envelope attesting that you are who you say you are and you either mail it back or drop it off by the given deadline, usually a week before the actual election. Easy-peasy.

The people at the Election Commissioner’s office check the rolls to make sure you are eligible to vote and to verify your signature. That’s their job and they do it well. I fail to see where fraud figures in, unless Republicans are going to claim that everyone in the Election Commissioner’s office is crooked.

This current pandemic puts another facet to it. I, for one, have no problem actually going to a polling place. I used to do it all the time. But I don’t think I should have to risk my health in order to do so. I don’t see why Republicans think I or anybody else should.

Republicans have been a drive to suppress the vote for years on end. This mail-in voting fraud nonsense is just another chapter in that sorry saga.

Mary M. Roeser, Omaha

Political hypocrisy

Having career politician Brad Ashford voice his displeasure with money in politics (OWH More Commentary, April 23) and describing the system as “rotten to the core” is like the Houston Astros complaining about cheating in professional sports. Somehow their concerns seem hypocritical!

Gregg D. Rhoades, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Moral thinking and abortion

Miss Maria Paiz-Perez, who was unable to care for her newborn child, left it wrapped in a blanket on the front steps of a home in South Omaha. Omaha’s Safe Haven Law provides a “free” drop-off with no questions asked if a mother feels she cannot care for her child. Yet, she was charged with abandonment and sentenced to 90 days in jail because she left her child at a place other than the “approved” fire station or hospital.

If she had gotten an abortion, she would be a free woman today, but because she chose life over death she is now rotting in jail. I am embarrassed for the arresting officer, the county attorney, the prosecutor, the judge and the jailer. Because of this mother’s actions a small child is still alive today. But as suggested by the above behaviors, others in our city are brain dead.

Ted Quick, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email