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The south side of downtown Hamburg, Iowa, on St. Patrick’s Day. It was one of many Missouri River towns flooded after a bomb cyclone in March.

Get Dutch advice on flood control

I write this letter to make a suggestion to the Army Corps of Engineers. The Missouri River has been flooding without much success of prevention.

For 2,000 years the engineers of Holland have held back the North Sea. The North Sea contains a greater amount of water than the Missouri River. I suggest to the Army Corps of Engineers to invite one of Holland’s engineers to come and survey our problem. Perhaps a solution might be discovered with new eyes and 2,000 years of experience.

If it takes the state, federal and Dutch engineers working together to solve the problem, then so be it. I feel that humbling oneself is better than drowning.

Linda Kilpatrick, Omaha

Best choice for Bellevue?

According to the City of Bellevue, the “most qualified candidate” for the city’s community development director is Mark Elbert, who retired as Bellevue’s police chief as part of a settlement with the city that included his appointment to this new position. Mr. Elbert was on administrative leave for more than a year due to serious allegations of misconduct and a 72-to-1 no-confidence vote by the police union.

As community development director, Mr. Elbers will oversee planning and community development, important city functions with respect to which he has no experience whatsoever. Mr. Elbert also will be responsible for emergency management, a vital role that requires him to coordinate with the same Police Department that he was unable to lead effectively as police chief.

Then why was Mr. Elbert appointed as community development director? Either the appointment was an expedient but ill-advised way for the City of Bellevue to resolve Mr. Elbert’s troubled status as police chief, or he truly was the most qualified candidate to join a city government characterized by public squabbles among City Council members.

Neither answer speaks well for Bellevue’s public officials.

Christine Smith, Bellevue

Lies and Afghanistan disaster

I think I know one reason why Jarel Vinduska (Dec. 30 Pulse) feels alone in his outrage over “endless wars.” The “Afghanistan Papers” were published in the Washington Post the same week as the impeachment hearings, so they got very little coverage. I also am frustrated at the lack of interest in this important information.

Craig Whitlock, Washington Post reporter, spent three years in court with SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) to get the 2014 report released to the public. Despite the well-documented, detailed account by the military that the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan was failing, there has been no basic change in strategy. Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump just kicked the can of defeat down the road while continuing to cover up failure with declarations of success.

The report speaks volumes about America’s inability to learn from our experience in Vietnam. How ironic that the report is called “Lessons Learned”!

Two senators on the Armed Services Committee, Richard Blumenthal and Josh Hawley, are very interested in following up on this report. Hopefully they can help the U.S. responsibly bring our troops home from this quagmire.

Kathleen Hughes, Omaha

Dems’ failed moves against Trump

This letter is in response to the letter by Ben Salazar in the Jan. 3 Public Pulse regarding President Trump. The sheer hatred shown by some Democrats toward the president is simply unprecedented, and may I add, uncalled for. Mr. Salazar, without posting any facts or listing any felony crimes that the president has committed and should be indicted for, asserts that the president should be indicted anyway for fictitious felony charges.

I do not know Mr. Salazar, and I can only guess that his reason for wanting the president to be indicted for nonexistent felony crimes is because he knows that the Mueller thing did not work and that the House of Representatives’ fiction of an impeachment will go nowhere in the Senate and there are no more ludicrous schemes the Democrats can concoct to remove the duly elected sitting president before the 2020 elections.

So, President Trump will still be the Democrats’ loathsome president after their latest pseudo-strategy to remove him, and my guess is that they will have to suffer even more after he is reelected in November.

Clark R. Crinklaw, Omaha

Christians and Trump

Cal Thomas’ Dec. 29 column asked whether anti-Trump Christians would be happier under Ms. Clinton. As many readers in this space have pointed out, the Supreme Court picks and a robust economy are noteworthy accomplishments and are the reason many decent people voted for someone who wasn’t.

But doing so was, and will be, a devil’s bargain.

The damage done to a communal understanding of facts and truth and common decency need to be accounted for, even if you’re a pro-life, limited-government voter.

There’s an old saying that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” but if a person doesn’t have the maturity to respect the truth or those who disagree, then that person is no friend of mine and shouldn’t be yours either.

Joshua Whitney, Nebraska City, Neb.

Australia crisis offers a warning

Thank you for your coverage of the ongoing crisis in Australia and of climate change topics in general. The Australian government has not done its share to address climate change, and as a result the global community is reluctant to give them aid when the consequences hit them.

We in the U.S. risk being in the same situation soon if we don’t do our part to address the problem.

Our best bet now is the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763.

Ben Stallings, Omaha

Iowa caucuses

The World-Herald reports, “For first time, Iowa Dems can caucus outside Iowa.” What a great idea! Maybe they will all go.

Gean Clapper, Tabor, Iowa

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