Davis essay rang true

James Davis’ article in Sunday’s paper (“NCOs and enlisted me taught me key lessons”) was by far the best article about the Army that I have ever read. I too was in the Army at that same time, and everything he wrote is true. The article should be on the first page of the officers handbook.

Larry Geiger, Lincoln

Worthwhile Davis observations

Thank you, James Martin Davis, for your article in Sunday’s Midlands section. I’m sorry I missed the first 38. I hope a lot of civilians were able to read it even though, as you said, “no explanation is possible.” Thank you for your service!

Bill Goehring, Omaha

Plant-based food system is best

Some may claim that God is trying to get our attention through the COVID-19 pandemic, calling for changes in the way we live in a consumerist, global society, but you don’t need to be religious to realize that our problem of feeding the world has become much more of a problem. The traditional food supply chain has been breaking down steadily for many years. It’s not sustainable. It’s not a story in the New Testament. It’s life-and-death reality.

Tyson Foods has been closing many meat-processing plants throughout the Midwest as their workers and health inspectors contract COVID-19, sometimes die and spread the virus into their communities. Social distancing and safety wear are great challenges for them. Tyson warns of meat shortages.

We can survive, indeed thrive, in the face of this threat by taking advantage of all the plant-based protein that’s available now — the plant-based food industry expects profits of $4.2 billion next year — and lessen the environmental pollution. The world is smelling fresher. More birds are singing. Dolphins are leaping in Venetian canals!

Our traditional small farmers are largely replaced by industrial ranchers and factory farms. Now another transition looms, accelerated by the pandemic. Our food supply chain must become plant-based, sustainable, not a carrier of viruses, of which COVID-19 is only the latest and will definitely not be the last.

The pandemic demands our attention to the reality that the old food supply chain is killing us, farmed animals and Earth. The need for sustainable agriculture has arrived.

Jan Peregrine, Lincoln

Hagel: Franken is best choice

In these uncertain and dangerous times, Americans must look to leaders with experience, integrity and courage. For these reasons, I am endorsing Admiral Michael Franken for U.S. Senate in Iowa.

Admiral Franken is not only a friend but a person I admire. When I served as secretary of defense for President Obama, I asked Mike to create a defense agency. His mission: locate, retrieve and identify the remains of lost soldiers from WWII — the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA).

Today, the DPAA fulfills its sacred mission with efficiency and meaning. This is only one of many of Admiral Franken’s accomplishments during his distinguished, long career.

I endorse Admiral Franken not only because of his years of selfless and dedicated service to our country, but also because of recent attacks on that service. I know better. I’ve worked with him and seen how he conducts himself up close.

This Memorial Day weekend, an attack ad — funded by a Washington-based organization supporting his primary opponent — targeted Admiral Franken for his 37-year absence from Iowa while in the military. It implies, insultingly and incorrectly, that veterans are unqualified to represent their fellow citizens in the states where they grew up. It is deplorable.

Mike Franken will provide principled and experienced leadership required of a United States senator.

For these reasons, from a fellow Midwesterner, I urge Iowans to vote for Admiral Michael Franken for U.S. senator on June 2. Thank you.

Chuck Hagel, McLean, Virginia

former secretary of defense, Nebraska U.S. senator, Vietnam veteran

Invalid vehicle licensing

The overwhelming passing of the street bond issue again brings up the old issue of invalid licensing of vehicles in Omaha. This problem includes no plates, one plate, expired stickers, some as old as two years and out-of-state and out-of-county plates in Omaha.

The Mayor’s Hotline receives many calls regarding the licensing problem but apparently does not have the necessary resources to correctly handle this problem.

Just drive through any apartment complex in Omaha to illustrate the enormity of this licensing problem. Just think of all of the revenue that the City of Omaha is losing in wheel tax alone, which is designated for street repair funding.

Would the City please address this obvious problem with additional resources to curb the obvious disregard of the valid licensing of vehicles? This is a joke. The additional resources would probably pay for themselves in additional revenue.

Daniel Zack, Omaha

The real threat is Trump

The president threatens to withhold federal aid from two Democratic states who intend to allow mail-in voting in the November election. He does not threaten Republican states. Republicans say this will prevent voting fraud, yet there is no evidence that voting fraud is a threat. The threat is a president who is using his power to help his re-election in November.

Tom Black, West Point, Neb.

Making a choice

Remember all those people that said we would rather die than vote for Hillary? Well here we are.

Stephen Schulz, Omaha

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email