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Medicaid expansion is overdue

It has been well over a year since the people of Nebraska spoke with their vote to expand Medicaid. This is not something that has to be reinvented from scratch. It is clear, Gov. Ricketts, that you do not want to carry out the people’s will.

So I ask, Gov. Ricketts: The people spoke. Why do you delay and obstruct the people’s will? When the people spoke and voted to reinstate the death penalty after you funded a campaign in favor of it, you reinstated it immediately. Speaking of the death penalty, where is that $55,000 in reimbursement you did not get for the execution drugs?

What part of the people’s voice do you not hear or just dismiss? We spoke. Respect it and act on it. You know. Govern.

Robert Perrault, Omaha

Let’s not go overboard

I’m sick and tired of the media continuing to destroy our economy, society, businesses and life in general. The COVID virus is a media event. It started in China — but don’t you dare call it a “Chinese virus” — and spread rapidly and started killing people.

The knee-jerk reactions by everyone in power, from our mayor to our governor and beyond, is to close restaurants, cancel sporting events, limit groups to 10, etc., with no justification whatsoever.

Where is the math? Why does the 11th person in a group pose a risk? Why is that same 11th person not a risk if they walk in when the 10th person walks out? Why is no one at risk in a grocery store or Costco or Menards? Why not ask the restaurants to use every other table instead of closing?

The flu season of 2018/19 saw over 16 million people sick and 34,000 deaths in the U.S. alone with higher numbers expected for this season. Where were the closings and handwringing? They were nowhere because the media ignored it, as they do every year.

I’m not saying COVID-19 is not serious, but let’s get a little dose of reality. We have a flu pandemic every year. According to the media, it’s no big deal.

Neil Willer, Omaha

Excellent job, President Trump

My sincere thanks to our President Donald J. Trump. He has done an excellent job handling the current crisis. He has been undaunted in his efforts over the last three-plus years. He is a great leader and patriot. May God bless our president and the United States of America.

Joe Dowd, Omaha

Trump’s management disaster

Watching President Donald Trump manage the COVID-19 pandemic is like watching the newsreel of the Hindenburg approaching Lakehurst, New Jersey, and realizing you already know the outcome.

To quote Herbert Morrison, the American radio journalist witnessing the Hindenburg disaster, “Oh, the humanity … .”

Michael Wagner, Bellevue

Legislature should kill this bill

Your March 12 editorial on property tax relief and the business incentives issue show an acceptance to take poor legislation as better than none on these issues. We disagree. Legislative Bill 974 and its new sneaky addition as an amendment to LB 1106 are examples of Gov. Ricketts pushing his unrealistic plans for property tax relief.

The state aid is based on unrealistic and unreliable projections of future state income and state aid to schools. Eliminating sales tax exemptions on things like pop and candy and targeting the income from such toward property tax relief would help and promote the realization that funding schools strictly from property tax alone is bad policy.

Your stand in favor of LB 720, the business incentives bill, backs a bill that would give millions of dollars in tax relief to companies for creating jobs whose pay level in many cases qualifies people for food stamps, with no health care benefits. These bills giving millions of tax dollars away to corporations have never proven themselves to pay for what they give away. As I have said in testimony to the Revenue Committee in Lincoln, it never ceases to amaze me that certain people in our government always point with dismay to the fiscal impact of a bill, such as eliminating the taxation of Social Security by Nebraska (which in reality would be minimal), but have no problem giving away millions to corporations for creating poor-paying jobs with no benefits.

Al Mumm, Waterloo, Neb.

president, Nebraska Alliance for Retired Americans Educational Fund

Leave some room for humor

With all the stress and strife in the world right now, I would love it if one or two good comedians would step forward and offer some humor in the style of Bob Hope, Red Skelton or Johnny Carson. No vulgarity, no swearing, no bad-mouthing politicians or anyone else, just humor that gives you a belly laugh.

I can just picture Johnny on stage doing his monologue saying, “You know folks, the most popular hostess gift in Hollywood these days is a roll of toilet paper.”

Peggy Muzney, South Sioux City, Neb.

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email