Let employers decide hiring

I’m writing in regard to your articles in Sunday and Monday’s paper concerning diversity. Sunday’s paper pretty much states that all these companies are hiring and getting diversity within their workplaces, and that seems to be going on at a pretty good clip. Monday’s paper is leaning that way as well.

If things are moving along, then why must you force your thinking down the throats of people who don’t? You are telling people that don’t believe like you that they must be punished by having the government dictate their beliefs.

In the past I’ve worked with/for people who did not hold the same beliefs as me, and the world did not end because of this.

Leave people alone. Do not drag politics and big brother into the mix. When people (not you, not the government) feel it is time for them to change, then it will happen. If they see their business hurting because of this, then this is a decision for them. I’m tired of people using the government to impose their views on others.

Robert Moore, Omaha

Illegal and expired plates

I totally agree with Daniel Zack (Jan. 8 Public Pulse): Illegally licensed vehicles are a problem in Nebraska. The biggest problem is with people who register their vehicles in South Dakota or Iowa but are no longer residents of those states.

Maybe Nebraska should go to a straight fee to register cars. I don’t know if this is still a good option, but when I was stationed here in the ’80s you could get nonresident plates. The cost then, I think, was $16. All you had to have was proper insurance. So there was no personal property tax included on the fee.

A bigger problem is people who drive around with expired registration. Maybe a fine is needed for every month it is overdue. If stopped by law enforcement for expired plates, there should be more than just paying the citation. Maybe the fine can’t be cleared until proof of registration and insurance is shown. If it is really an egregious violation, maybe impoundment is an option. Maybe law enforcement could do a program like they do for Click It or Ticket or enforced DUI enforcement during holidays.

John Rock, Bellevue

No threat to religious freedom

Both Gov. Ricketts and the Nebraska Catholic Conference say a bill barring job discrimination against gays would take away religious freedom. They need to specify whose religious freedom is being taken away.

I was brought up Catholic and remember no encyclical or doctrine requiring Catholics to discriminate against gay people in employment.

Maybe it’s some other strange religion they’re looking out for?

Gerard Harbinson, Lincoln

Today’s GOP a cult of personality

I don’t know what’s more disheartening, the impeachment process/vote or the State of the Union address. On the acquittal vote, while fully expected, at least a “thank you” goes out to Mitt Romney for demonstrating the courage of his convictions and being the only Republican to break ranks. A precious few GOP senators at least had the gumption to say that what President Trump did was wrong or shameful. I didn’t hear anything like that from the South Dakota, Nebraska or Iowa delegations. “Shameful” is OK as long as you have the votes.

As for the SOTU speech, what was most disheartening were the reactions that described it as a “home run” or an “A+” speech. One thing you always have to do with any President Tump speech is wait for the “fact check.” What did he say that was misleading or just not true? The SOTU was full of both! But to his supporters, that’s irrelevant.

Make no mistake, the GOP has taken the final, degenerative step away from it’s rich, principled heritage to being a “cult of personality.” However, cults don’t stand the test of time. It may not be in the 2020 election — although I truly hope it is — but the pendulum will swing as it always does.

Bill Kubat, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The value of humility

When Trump was nominated as the Republican candidate for president, I changed my party affiliation from Republican to independent. I still feel he is not the person to represent our country.

I did not agree with the Democrats on proceeding with the impeachment process, since we are so close to an election. I felt the voters needed to do a little work to make sure he wasn’t re-elected. However, I also feel that since he was impeached it was the Senate’s duty to oust him.

I appreciate and thank Sen. Sasse for his open letter regarding the Trump impeachment. It would have been nice if the facts presented in his letter would have been presented earlier.

All that being said, my question to Sen. Sasse is, why Trump’s “honest advisers” did not advise him to tell the American public he made a mistake by withholding the Ukrainian funds? Perhaps an admission that he made a mistake would have stopped the Democrats in their tracks. Humility can go a long way to win people over.

Joan Rowell, Louisville, Neb.

Yes to Eastman, Warren

I am a 91-year-old widow whose last earned income was in 1994. Imagine my surprise recently when I refilled a prescription for Eliquis (one month’s worth) and found it cost $365. It gave me new appreciation for the progressive political candidates who call for lower-cost prescription drug prices — candidates like Kara Eastman (Congress) and Elizabeth Warren (president).

These candidates refuse to accept donations from corporate PACs, such as those of manufacturers of prescription drugs, and thus can retain their moral freedom from corporate lobbying. Such candidates show greater concern for the well-being of middle-class people like me than the current incumbents.

Virginia Walsh, Omaha

Dems’ dangerous policies

It’s disappointing to watch the Democrat Party continue their false accusations that President Trump is a racist, homophobe, woman hater and a liar. Every plan the Democrats put out would mean high taxes, high unemployment and businesses moving out of the United States. Their plans would destroy the thriving economy.

The Democrats and the media keep saying Trump is a liar. We should look at this. President Obama lied about health care, lied about Fast and Furious, lied about Benghazi and lied about the Iran nuclear deal. What Trump didn’t lie about: improving the economy, lowering unemployment, creating jobs, better trade deals, controlling the borders and rebuilding the military.

So, if you want socialism, high unemployment, a weak military, fewer jobs, more illegals, killing the unborn and no Second Amendment rights, then the Democrats are the way to go. Know that their policies would destroy the economy faster than the Hindenburg going down.

Kenneth A. Becker, Omaha

An apology

I want to apologize to a young man, whose name I don’t know, for my rude behavior Friday evening at the Nebraska Humane Society. I am a volunteer adoption counselor there. It was very hectic with many people waiting for up to two hours to meet with a counselor to meet a pet to adopt.

I was finishing up an adoption when this young man asked if he could meet a cat. I told him no and then went into the adult explanation of why not. It really wouldn’t have been a huge deal for me to just take a couple of minutes to let him meet one cat. If he or his parents read this, please accept my apology. I’m not really like that and Nebraska Humane Society is really a pet- and people-friendly place. Things are a little slower on Mondays and Tuesdays. You might visit us then.

D. Jeanne Clark, Omaha

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  • News delivered straight to your inbox via e-newsletters
  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email