Former Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle

Former Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle

How is this group making our life good?

So Gambling with the Good Life, supported by former Cornhusker football coach Tom Osborne, Gov. Pete Ricketts and University of Nebraska Regent Hal Daub, is fighting against legalizing casino gambling in Nebraska (“Osborne part of team trying to block gambling,” Feb. 12 World-Herald). I wonder if the group actually supports anything in the state.

Does it support tourism? I know Omaha benefits from the College World Series, the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meetings and some NCAA volleyball and basketball games. But how about other parts of the state? I believe the profits from the Kearney Arch could be taken to the bank in a coffee can.

Where was Good Life when ConAgra was debating moving from Omaha? Is it working with Cabela’s in Sidney to keep it in the state?

Pat Kelly, Omaha

A very predictable outcome

What did Douglas County Judge Jeffery Marcuzzo think was going to happen when he set bail ($50,000) so low for the driver who allegedly took the life of Sarah Root (“Man accused in deadly crash misses test; warrant issued,” Feb. 12 World-Herald)?

The fact that he had a Spanish-speaking interpreter at his arraignment should have raised a giant “red flag” that as soon as this individual made bail he might be heading to Mexico. Shame on Judge Marcuzzo.

Gregg D. Rhoades, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Arctic Circle sidewalks

The Feb. 8 World-Herald Public Pulse letter by Lee Yager (“Out of the streets, onto the sidewalks”) couldn’t have been more right on. The exact same thing happened on our block: A snowplow cleared the street and covered the sidewalks — and the sidewalk hasn’t been opened since. The snowplow driver came flying by and threw snow from the street in the form of large chunks that then froze and became immovable objects, sort of like a glacier, on the sidewalk. I guess we will eventually get the sidewalk cleared by Mother Nature, unless that plow driver is sent over to clean up his mess.

Joel Sebek, Omaha

Charge Clinton, Powell and Rice

Does Feb. 9 Public Pulse writer Bob Bradshaw (“Clinton’s infractions are very real”) seriously believe that the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails is not harassment or politically motivated?

I noticed he failed to mention that former Secretary of State Colin Powell received classified information through his private email and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s assistant also received and sent classified information.

It is so hilarious how Republicans are so blind to the faults of their own party.

Janice Mohs, Omaha

Clinton’s extensive baggage

The Feb. 5 Public Pulse letter, "Harassing Hillary," stated Democratic president candidate Hillary Clinton "is the most qualified person to ever run for president."

What about George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Theodore or Franklin Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower or Lyndon Johnson? Weren’t they qualified or were they pikers?

Clinton’s record since the 1980s includes a lot of seemingly forgotten baggage — Whitewater; Travelgate and Hillarycare as first lady; and the Benghazi fiasco and use of a personal, unclassified computer server as secretary of state. Investigations have stated her server contained highly classified material at top secret level and beyond. That is a court martial offense for military personnel. Are State Department employees exempt?

Back in World War II, there was a popular saying: "Loose lips sink ships." The whole country (even children) knew and respected what that meant — don’t talk about anything which might endanger the war effort.

Is that thought archaic when today’s obvious cyber threat from China, Russia, North Korea or Iran threatens our security? Do you think maybe those ears were "listening" to Hillary’s server?

President Obama announced a new Cybersecurity National Action Plan to address short- and long-term online security in all federal and government systems — including the State Department — and the private sector.

Too bad Hillary didn’t hear about "Loose Lips" sooner!

Frederick J. Skinner, Papillion

A faulty defense of her actions

A Feb. 10 More Commentary “Voters deserve answers on Clinton emails” by the Washington Post appeared to take her to task for using a private, nonsecure server, but it actually ended up carrying her water, floating out her likely next talking point.

It claimed that her intent is crucial to the question of criminality when, in fact, according to the governing statute, intent is immaterial. At best, she is guilty of gross negligence and, in this instance, it is a crime.

Shame on the Post for its red herring of an excuse.

John Bowen, Omaha

Trump’s embrace of waterboarding

I just have been reading about what Donald Trump said about how he would use waterboarding and more painful means of torture (“Trump again backs waterboarding,” Feb. 8 World-Herald).

It brings to my mind something my father-in-law told me years ago. “Remember, anyone who will steal from the government will also steal from you.”

So I say, “Remember, anyone who will torture someone else will also torture you.” It’s a very short distance to justify it.

John Wittry, Breda, Iowa

‘Free’ stuff or investments?

It has grown tiresome reading that “nothing is free.”

All government programs cost money, but the goal is to get a good return for our investment.

For example, if the government were to distribute a $5 vaccine free to all kids, it would keep children from coming down with diseases that would cost thousands of dollars to treat. Without these vaccines, hospitals would become overwhelmed with sick children, business production would decline and GDP would drop. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Likewise with free contraception. Other countries have found that it saves taxpayers through reduced costs for public education, child care, welfare, food stamps and incarceration and drug rehabilitation.

If we offered free college educations, the more educated the populace would be and the more revenue from taxes they would contribute, easing the stress on our social support system.

So when someone says “free” health care, contraception or education, they are describing investments to be paid for through taxes by the government for the improvement of society with the goal of saving us all money down the road.

It’s a shame that actual debate about ideas gets turned into mindless cliches or repetitive talking points.

Scott Thomsen, Omaha

Pro-choicers should lighten up

I read that the National Abortion Rights Action League was very upset with the Doritos ad during the Super Bowl showing an expectant mom exasperated with her husband munching on Doritos while she was having an ultrasound because the ad “humanized” the fetus.

It brought to mind one of the best bumper stickers I have ever seen that read: “I have noticed everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” It has been credited to Ronald Reagan.

Carolyn Smith, Glenwood, Iowa

Socialism has a bad track record

As we look back at history, we find that most socialist countries have fallen hard and are not thriving. We do hope that will not happen to the U.S. if it continues to pursue socialism that the present leadership has instituted.

It will be up to the voters in November if they want to continue to be socialist and race to a fall of our country or if they want our country to go back to the democratic leader it was in the world and under our U.S. Constitution — one nation with liberty and justice for all.

That means that we should not ask what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country.

Please, voters, let’s not have a repeat of history and allow our country to fall, through adoption of socialism.

Sharon L. Struve, Omaha

Thanks to a generous stranger

Thank you to the kind person who paid our bill when my husband and I had dinner recently at Applebee’s. It was such a thoughtful gesture on their part. We were so surprised when we asked for our bill and were told that the bill had been paid and they wanted to remain anonymous.

God bless you for your kindness.

Sandra and Lee Wade, Colon, Neb.

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