Nebraska needs Medicaid expansion

The right choice for Nebraska is Medicaid expansion. Our state legislators need to help their fellow Nebraskans who are caught between a rock and a hard place. They must approve Medicaid expansion, just as 30 other states have done, so our federal tax dollars return to Nebraska to help the truly needy pay for their medical care.

Why Gov. Pete Ricketts doesn’t support this is obvious — the average Nebraskan’s health care is of little concern to him. He can fly to Chicago for a knee operation, and it’s no monetary concern or hindrance to him.

So legislators — help out everyday true Nebraskans.

Charlie Risling, Omaha

Looking the other way

A recent news story reported that non-English speaking residents of Flint, Michigan, have not had access to information about the water crisis there. Dozens of babies continue to be exposed to lead — babies who are legal citizens of the United States.

This situation is not uncommon since many undocumented homeowners are ineligible for services to remediate lead-poisoning hazards. People are often surprised to hear that undocumented persons can buy homes in the U.S.

Regardless of one’s convictions about immigration, the fact is that many babies raised in these homes are being poisoned — if not by water, then by lead-based paint, soil, and dust. For the past 10 years working in the Healthy Homes movement, I have truly believed that no one would want to poison a child. But now my belief system has been disquieted.

The Constitution begins with establishing justice. Justice means we present information so everyone has access to it. And justice means that leaders are brave enough to put the welfare of every resident ahead of political gain.

The water in Flint is not drinkable, just as many homes in Omaha and throughout the country where Latinos, refugees and poor children live are not habitable. Omaha is working toward a solution, but we have more work to do. Justice will be delivered when we stop arguing about who gets to be served but rather how we will serve everyone — starting with our citizen babies.

Kara Eastman, Omaha

president and CEO

Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance

Biden’s important mission

I am so thrilled that Vice President Joe Biden is working for more research on cancer. Biden lost a son and knows the cost of what it took to try and save his life.

As someone touched by cancer, I can say it is needed. Our drug companies spend too much money on advertising and too little on research. Now many are leaving the country and taking jobs with them. They do their banking overseas and send back their products at a higher price.

When is this going to stop?

Seniors cannot afford these prices. A friend told me his father’s inhaler cost $189. I say $30 is a high price for many of our seniors needing medicine.

Connie McMillan, Omaha

We’ve turned our backs on God

A Jan. 30 Public Pulse letter (“You call that a choice?”) asked that “God help us” if voters’ choices in November were Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Why would God help us? We have thrown him out of the schools. We are trying to throw him out of public places. We refuse to believe his word that he has given to us. We do not follow his commands and rules that he has provided to us. Why would he bother with us?

It may be that he is going to allow us to get what we deserve.

Joseph R. Dixon, Omaha

A shallow president, a flimsy record

For the last seven years I have paid attention to President Barack Obama and, regardless of the medium or the issues, found him coming across as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” His record emphasizes that in almost every instance.

Further, you’ve got to walk the talk. I would like someone to show the voters, from a independent perspective, just how many of the promises he made during his 2008 campaign he’s fulfilled.

His legacy will be negative across the board.

John E. Lehning, Omaha

Carr gave greatly to his community

My friend and mentor, Fran Carr, passed away last week. There are people who lend not only their expertise and ability, but also their character and integrity, to the communities where they live and work. Fran was the epitome of this kind of person.

As a teacher and administrator at Westside Community Schools, Fran Carr was the educator that we all wish our children got to know and had in their lives. He put his arms around kids and teachers. He was thorough and displayed common sense. He added humor whenever necessary, and it was so often necessary.

Westside Community Schools and all those who had the privilege of knowing Fran Carr will miss him greatly.

Marla Fries, Omaha

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