Impeachment sham

At long last, the truncated impeachment kabuki dance has been dragged to the U.S. Senate. Even before that step, Democrats were stating their hopes for a fair and impartial trial therein. Those whining hypocrites are the same folks who perpetuated on the American public the blatantly one-sided kangaroo court in the House, wherein President Trump was found guilty by the Democrats, who then went in search of a crime.

The parade of non-witnesses and liberal academics (a redundant term, to be sure) ensued. Those stalwarts offered hearsay, opinions, suppositions and concerns regarding the phone call to the Ukrainian president. They found the call “disturbing,” “inappropriate,” “troubling,” but none presented any concrete evidence even remotely suggesting it was illegal.

So, the Democrats began tossing accusations such as “collusion,” “bribery,” “extortion,” “corruption,” and the ever popular “cover-up.” Oddly, none of those words are in the Articles of Impeachment. Therein are the nebulous phrases: “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress.” An inconvenient fact here: Neither is a crime listed in any laws. But, to the Democrats they rise (or sink) to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Once the Senate acquits President Trump of the bogus charges and the Democrats are fully exposed as the ship of delusional fools they are, perhaps they will do the jobs they were elected to fulfill before they are tossed out in November 2020. Not likely, as their irrational vendetta and unadulterated hatred for this president have no limits.

Max R. Moore, Bellevue

Senate deserves all evidence

Isn’t it time for Trump’s supporters to stop just declaring his innocence and step up to the plate to really go to bat for him? They should be insisting that a positive defense of the president be mounted in the Senate. They should insist that witnesses are called to testify, including McGahn, Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy, Perry, Pompeo, Giuliani and Pence, as well as any others with firsthand information regarding Trump’s conduct within the scope of the articles of impeachment. All relevant documents in their possession should be provided without hesitation.

The office of president and the man occupying it deserve the best defense possible. To deny such testimony and evidentiary documentation is a disservice to the office, the man occupying it and the American electorate. Democrats should want the same with respect to any relevant testimony or information from the Bidens or CrowdStrike.

If Trump thinks he has a case for calling his phone call a perfect conversation, let him present it. Let Trump take the stand and explain how asking for the “favor” while withholding aid did not amount to bribery or extortion, abusing the power of his office.

Republicans should be insisting the trial be a real one, not a sham. If they don’t, they should be voted out of office for violating the oath they took upon assuming it.

Brian Hicks, Omaha

If it’s good enough for Trump ...

The best way I can think of for Mitch McConnell to show how closely he intends to coordinate with Trump during Senate impeachment proceedings would be to use the nicknames Trump gave members of the Senate presiding at his impeachment trial when campaigning against them.

So it would be “The chair recognizes Little Marco from Florida” or “The time of the gentleman from Texas, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, has expired.”

If it’s good enough for Trump it should be good enough for the Senate.

James Regan, Omaha

Trump isn’t a warmonger

When President Trump takes out a known terrorist after the USA was taunted by several terrorist acts, the media and Democrats accuse him of being a warmonger instead of keeping the USA and its interests safe.

According to the mainstream media and the Democrats, the USA should have continued to allow these terrorists/terrorist countries to do what they want with our country and our interests — very much like Obama’s policy. If the media and the Democrats think President Trump’s action was wrong, why don’t they travel to Iran and Iraq and talk to the people who live there and have endured living under these terrorists?

God bless President Trump and the USA.

Linda Miller, Omaha

Criminals deserve punishment

After thinking long and hard and listening to the pros and cons about prison overcrowding, I have come to the conclusion that I just do not care how crowded the prisons are. Eliminating mandatory minimum sentences should never be a option. Pretrial deals and plea bargains should be completely eliminated. A person arrested on five charges should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law on all five charges. If it takes more prosecutors and judges to do the job correctly, so be it.

Way too much time is being spent on the criminals’ rights and way too little time is being spent on the victims’ rights. If it takes a new prison or two and many more correction officers to keep the streets safe, let the people of the state vote on it and not the state politicians who only want votes.

Prisons can punish for the first half of the sentence and then re-educate the second half of the sentence. Any idea of sentencing reform is just a joke. Between pretrial deals, plea bargains, good time, early release and parole, a criminal who should have received 20 years in prison will be lucky if he serves only seven years inside a prison.

Now is the time for the Unicameral to step up and do the right thing for the good, hard-working and honest taxpayers of this state. Prison is punishment for those persons who cannot or will not live according to the established laws in a civilized world.

Doug Arthur, Omaha

End the Electoral College

In response to the Pulse letter by Gerald Fitzpatrick on the Electoral College (“Electoral College’s importance,” Jan. 13): We passed an amendment to end selection of U.S. senators by state legislatures in 1913 with the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment. This was done for the same reason people now speak of getting rid of the Electoral College. We the People want our vote to count directly without any imagined protections for “imprudent and intemperate outbursts.”

The bottom line is, we will be flown over with our five electoral votes no matter what. Give everyone a real say and they will go to the polls in larger numbers to do so. Some 45% of eligible voters don’t bother partially because of the antiquated Electoral College.

Robert Beeson, Clarkson, Neb.

Australia and the climate crisis

Thank you for continuing to cover the devastating fires that are plaguing almost the entire continent of Australia. In addition to the homes and human lives lost, the loss of habitat and animal life has been even more appalling. What is left unsaid in the coverage is the true cause of these conflagrations.

Specifically, Australia has reached the temperature increase previously assumed as safe and reasonable in the Paris Accord — namely 1.5 degrees Centigrade above its pre-industrial temperature average. Obviously 1.5 degrees is not a safe amount of increase, as it has led to record droughts and the highest temperatures ever experienced in recorded history.

This is what climate change really looks like.

Craig Tuttle, Omaha

Snow plowing

Refresh my memory. Why is it necessary for city plows and plow contractors to send snow not only onto shoveled sidewalks but also three to four feet beyond the sidewalk?

Patrick Durow, Omaha

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