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Douglas County Health Director Adi Pour

Keeping students safe

Kudos to Marian High School President Mary Higgins for reporting Andrea Lightfoot to law enforcement when Higgins’ investigation of the incident found it was clearly sexual in nature. The prior Marian president seemed to be remarkably naive as to the nature of what had happened and used that as an excuse to not report Lightfoot’s relationship with the student in question to the police.

The prior president of Marian, it should be noted, has moved on to be principal of a grade school. Hopefully the board of directors of that school have offered clear and concise direction to her on how to protect innocent children from sexual predators.

James McCarthy, Omaha

Fine for people but not for ...

I am astounded that two Republican state senators representing rural Nebraska would propose herd immunity.

If they were from a metropolitan area away from farms and ranches, I might understand their lack of understanding. They serve the agricultural area that spends millions of dollars on research and utilization of vaccines and other means to keep livestock healthy.

Yet, these two deep thinkers would employ a health process on their colleagues, friends, children and parents that farmers and ranchers would never consider for livestock.

Don Sarton, La Vista

Adi Pour’s strong leadership

As the battle against the coronavirus rages on, the citizens of Douglas County are very fortunate to have our efforts being led by the director of the Douglas County Health Department, Dr. Adi Pour.

I had the pleasure of serving on the Board of Health for a number of years under the very able leadership of Dr. Pour. She frequently showed her ability to recognize problems, promote appropriate solutions and exercise her strength to initiate steps to effectively resolve the issues.

The fact that Douglas County has not been ravaged as have so many other areas is clear evidence of Dr. Pour’s contribution to helping minimize the severity of the virus locally.

Dr. Pour’s leadership as overseer of our fight against the virus bodes well for our eventual victory over this very dreadful disease.

Lawrence Albert, Omaha

Sasse’s Judiciary service vital

Members of Congress best advance their constituents’ interests by being in the right place at the right time. Often that means serving on the congressional committee handling their state’s business of the day. Nebraskans are lucky to have a federal delegation consistently engaged on the full range of issues important to our state, which run from agriculture and armed services to banking and taxes. But there is no doubt that we have specifically benefited by having Ben Sasse on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Sasse is the first Nebraskan to serve on Judiciary in over 40 years, and his time on the committee marked perhaps the most transformative period for America’s federal courts in our history. Since Sen. Sasse joined Judiciary, the committee has confirmed 193 (and counting) judges nominated by President Trump to lifetime service on the federal trial and appeals courts.

Sen. Sasse’s confirmation of these jurists included the vital defense of two Nebraska judges: Circuit Judge Steven Grasz and District Judge Brian Buescher. Judge Grasz was subject to baseless, politically charged assaults on his qualifications, despite being one of Nebraska’s foremost constitutional litigators. Judge Buescher was subject to undisguised religious bigotry. Their experiences were emblematic of the sad toxicity that plagues our judicial confirmation process. But, alongside Sen. Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse successfully fought for their confirmations.

There is no doubt that without Sen. Sasse on Judiciary, those confirmations would have faced steeper odds. These judges will serve our state and country with distinction for decades due in large part to Ben Sasse’s work in the right place at the right time.

Dave Lopez, Omaha

former Nebraska deputy solicitor general

Thanks, Tom Shatel

I have enjoyed the writing of Tom Shatel for many years. I have saved many of his columns and read through his book often. His story in the Saturday Living section may have been one of the best. Though his sports stories are always informative, entertaining, witty and sometimes from an angle others don’t take, the one regarding his daughter was candid.

Seniors are experiencing things no others have, and parents too. Tom’s perspective points out that, plus his love and pride for his daughter. All parents should read this.

Lade Piatt, Omaha

What the reopening will mean

If I fall to the coronavirus as a result of businesses reopening before the medical community advises, please put this on my tombstone: “I Died So That Others May Shop.”

Don Wells Jr., Omaha

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  • Includes digital delivery of daily e-edition via email