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Wind turbines are shown at Grande Prairie Wind Project, a wind energy development near O'Neill, Neb., in 2016.

Wind is in

I read letters in the Public Pulse denying global warming. Evidently NASA doesn’t know what it’s doing, and the scientists are all wrong.

It must be fun to write these letters but frankly, does anyone care?

Capitalism has taken over this argument. Solar and wind aren’t just cleaner, they’re cheaper.

You can argue all you want, but the people with money aren’t listening. They’re too busy making more money.

As much fun as it would be to continue spewing millions of tons of toxic material into the air we breathe, I’m afraid that party is over.

Coal is becoming obsolete because of the cost of transporting it. Wind is in. Meanwhile, solar is just starting to take off.

People are going to make billions of dollars on wind and solar.

Meanwhile I’m reading articles about coal producers who are declaring bankruptcy.

Tom Gruber, Omaha

Climate change spending

Technology is growing at an ever-increasing rate. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a CO2 absorber (a major catalyst in global warming), and a company has been launched to bring this technology to fruition. Our future is full of possibilities to come up with yet unimaginable solutions. But my overall point is, our politicians on both sides try to win elections with small baskets of talking points and not just on climate.

Instead of spending trillions on the Green New Deal or ignoring climate implications altogether, how about spending billions, or less if possible, on well-thought-out solutions?

We could offer research grants for colleges and tax incentives for companies with truly innovative and effective technologies, especially for start-up companies. Somewhere, there could be a new solution in some kid’s garage.

Jeff Gonzales, Omaha

Ozone hole

NASA has reported that the dreaded ozone hole in Antarctica is the smallest since it was discovered in 1985 and is a third the size it once was.

NASA also points out that the cause of the shrinkage is weather, not pollution reduction.

Of course, the report is misleading from the start as there is no “hole” — it is a thinning — but that isn’t scary enough.

Isn’t it possible that weather was causing the “hole” to be so big in the first place?

It seems to me, if weather can make it smaller, it must be able to make it bigger.

Neil Willer, Omaha

Sweet dreams

A recent World-Herald article by Paul Hammel mentioned a suggestion to have a “state dessert” since many states already have one.

Many years ago I was watching a televised pie-baking contest from Florida, and one winner for a certain type of pie was a berry pie made by a woman from Columbus, Nebraska: Phyllis Bartholomew.

I sometimes wonder if I could ever find a way to try a pie that was deemed a national champion.

This would be my nomination for Nebraska’s state dessert.

Jerry Golmanavich, Omaha

Give me a break

Give me a break.

Rep. Adam Schiff lied to the American people for two years that he had the goods on President Donald Trump to impeach him and that it would be proven in the Mueller report. He lied.

With the latest attempt to oust a duly elected president, he again lied the American people and Congress by making up what Trump said.

When he was called on it, he said it was a parody of what could have been said. Another complete lie.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi also lied by claiming that Trump blackmailed the Ukrainian president to get dirt on a potential candidate Joe Biden.

Trouble is none of it’s true, and the Democrats know it.

Kenneth A. Becker, Omaha

Same rules on Benghazi

From the final report of the Republican-chaired select committee on Benghazi, p. 360:

“The Committee’s preference for private interviews over public hearings has been questioned. … Interviews allow witnesses to be questioned … by a highly prepared member or staff person.” An open hearing “precludes in-depth focused questioning.”

Democratic leaders in the House are following the exact rules made by Republicans, who changed the rules for their depositions concerning the Benghazi investigation.

Those depositions were held in private, behind closed doors with only committee members.

So Republicans can spare us their faux outrage over the process of the current impeachment inquiry and focus on the matter at hand: The president is credibly accused of withholding foreign aid to an ally in exchange for personal political gain.

If this accusation is accurate, then Donald Trump must be impeached and removed from office.

Ben Rinehart, Omaha

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