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A sign on the main drag in Oakland, Nebraska, offers encouragement during the coronavirus pandemic.

So many deserve thanks

Thank you to all of you who are working to keep all of us safe, healthy and fed. Thank you to truck drivers, food producers, law enforcement, first responders, cashiers, shelf stockers and those who sanitize the stores. Plus, restaurant workers, janitors, cleaners, teachers and parents becoming teachers at home. And a huge thank you to all hospital workers, including house cleaning, maintenance, janitors, food service, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, all the doctors and all the nurses. You guys are all heroes!

Thank you so much! We will get through this. It’s just going to take some time. Stay strong, everybody, use common sense and be kind. There are a lot of good people in the world! Thank you, all of you, on the front lines.

Tom McCord, Bennington

Unfair attacks on Palmtag

As a lifelong Republican, I have campaigned hard for dozens of Republican candidates at all levels, having been very proud to do so because we shared much of the same beliefs. For decades, the Nebraska GOP stayed out of the primary election races where two or more Republican candidates were vying for the same public office. We have done so out of respect for all of them because they have all been one of us. It’s called integrity.

But, that all stopped four years ago. The Nebraska GOP has taken to choosing one GOP candidate over another in the same race during a primary election, and I find that absolutely unacceptable. Not only have they made their choice, but they have funneled big money into the anointed one’s campaign coffers and placed a great deal of negative, downright nasty ads pointed at the other GOP candidates in the same race. This has happened right here in Southeast Nebraska to Janet Palmtag, candidate for Legislative District 1.

We all knew that negative ads would happen in this legislative race here, but to get it from your own state GOP? You wonder why people are sick of politics.

The real question here is if the Nebraska GOP is really the one calling the shots. Is it coincidental that this type of Nebraska GOP behavior just started four years ago? I think not.

Carolyn Gigstad, Syracuse

Have patience; no instant fixes

We Americans are always in a hurry. We lack patience and want instant fixes. I/we have just completed one month of our lockdown but may have more to do. So we all have to ask ourselves as we finish up our first month of our strange and boring lockdown this question: “What more can I do to help save my country?” JFK said words similar to this problem years ago, and I’m sure most of us remember those days.

Jesse Salazar, Waterloo, Neb.

Let’s get back to work

Medical experts need to confront their ignorance. COVID-19 has been compared to the Spanish Flu epidemic, a worst-case scenario. The comparison is invalid. The Spanish Flu spread because World War I was taking place and many governments were suppressing information. Today, the Internet spreads information to millions worldwide. People have responded, resulting in hand sanitizer shortages and flights canceled.

Experts demand social distancing, shutdowns and reducing meetings. These proposals are meant for places with no sanitation or health care. These methods are very weak and only buy a little time. No virus is killed and no one is saved. There is much unknown about the virus, including how many are infected and what the mortality rate is. No one talked publicly about the negatives of these policies, such as millions forced out of work.

COVID-19 is killing old people and those with health issues. Had there been a plan to protect these vulnerable people, thousands of lives would have been saved while everyone else could go back to work. Instead, millions of unemployed people are stuck at home for over month and waiting. Waiting for what?

Andrew L. Sullivan, Omaha

WHO fails its duties

It’s hard to understand why you can’t watch a concert to raise money for COVID-19 without it turning political! Why would One World Together showcase the director of the World Health Organization who, along with the Communist Party of China, are being investigated by Congress because of their delaying, covering up and putting out misinformation about the transmission of the coronavirus to the world?

Fox News Channel so far is the only one I’ve seen reporting on this, while the mainstream media seems to have no interest in finding out where this virus came from, which has caused deaths and misery for thousands of people and destroyed the economies of 184 countries.

Money donated from viewers of this concert should go to workers who lost their jobs and to people struggling to provide food for their families — not to an organization that was slow to call the virus a pandemic, allowing it to spread quickly around the world, and whose travel budget in 2018 was $200 million, which totaled more than they spent for malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined.

Cheryl Bartek, Omaha

Great Chatelain writing

During this very trying time, we appreciate our daily newspaper more than ever. The reporters and writers are doing an outstanding job of giving us important information but are also sharing other great stories.

An example is the article in Sunday’s paper about “Wahoo’s Hoops Hotbed” by Dirk Chatelain. What an interesting bit of sports history it is, and we really enjoyed his reporting of it.

Diane Snyder, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email