Kindergarten traffic training with Omaha Police (copy)

Children participate in traffic training with the Omaha Police Department before kindergarten starts. Writer criticizes drivers who ignore crosswalk stripes.  

Why mark crosswalks?

Inasmuch as many local drivers view the stop line and pedestrian crosswalks painted at intersections as targets for their front (and sometimes rear) wheels when stopped for a red light, how much money would be saved by not so marking intersections?

In the greater Omaha area, that surely amounts to many hundreds of gallons of paint.

I’m just sayin’.

George R. Hooper Jr., Papillion

Piecemeal street repairs

My husband and I have lived in three states that experienced lake-effect snow; and, yes, they also had freezing and thawing cycles.

Never have we had to endure the road conditions that exist in Omaha. It is pathetic to see the workers trying to make piecemeal repairs of pothole after pothole.

It reminds me of the old adage: You can’t wash a sidewalk with a toothbrush.

Considering the money that Nebraska invests in studies for new license plate designs and state slogans, perhaps the money might be better spent on investigating how other states keep their roads in good shape all year long.

Katherine Braunlich, Omaha

Action needed on carbon dividend

Nancy Gaarder did an excellent job of reporting the records being broken by recent rainfall (“Record rainfall keeps Missouri River high,” June 7 World-Herald).

Scientists have been predicting increases in extreme weather events such as record-breaking precipitation and flooding as a result of the rise in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere for decades.

Nebraska’s farmers continue to be hurt badly by extreme weather. This has become a severe economic hardship for our state.

But there is still time to help the farmers and our state economy by slowing the effects of excessive carbon in the atmosphere.

We need to pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Nebraska U.S. Reps. Don Bacon, Jeff Fortenberry and Adrian Smith should show leadership by cosponsoring this bill. This action would demonstrate a real commitment to Nebraska’s agricultural economy.

Alan Meyer, Cedar Bluffs, Neb.

Trump and D-Day

To see President Donald Trump at D-Day celebrations is a lesson in contrast, if not insulting. To see the draft-dodging, egomaniacal narcissist on the hallowed ground where many Americans and Allies died is repugnant.

He is fat, lazy and committed only to himself. They were lean, in it for the duration and willing to sacrifice their lives for the ideals of freedom and democracy.

They fought nationalism in Italy, Germany and Japan. He promotes nationalism at home and admires demagogues in North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China, amongst others, despite serious human rights violations. He finds good in neo-Nazis and sees no problem in using the word nationalism to gain their support.

President Franklin Roosevelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself and united with allies to fight fascism. Trump actively promotes fear and division. He criticizes our allies and promotes despots.

When all of the post-World War II atrocities came out, NATO was established to guard against the horrors of another world war. Trump publicly criticizes NATO.

George Will, Republican columnist and author, points out that “conservative” as a political ideology refers to conserving the republic. The U.S. republic is the federal government and democratically elected representatives. Trump continually attacks federal government departments, the Constitution and elected officials. He is not a real Republican or conservative. He is a narcissist.

Rachel Dowd, Omaha

Equality under the law, for all

I am responding to the June 8 Pulse letter “President’s actions.” The writer seems very upset that anyone could support our existing president. He believes the president should not be supported because of his behavior.

Yet what about the behavior of past presidents? Even though we may not think much of a president’s behavior, there still needs to be respect for the position and the man occupying that position.

The writer suggests that our president seems to think he is above the law. The writer states: “My friend, democracy depends on equality under the law.”

I totally agree. Yet our writer seems to think this holds only for our current president. Does not the same rule apply to Democrats?

What about Barack Obama? How about both Clintons and all their shady activities over many years? Please don’t try to tell me these people did not (and still don’t) think they are above the law.

Yes, democracy certainly depends upon equality under the law. And yes, that holds for all citizens, including all politicians, whether Republican or Democrat.

Anton Inderbitzen, Lincoln

Damaged mail worrisome

I received a letter from the U.S. Postal Service saying that my mail had been damaged by floodwater and could not be delivered because of bacteria, etc.

I was told that I was just out of luck. I could not look at the mail because it’s hazardous.

A certified company had to dispose of the mail. (I wonder what that cost us taxpayers.)

I was expecting my retirement check, truck title and monthly bills, among other things. You would think I could at least look at my mail. This is upsetting.

Harold Hodges Sr., Omaha

Good advice for moms

Kudos to Marjie Ducey on the well-written, and much needed, article concerning the pressure that moms feel to be the “perfect” mom (“Give your child the skills to become the adult you want them to be,” June 9 World-Herald).

Her advice in not trying to keep up with the seemingly perfect mom on the block but instead focusing on the adult you want your children to be is something every new mom needs to absorb.

My “babies” are now having babies. I will be sending them the article.

If you haven’t read the article, it is worth looking up. Well done, Marjie.

Kathleen Talcott, Omaha

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