Banks must take security seriously

Regarding the Feb. 24 Public Pulse letter “Equal treatment?” I am a frequent customer of Security National Bank’s Stonegate branch. I appreciate the double entry, buzz-in door and camera security. My bank has been robbed twice in recent years, as have many other Omaha banks.

I remove my dark glasses and my son removes his ball cap when entering the bank. The intent of bank employees in asking the Muslim woman to remove her hijab was not to be prejudiced but to get a clear picture of the person and identify her face, just in case.

Dorothy Rasgorshek, Omaha

GOP isn’t listening to its voters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is leading in all the polls, and a majority of Republican voters are saying in exit interviews at the polling places that they are angry with the mainstream GOP and Congress and want a outsider as their nominee.

And yet the Republican Party establishment is trying to undermine what the people want by attempting to push Trump out and buy the nomination for a candidate like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Why? The individuals we elected to Congress and the White House are supposed to be doing what we want, not what some old-school politicians or a big-money PAC wants.

Enough is enough. Let the people elect who we want to lead this country in a free and open election.

Dan Beeson, Omaha

Apple, FBI must work together

We need to know who in the FBI and the Department of Justice is pushing for litigation with Apple. And Apple shareholders should be asking the same of CEO Tim Cook.

There is no reason to break public trust to fight terrorism, yet Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey and Cook seem determined to fight against the freedoms that brought them to their places of power.

Let us learn from Canada. Blackberry encryption is superior to Apple. Yet, in a specific case of terrorism, Canada could ask Blackberry for access to a specific phone. They don’t have to create a back door or sue to remove the public’s freedom. Lynch, Comey and Cook should resign their positions over this case.

Dennis Kerr, Omaha

Helping families honor lost loved ones

Thanks to Feb. 19 Public Pulse writer Hank Krings for his letter in support of Legislative Bill 1073. As the secretary of the Nebraska Chapter of Honor and Remember Inc., I can tell you that his facts about our organization were correct. I would like to add the following:

» All of our nine chapter members are volunteers. We have four veterans, two Gold Star mothers and a chaplain who works extensively with Vietnam veterans.

» We have presented the Honor and Remember Flag to 86 families of the fallen, including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War and the current war on terror. Our mission is to present a flag to each Nebraska family that had a loved one make the ultimate sacrifice for our country while in uniform.

I have the U.S. flag that draped my uncle’s coffin, a World War II veteran. That flag was presented to my grandmother, and our family had it cased and “retired” from public display. The Honor and Remember flag is not meant to replace the U.S. flag.

Our chapter encourages Honor and Remember flag recipients to display their flag to accomplish the goal of our organization — honoring the service and remembering the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

We must never forget those who have sacrificed to preserve our freedoms.

John M. Adams, Papillion

Where’s the inquiry of Rice, Powell?

The revelation that previous Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice used unsecured personal email accounts for government business is important (“Classified emails on personal accounts preceded Clinton,” Feb. 5 World-Herald). Voters deserve answers about these Powell and Rice emails.

I wonder when the FBI will open investigations of Powell and Rice. I await with anticipation the subpoenas requiring Powell and Rice to turn over the entire contents of their private emails while they were serving as secretaries of state.

Surely in their selfless and relentless effort to discover the truth for the American people, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., and the investigating committee will call Powell and Rice to testify. The thoroughness of these investigations will go far to show the American people that the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails is unbiased and not politically motivated.

But I fear that the media attention given to the Powell and Rice email scandals compared to the media frenzy given to Clinton’s emails is evidence to the contrary.

Randall T. Langan, Cedar Rapids, Neb.

Helping hands, icepack of peas

On Feb. 24 I fell flat on my face on the sidewalk near Trader Joe’s. Eric Siebert, an off-duty fireman, happened to be right there and determined that I hadn’t broken any limbs. The Trader Joe’s staff was so helpful — making me comfortable, providing an ice bag in the form of a bag of frozen peas and contacting my office.

I am happy to report that my broken nose was glued back together by the emergency docs at Methodist Hospital, and eventually I will be my usual beautiful self.

Carol Gendler, Omaha

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