Business owner’s frustration

I’m an Omaha bar owner who doesn’t want COVID to spread, I want to do my part to stop the spread. I felt totally on board with the March 18 closing of my business. But today I see job sites full of workers, home improvement stores busy, grocery stores packed, gas stations with lots of people going in and out. Westroads is open for some retail.

All of this is contributing to the spread but I’m asked to stay closed.

I spent my life savings on a business a little over a year ago. I will lose my business and everything I worked so hard to build if we’re not allowed to open soon.

Please, Gov. Ricketts, allow fairness for all businesses to compete and make money. Stop the large burden put on some of us small business owners.

Nicholas Joerz, Omaha

Running late in our response

Trump says testing is available for anyone in all states, as much as they want or need. Gov. Ricketts said he could find only one dubious Utah testing company, which is why Nebraska is so far behind in testing.

Testing is hardly available in minority communities like South Omaha, where most of the positive results seem to be occurring and statistics seem to be hidden or unrevealed.

Ricketts’ COVID-19 Nebraska testing offers one site in Douglas County to get testing, and the sign-up website is having many problems and glitches.

The virus has been in the U.S. since February. Where has Gov. Ricketts been, and what has he been doing?

James Krueger, Omaha

Omaha’s ever-higher taxes

Omahans loves their taxes!

So with no surprise the citizenry lemmings of Omaha voted yes on the street bond. As a property owner and a lifelong citizen of Omaha, I will be forced to move. I will sell my home and establish my domicile in a more tax-friendly environment within two years. Renters, be prepared for higher rents. Homeowners that voted yes, don’t complain about your bill when you get it.

Mayor Stothert came into office riding on a wave on promising to repeal the restaurant tax, but that hasn’t happened. Instead of getting rid of taxes, she and her cronies created more. The wheel tax was supposed to be temporary, but again Omahans forget after time and are content with paying some of the highest taxes in the nation. Cell phone taxes are in the top three in the nation.

If we had only a few instances of high taxes it might be tolerable. But when all the taxes that I pay are high, forgive me if I want to keep more of my hard-earned money.

William Reynek, Omaha

Our banana republic

The Trump administration and the Justice Department’s recent Michael Flynn action is unprecedented. The attorney general bar — Barr — is set very low and bent. Seems like a banana republic!

Philip Joannes, Omaha

Fox News shines needed light

First I would like to thank Tom A. Strand for the excellent letter (Pulse, May 4) about Fox News and trying to see both sides of political stories and discussion. I used to laugh about Fox News like many people, then something I did not see coming happened: I noticed they were getting more things correct than mainstream media!

This started when I was watching ABC news covering a story that said Brett Kavanaugh may be a serial rapist. I thought, “What a terrible choice for the Supreme Court!” Then I changed the channel to Fox News to see how they were handling this “bombshell.” As we all now know, it was a huge sham. Fox News had it right while ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN all had it wrong.

Then there was the teens in MAGA hats harassing the Native American elder. I checked Fox News and once again, Fox was the only media outlet that correctly reported that the teens had done nothing wrong.

There are dozens of examples like this, but I will leave you with the best one. For almost two years (2017-2019), mainstream media told us every night about the Russian collision by the Trump campaign. Turned out to be nothing! Only Fox News had it correct. The next time a “bombshell” story hits the media, do what I do: Watch both sides of the story when it breaks, then see who turns out to be correct when the facts come out and keep score.

I have been doing this since the Brett Kavanaugh stories, and the station I used to laugh about currently has a comfortable lead.

Greg Inman, Omaha

Gun rights

In regard to Gilbert Burket (May 7 Pulse): Just because an honest ordinary citizen carries a handgun doesn’t make them go wacko because they disagree with you. If a group of them gets together it doesn’t happen either. All the shootings and all the mass murders were not done by a concealed carry holder.

To blame us for you being scared is wrong. There are people walking around with concealed carry guns that you’re completely unaware of. Do you walk in fear everyday? We have the right to protest peacefully like everybody else does, and if we carry a gun to these events, that doesn’t mean there’s going to be a mass shooting.

The framers did a wonderful job with the Bill of Rights. I do not believe today’s politicians would give us all those rights, and it’s not something they give us. It’s something that God gives us.

Jack Lovstad, Bellevue

The right message

Here is what should be posted at every establishment, church and public gathering: NO MASK, NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE.

Barbara Krzemien, La Vista

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