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Illegally licensed vehicles

I’ve lived in the city of Omaha for most of my life, but I have never seen a time where there were more illegally licensed vehicles on the streets. Yes, I realize that some may be visitors, students or the military, or have recently moved to Omaha. Just drive through any apartment complex and you will see many out-of-state, out-of-county license plates.

Do the local and state governments really understand the tremendous loss of income not enforcing the law means to the City of Omaha and the State of Nebraska? Just the loss of the wheel tax income alone is a large loss of income to maintain our streets.

Maybe it is time that someone takes this illegal license problem seriously. I was recently told that the City of Omaha receives hundreds of complaints monthly regarding this problem. Maybe a red flag should go up and place additional resources to fight this problem. The additional resources would probably pay for themselves.

This actually brings up another question: Why are the licensing fees so dramatically different in Omaha and Nebraska that people living here find it worthwhile to break the law? Citizens with out-of-state license plates have 30 days to get legal plates and citizens with out-of-county plates have till the expiration of their current Nebraska plate to renew with the correct legal plates.

Would someone please do something about this growing problem?

Daniel Zack, Omaha

Officer standing her ground

In support of justice! This third decade of the 21st century begins a new age of social justice. Omaha Police Department Capt. Kathy Belcastro-Gonzalez is representative of the awesome quality of women who are standing their ground on the front line of our society’s battle against tacit acceptance of a culture of sexual harassment in the workplace.

On-the-job pressures and retaliatory consequences of reporting harassment by a superior officer are no longer tolerated or brushed away as, “That’s just how things are.”

Capt. Belcastro-Gonzalez is an excellent officer whose talents and commitment to the community she serves are the qualities America needs to heal and persevere, not only in Omaha but the nation as a whole. The culture of sexual harassment ingrained in power structures must be eliminated.

As a community activist and neighborhood leader, I sincerely salute and support Capt. Belcastro-Gonzalez for her sacrifice, not only as a police officer but as a woman with the strength of character to confront harassers and stand her ground for justice. She serves and protects above and beyond the requirements of her duty as a police officer.

Janet Bonet, Omaha

Fund flood relief, bridge repair

Property tax relief seems to be the way the governor and leading state senators want to spend the projected increase in revenue. Property taxes are a problem. The current relief fund and the proposed changes coming to the Legislature are ineffective Band-Aids for the property tax issue. Further, using one-time monies for these worthless patches is effectively legislative malpractice.

There is an obvious use for these projected funds: flood relief and bridge repair.

The 2019 floods were devastating and were statewide. The flooding significantly increased an already severe bridge problem throughout the state.

Property taxes need to be addressed and really fixed. No more Band-Aids!

One-time monies need to be used on immediate needs. Please use the projected revenue increases for the most pressing needs in the state: flood relief and bridge repair.

Jim Frohman, Lincoln

Justice or revenge?

Justice means capturing and bringing heinous criminals to responsibility and trial. Revenge means “eye for an eye, tooth for tooth” hostility. If we live by justice, we show the goodness and moral righteousness of the USA. If we live by revenge, we show that we are hardly more than vigilantes and ultimately all would be blind and toothless.

I never thought I would see the day when the USA would forgo justice and stoop to revenge — assassination. It is truly a very sad time.

Len Sagenbrecht, Omaha

Ukraine and national security

Congressional Democrats keep saying President Trump jeopardized our national security when he temporarily withheld lethal aid from Ukraine. But President Obama flat out refused to provide lethal weaponry to Ukraine. Did the Democrats charge President Obama with jeopardizing our national security and somehow I missed it?

Or is it possible our national security was not put in jeopardy by either president, and this is just a political ploy to impeach a president they don’t like?

Randall Bradley, Papillion

Phil Cahoy’s gymnastics legacy

We attended the Phil Cahoy Sr. Cornhusker Classic this past Saturday and Sunday at the Iowa West Field House. This was a coed gymnastics event like no other! Cahoy’s coaches, staff and host of volunteers held one of the most exciting gymnastic competitions ever.

The Iowa West Field House in Council Bluffs pulled out all the stops and provided a phenomenal venue. We would highly recommend anyone who has gymnastics events to check this place.

Phil Cahoy has many honors bestowed upon him because of his love of kids and gymnastics. A reception was held in his honor on Saturday night and attended by so many coaches, judges and gymnasts from all over. Some of the teams competing were from Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota and more.

What a delight to see so many young people competing and having such a great time. You as a visitor could feel the high level of energy and enthusiasm at all levels and ages of these young athletes.

Thank you, Phil Cahoy, for all the mentoring you’ve done over the years, and providing the foundation needed for an unprecedented number of youths over the last 50 years.

Rich and Janet Phipps, Papillion

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