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A sign reading “POTHOLE MINEFIELD AHEAD” warned motorists who passed by potholes on South 168th Street last winter. Now the street has been reconstructed.

Thanks for the road work

We want to thank the Omaha Public Works Department for resurfacing 168th Street from Pacific Street to West Center Road.

It is a remarkable improvement.

Allen and Betty Barnard, Omaha

Sasse has spoken out

Nebraska, at least you have a voice in the Senate: Ben Sasse, who has sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s conduct concerning the Ukrainian crisis, which now has Trump facing likely impeachment in the House.

Sasse, along with Sens. Mitt Romney and Susan Collins, however, stopped short of supporting the current impeachment inquiry in the House. But at least they have spoken, which is more than I can say for a lot of silent, pathetic Republicans who care more about fending off a Trump-supported primary challenger than about upholding the law and the Constitution.

I consider Trump to be the worst president in American history. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton aren’t in the same league with Trump.

Wake up, Republicans. Trump’s presidency is headed for a crash and an unhappy ending like Nixon faced in 1974.

Herb Vermaas, Salem, Ill.

former Omahan

Desperate man?

James Day described President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Sen. Ben Sasse as “an act of a desperate man” to get re-elected (“Trump’s endorsement,” Sept. 26 Public Pulse).

Hardly. It is kindness toward a Republican in name only who has done little more than barely hiding contempt for a great president. Wow.

Add outright hostility and he’d be just like Democrats. But if Sasse switched parties, he would never be re-elected.

John Heida, Bellevue

Trust the scientists

Jerry Tworek, unfortunately, is not alone in his belief that sun spots are causing climate change (“Climate and taxes,” Oct. 10 Public Pulse). What baffles me is that anyone would listen to this nonsense instead of the overwhelming scientific consensus that exists, warning us that climate change is caused by emissions from human activity.

The scientists we entrust to send humans into space, NASA, are just one of many scientific groups that say this.

Maybe you think you don’t trust scientists, but remember, every time you drive a car, fly in an airplane, use a microwave, turn on a light, etc., you are trusting a scientist.

I hope that Rep. Don Bacon also trusts scientists and votes in favor of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which encourages market-driven clean energy innovation by putting a price on fossil fuels.

The money will be given back to the American people in the form of a dividend check.

Although carbon pricing drives up the price of filling your gas tank, most of us will come out ahead because of the dividend.

The millions of Americans who have lost their homes or livelihoods as a result of flooding, fires, hurricanes or other climate change-driven disasters will also get some help from the dividend, but they will get even more help if we cut our greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change.

Anita Soto, Omaha

Political climate

I praise Charles Bagby of Blair and Thomas Rawley of Omaha for their Public Pulse letters regarding President Donald Trump.

Trump has done so many good things for our country.

He’s the businessman we needed, and whether you like him or not, he’s doing the job very well.

The unemployment rate is at an all-time low, and he is “going outside the box” to communicate with China, North Korea and Iran.

Who else has done that? He seems to be putting country before party.

Katherine McConnell, Omaha

Withering ‘new normal’

Since January 2017 we accepted the president’s daily assaults on our laws and Constitution.

The insults, exaggerations, lies and foul language, written and spoken by the president of the United States, defined a withering “new normal” that allowed Donald Trump to slowly destroy not only the Republican Party, but also universally cherished American values, traditions and democratic ideals.

Equal rights and opportunity no matter who you are or where you come from, protection of human rights and strong alliances and support of democratic nations around the world — all have been sacrificed for Trump to show, as he has always maintained, he is the smartest and greatest stable genius ever.

An Oct. 10 World-Herald editorial stated that Trump’s move to pull out U.S. troops and abandon support of our Kurdish allies in Syria sends the “wrong message.”

Kurdish forces fought valiantly with us and for us; thousands of Kurds died fighting ISIS. America has now betrayed them, leaving them to be attacked, killed and driven out by Turkey.

What is that “wrong message”? In Trump’s America we have no value except the almighty dollar; American promises are worthless; America has again betrayed a strong ally in the fight against terrorism; and America cares little for safety and security of non-white inhabitants of the Middle East.

How much more unnecessary death and suffering will it take for Americans to finally do the right thing and rid themselves of this dishonest, greedy, selfish man?

Jim Boucher, Valley

Orange bag confusion

When is Waste Management going to properly train its staff?

For two weeks in a row, someone from the recycling truck took our orange recycling bag out of our green bin and set it aside.

One day a worker actually put the orange recycling bag into our trash can.

Waste Management needs to teach its staff about Omaha’s recycling program.

The orange bag is a part of the program, for recycling plastics and styrofoam that would not otherwise get reprocessed.

Mary Anna Anderson, Omaha

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